Obama’s Rage, Coming to a Theater Near You (if you are redneck)

Did you know that Obama has rage, and that this rage has identifiable roots?

I was unaware of Obama’s rage, so I hadn’t felt the need to investigate the roots of it.  But thankfully, a right-wing Republican who was once a movie producer in Hollywood and now lives in Kalispell is producing a movie that will answer these important questions.

The movie is called “Obama 2016” and is based on a book, released last year, entitled “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”   The producer’s name is Gerald Molen.  Recently Molen spoke to the GOP in the Flathead Valley where he lives. As the Button Valley Bugle reports, Molen described what he said is Obama’s “doomsday vision of the United States’ future” which includes “socialism” and “the end of America.”

This will be fine cinema no doubt, especially if the trailer for the movie (now on Youtube) is any indication.  The trailer, from start to finish, is mostly a bunch of incendiary images of black people, shouting, jumping around, rioting and marching.  Of particular interest to me is a clip of a bunch of young dark-skinned children, fighting over money and property on a monopoly board. The message, apparently, is that our great wealth is on the verge of falling to the masses of people of color.  Obama’s rage could be to blame.

But fear not. This film is well sourced. Molen told a local newspaper that the film is “careful to avoid conspiracy theories.”

Obama’s “rage,” the trailer says, is rooted in his desire to “right the wrongs of white colonialism” that were visited upon African nations.

This blockbuster movie, according to the Flathead Beacon, will open in Houston July 13th and then “to a wider audience” on July 29th.  Alas, the audience consisting of trashy white people with no teeth is pretty limited, so let’s wish Molen luck.

A few points of interest regarding Molen. First, his bio prominently states that he is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, meaning that he is likely coming out big for Romney and might have a religious basis for his advocacy.

Second, Molen was one of the producers of Schindler’s List, and won an academy award for his work on that film.

Molen may have done good work on the business end of Schindler’s List, but it’s clear that he was totally oblivious to what the story was about. The holocaust was a lesson in what happens when hate-mongers work tirelessly to persuade society that certain groups of people–ethnic, religious or other–are to blame for all of society’s problems.  Molen might want to read a little history, as in, a history of Germany during the thirty years leading up to World War II.  The people that did, in pre-war Germany, the kind of thing that Molen is doing now (inciting hatred via grand conspiracies) were called Nazis.

There’s one thing that is stated in Molen’s Wikipedia bio cannot possibly be true. The bio says he “works closely with Steven Spielberg.”  He may have done so in the past, but not any more.  Spielberg doesn’t hang around with the likes of Molen.

Posted: July 5, 2012 at 6:52 am

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61 thoughts on “Obama’s Rage, Coming to a Theater Near You (if you are redneck)

  1. Rob Kailey

    A few thoughts:

    Anyone who reads this post without watching the movie trailer is sincerely missing out on just how many racist dog whistles can be crammed into a minute and a half of video.

    It’s interesting that the focus is on ‘dreams’. D’Souza’s book was widely panned for it’s attempt (among other things) to claim Martin Luther King and his dream for the wingnuts. This film will apparently carry forward with that lunacy.

    I laughed out-loud when the voice-over began to speak of the dream of the ‘founding fathers’, and showed the great statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln memorial. The “dream” we were handed by the actual founding fathers was one in which black slaves were democratically worth only 3/5ths of a person, and women were democratically worth nothing. America was founded with the rhetoric of liberty, but the truth was more that people could be property. It took the bloodiest civil war in the history of the western hemisphere to put us on a path of liberty. We had to break the ‘dream’ of the founding fathers in order to make it a reality.

    D’Souza and Molen still show a complete ignorance of what ‘socialism’ is. And I reiterate, the LDS church is the largest socialist (theocratic socialist) organization in America and probably the world. Any time a Morman wails about the evils of socialism, they are hypocrites from the outset.

    1. Turner

      Actually, a slave was not considered “democratically” 3/5 of a person. He was 3/5 of a person for the purposes of establishing representation and taxation within a particular state. A`slave couldn’t cast a vote or any part of a vote. Neither could a woman or an Indian.

      The 3/5 compromise allowed southern states a larger number of representatives in congress than they would’ve had under other plans that would’ve counted slaves as 1/2 a person or not counted them at all.

      1. Rob Kailey

        Thank you for stating the obvious, Richard. Except … representation by enumeration is exactly what republican “Democracy” is about. Initially, women weren’t counted either, nor were Indigenous peoples. But again, I thank you for the nitpick …

              1. Rob Kailey

                Fine. What I wrote was about the Constitution that was originally passed. That was integral to the very point I made. Turner pointed out that the Constitution could have considered Negroes differently, contrary to the obvious fact that the founding fathers passed what was factually verifiable, and had little to do with liberty and everything to do with property. His point made nor makes any difference to my point. He was nitpicking something completely beside the point I was making.

                And here you ponce on in, with an inaccurate date, telling me that Turner wasn’t nitpicking, when he really verifyably was. And both of you are so very far away from the point I was making that you should appear laughable. In your case, Norma, you really do. The very claim that D’Souza and Molen make is that the “founding fathers” like Lincoln (snort) were all about the “liberty”, when in fact they weren’t at all. And when I point out that fact, you jackasses come on in to tell me that I’m not ‘correct’ because of incidental disagreement with specifics you can’t even elucidate or be accurate about. Bully for you.

                It’s a good thing I don’t live in Beaverhead county. I’d have to vote Republican just because the Democratic house candidate has shit for brains.

                1. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

                  See, Talk about me being all over the Page. First of all Turner wasn’t talking about the constitution. he was talking about the “Federal ratio,” or the “Three fifths compromise.”
                  First of all for folks, who wish to follow this argument and who might not know what it the 3/5 Doctrine meant, there is a couple of links to read here:



                  Free books on Goggle Books by good historical scholars. so they can be read in their entirety! Pretty cool stuff regarding our history for free!

                  Rob How did you think, that the 3/5 doctrine could have possibly worked, pre civil war, if there wasn’t some kind of tax census taken of slave owning states and northerners who had slaves for it to succeed at all?

                  The amendment to count slaves for the Pupose of federal taxes was written in 1783. Officially they were counted from 1787 for the proposes of taxes collection by the federal government when the three- fifth law was enacted at the constitional covention.

                  Starting with the 1850 census and ending with the 1860 census, slaves were enumerated separately by owner, sex, color, and age. This section of the census is known as slave schedules. http://nutrias.org/info/aarcinfo/guide/censusrecords.htm

                  Since the civil war broke out on April 12, 1861, those federal monies in the southern states would not have counted any more, but there were still many slave owner states in the north, Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware, that followed that rule for the northern states they decided to side with.

                  As Union armies entered Southern territory during the early years of the War, slaves began fleeing behind Union lines to secure their freedom. Such slaves came to be called “contraband,” a term emphasizing their status as captured enemy property.

                  The Nothern states Congress reacted to this contraband by approving on March 13, 1862 an additional act of war prohibiting the military from sending escaped slaves back into slavery.

                  The Emancipation Proclamation was a executive order issued by Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863, during the American Civil War using his war powers. While the Proclamation had freed most slaves as a war measure, it had not made slavery illegal, until the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution (1865).

                  Again I didn’t attack you I only pointed out fact….I even called you well read! And for this again I am called “shit Brained” because I didn’t agree with you analysis? Really?

                  For a guy who who is supposed to be all about being intelligent, you certainly can find a gutter fast when given the opportunity! ….Just saying.

                  1. Kenneth Kailey

                    I gotta give Turner credit… at least he made his nitpick and then dropped it. Norma still doesn’t get it and probably never will. I doubt there were many founding fathers still around in 1860 unless they were pulling a Moses.

  2. Havre Voter

    I’m not sure why this man hasn’t figured out hat no one wants to pay to sit through a two hour campaign commercial. Btw, a search on fandango for Houston area theaters shows no mention of this movie, if it’s true that it was opening next week, one would be able to purchase tickets…

  3. Tim

    I’d rather chew my own arm off then switch through this racist dreck disguised as a movie. Good for Ronan high school for preventing our taxpayer funds from being used as a platform for this mans hate.

  4. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

    Molen is from the same part of absurd Hollywood that has given us such luminaries as Matt Drudge, Judith Miller, and Mel Gibson.
    He’s been working in Hollywood since 1957. Molen is also a Mormon like Mitt.

    Dinesh D’Souza has already been proven a liar in his latest book two years ago. The guy is a Race Baiter, and he pretty much buried himself after the Forbes Articles in 2010 as well! Of course it is an election year, so crap from people like Molsen & D’Souza
    was bound to pop up!

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Norma, you might be interested in his NEXT movie about joseph smith. It’s called Swindler’s List! ‘Bout a horny old pervert that comes up with a brilliant idea to get laid by fourteen year old girls! He uses RELIGION! You see, the really GREAT thing about Moronism as compared to Islam is that you don’t even have to DIE to get your seventy-two virgins! You get’em in THIS life! For free! Without doin’ NUTHIN’ ‘cepte bein’ a perv! Is that a great reeligeeon or what?????

      I suspect it’ll be a hit!

    1. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

      I don’t think the Birther conspiratorial theory is quite dead up here yet! The UN 21 agenda scare seems like mindnumbing, “under the bed” monster stuff for Republicans as well…. But it is a good list of what ails the far right. Thanks Lynn!

  5. Steve P

    First time on this website. As an outsider, it is shocking how many contributors can be such partisan hacks and yet still delude themselves into believing they are spouting unbiased commentary.

    Yes, political figures inspire political commentary and this movie is no different than the various hit pieces that were produced during the Bush era.

    The most outrageous occurrence is the outrage inflamed on this forum.

    1. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

      Good Democrat filmmakers do not try to incite folk to Violence. They don’t ask people to take up arms but to right the wrongs, by voting better people into congress, Making Corporations accountable, write your representative. You Know involving yourself in the Democratic process.

      Most Liberal documentaries like Michael Moore’s for instance are based on fact, not Paranoia.

      Sorry Steve, we lefties don’t have to wander around with guns strapped to our side, fearful of every shadow to prove our Point! This man “Molen,” is the very kind of man, that Schindler had to protect his workers from. You can already see he is producing this film with the intent to instill fear in the Gullible. I find it disgusting!

      These type of Guys, show up to scream fire in a crowded world everyday, cause they want to see people trample each other. It is always a good time to send these kind of guys Packing

    2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Here, Steve. You want some REAL horseshit? Well here you go!


      I am SO sick of the glorification of the military in this country. It’s obscene. It’s an abomination. The military is NOT what this country is all about.

      I grew up around the Greatest Generation. They would LAFF their ASSES off at the zinke type characters out there today. For you see, the dudes from WW II simply came home and returned to civilian life. They did NOT make a bizarre ostentatious show of their military service! Actually, anything but!

      These guys were real heroes. Hell, they NEVER let their military service define who they were unlike the zinke type dudes out there. They simply did their jobs and came back home. No need to brag about what they had done, for they were true warriors. They fought when necessary, but that was NOT who they were! Sumthin’ REAL wrong with dudes that have to live in the past. They’re kinda like the fat boys down at the bar who like to get drunk and re-live their glory days on the softball team! Sad, so sad.

      Hell, I wasn’t even AWARE of George McGovern’s heroic war record until I read Steven Ambrose’s book The Wild Blue! That’s just the way the WW II guys were. He ran for prez and did not ONCE mention his outstanding military service as a B-24 pilot! Boy have WE slid down hill since them days. We have become what Ike warned us about, a nation OBSESSED with the military industrial complex! And it makes me PUKE! For I’m old enough to know better.

      Too bad that zinke feels the need to tout his service. Sumthin’ real WRONG with a dude like that!

  6. Steve P

    Saying Michael Moore’s films are based on fact is true in the same way that Oliver Stone’s JFK is based on fact. Both are indeed inspired by true events, yet both are stunning and well crafted versions of historical fiction.

    Moore simply needs to acknowledge that he’s become a propaganda artist. I admit he’s probably one of the best ever.

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Steve, you’re a lightweight, dude. And that’s a fact, AND a hsyterical fiction. You got nuthin’. Sorry.

  7. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

    So Your saying a documentary is the same as a film inspired by true events? Really?

    Your observation seems to derive its strength from the fact that it falls within your instinctual desires, but your observation in itself doesn’t prove your Opinion right.

    In general, the main reason feature films get made is to entertain the audience; to give people ‘an escape’. Documentaries are meant to inform; to confront people with ‘reality’.

    JFK was a feature film based on true events, it is not a documentary. there was supposition there. guess work involved. Literary license!

    Tell you what, Why don’t you put up some links to boost your claim. Otherwise, I am just gonna file this Opinion of yours as “Useless snark.” Throwing it in the file it deserves to be under.

  8. Steve P

    No Norma, you’re going to have to polish a few of your skills a bit. That’s not what I was saying and you know it. Why would you think that any of us reading your response would not see that in order to advance your opinion, you had to rephrase my remark into something I did not say so that you could argue against a phony statement? That’s a near textbook example of a straw man argument. Why debase your politics with such novice tactics?

    Regarding your need for internet links, what is it you are looking for? There’s no shortage of information out there exposing Michael Moore’s lies and misrepresentations. Do you need me to link some of them or was it another issue you want me to link to?

        1. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

          Ommisions aren’t half truths, and even the author of your little article says that Micheal Moore got it right, he just didn’t go far enough. Well hell there is so much wrong with healthcare in this country that you could probably fill an hour TV show on Healthcare corporate greed every night for years to come.

          Secondly, Guess what Craig you cant blame Obama or Tester for that yet. ACA isn’t fully implemented yet, and people are already gonna get rebates from their insurance companies, starting next month.

          You can though, Blame Denny Rehberg, for helping Healthcare stay crippled!

          Voted NO on allowing human embryonic stem cell research. (May 2005)

          Voted YES on repealing the “Prevention and Public Health” slush fund. (Apr 2011)

          Voted NO on giving mental health full equity with physical health. (Mar 2008)

          Rehberg voted for the donut-hole in Medicare! Likes Ryans Voucher program to replace medicare.

          This year he Voted against a bipartisan plan to help veterans suffering from from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brian injury, and missing limbs.

          Sheez his list of non caring for suffering Montanans can go on for days as well.

          1. Craig Moore

            Norma, anybody home??????

            Omissions are why half-truths exist. It makes the message mere propaganda.

            As to blaming Obama and Tester, don’t worry about me. However, consider where doctors put the blame: http://www.doctorsandpatients.org/resources/85-physician-attitudes-survey-june-2012

            Hands-down, doctors blame government involvement in medicine for the current problems in medicine, and are not shy to say they want it out. Two out 3 doctors ranks government involvement as the top reason, one-half rank health plans/insurance as the top reason (see #8 below), and third-party payers and lawyers are tied for the third highest ranking at 40%.

            The reasons cited range from the deluge of regulatory compliance that siphons time away from patient care, to de facto rationing achieved through complex payment schemes, to cushy relationships that favor corporations and special interests in medicine…

            They say that the government second guesses them and treats them like cogs in a machine. “I did not go to school for 25+ years to be computer programmer for Federal Govt.” writes a Florida ophthalmologist.

            Doctors say that a key government provision in the Affordable Care Act – the huge expansion of Medicaid enrollees – is likely to backfire, as almost half (49%) say they will stop accepting Medicaid payments.

            Medicare draws even more complaints. Three-quarters (74%) say they will stop accepting new Medicare patients or leave it completely. Another 27% say they will start restricting services to their current Medicare patients.

            1. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

              Just Love the fact that you are again citing a republican super Pac. This Pac is an medical industry group.

              Good luck with your BS Craig! What do they own a closest space at that address or just a P.O. box? Its a damn post office. Their isn’t a doctor in the Building, Lots of P.O.Box lawyers though as well. http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&gs_mss=+1908+Mt.+Vernon+Ave,+3rd+Floor,+Alexandria,+VA+22305+%7C+703-&pq=+1908+mt.+vernon+ave,+3rd+floor,+alexandria,+va+22305+%7C+703-&cp=60&gs_id=a&xhr=t&rlz=1C2RNPN_enUS422US455&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1920&bih=993&bs=1&q=1908+Mt.+Vernon+Ave,+3rd+Floor,+Alexandria,+VA+22305&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x89b7b11e4c16e403:0x8b96913e44752e76,1908+Mt+Vernon+Ave,+Alexandria,+VA+22301&gl=us&sa=X&ei=Opj7T_2_Mci4rQHOmv2KCQ&sqi=2&ved=0CAYQ8gEwAA&oi=local_group&ct=image

              It is a republican front!

              Your disappoint me more and more each day, passing off lying GOP propaganda as the good little tool you have become. Let me tell you what most of the doctors I talked to down here in Dillon say. They mostly agree that its a great thing. and my Inquiry and survey was just as scientific as your false super pac was…. and at least I asked personally instead of a Fax.

              Your answer is has now been filed in the shredder file!

              1. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)


                Copy and post the whole code for a veiw of that great doctor Org Craig likes to cite!

    1. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

      So this is why you didn’t put up links to Bolster your cause……….. Cuz you didn’t find any? But Lynn did.

      Secondly, you diverted to the Ole Straw Man argument because….. What? You don’t like giving evidence based fact? You know what I was looking for Steve, collaboration of your Opinion. Thats what I was asking for! I dont see any yet!

      You surprise me Steve, I thought you better then that. Your say so isn’t enough.

    2. Paul S.

      Obviously, Steve P is not going to provide a link. If he has one, it is likely not credible, and by posting it, he’d allow us to point out why.

  9. Steve P

    Wow. Interesting little website community I’ve stumbled upon here. Putting a critical eye and mind to Michael Moore has apparently touched a nerve among a group more prone to take every word and image of his at face value. What amazes me more is some people posting are so dug in to their notions of Moore’s value as a “truth-teller” that they won’t even lift a finger of their own to find it. Instead, it’s as if as long as no one brings them a link from a source they deem reputable (lofty goal there), then they will simply continue to believe as they wish. The book of knowledge is right in front of you people. You simply have to open it.

    I’ll try to post a helpful link below. First time posting a link on this site, so forgive my experimenting with one of the HTML tags suggested below to avoid those lengthy copy and paste hyperlinks.


    1. Lynn

      No one here ever said he was 100 percent right.
      He pointed out some Real Problems with our Health Care System and got people talking about possible solutions instead of pretending everything was all right. We have great health care for the mega rich like Dick Cheney…just doesn’t not work as well for the average person

    2. Paul S.

      This isn’t a source. This is a list of right-wing websites. Steve knows if he gives a specific source, that we’ll be able to point out its bias and flaws, so he is avoiding doing so any way he can–including changing the subject. Puh-lease.

      1. Steve P

        List of right-wing websites? LOL. It’s a friggin google search that allows you the freedom to pick and choose as you please. One thing you won’t get from me is any lofty notions that there is only one true definitive source.

        Forgive me for respecting your intelligence. You may not be accustomed to such an approach with political banter, but I’ll try to consistently deliver.

        1. Jennifer Davies

          I googled “moon landing faked” and came up with a list of websites. That doesn’t mean the moon landing was faked.

  10. Steve P

    Of course not. The same would be true if i googled “Michael Moore tells the truth”. Congrats, you seem closer to the point than others.

  11. larry kurtz

    The GOP is in deep trouble: it’s beginning to emerge that Gov. Romney may be forced to argue his case just to salvage his candidacy at the Republican Convention where Ron Paul, John Thune or Jeb Bush could easily emerge as their nominee.

      1. larry kurtz

        Gawd, LK: the GOP is the zombie that just won’t die no matter how many times they put a new head on it.

      2. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

        I Believe they became zombie-like the minute the Supreme Court allowed Dubya Bush to become president. On that day good Moderate Republicans got thrown to the curb, by the criminals in this country. and the witch hunt to purge intelligence. morality, and Bipartisanship from the rolls of Politicians on their side began in earnest.

        If you couldn’t take a bribe from a corporation, you weren’t part of the GOP team, and so that rule still resides today. Thats when they stole that election from the American People. The majority of people in the United States voted for Gore.

        Today, the GOP have two men making decisions for the party, who have never been interested in helping communities across America. Grover Norquist and Rush Limbaugh, two men who between them, have no experience in politics or real life decisions.

        Grover Norquist who worked with the Biggest criminals in Reagan’s white house. And Rush Limbaugh a drug addled mentalist.

        The Republican Party, is something even my Stalwart GOP Parents left for the left, after Ronny Reagan Became president….Dad told me he saw the warnings of President Eisenhower becoming true……. If he was alive today I know he would be angry these Republicans walked away from their political moorings of the middle, and fiscal social conservatism ………I am sure, if he were alive today, he would have been walking hand in hand with the #OWS marches they have now!

        1. Rob Kailey

          (*cough cough*) The impeachment of Bill Clinton? Newt Gingrich? Electing the head of the CIA to the White House? Voodoo economics becoming a good economic strategy? Welfare Queens? Destruction of unions? The Southern Strategy?

          Who on that SCOTUS voted how, in Bush v. Gore? The zombification of the GOP began well before that fateful ruling in 2000.

          1. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

            Your right, we were already sliding down a crap fill pass, Dubya was the cliff we went over.

            I was mad at Clinton for ruining the horse racing industry( I spent almost my entire career bucking the male staus quo in)!

            Allowing the English Mafia(Ladbroke) into our country when the British kicked them out of country for twenty years on bribery and Murder charges.( a sordid story I would love to tell one day, and a republican friend of mine is writing a book on)

            Not only did it ruin the sport but it sent into motion precedents for allowing foreign corporations to buy property in the USA It ruined the sport in America right as it was beginning a comebeack, and destroyed California’s 100 year precedent to keep foreign corporations from buying private property in the state. A precedent repeated throughout the Country today………. and a lot like our Montana Corporation funding rule here that got wacked last month as well.

            I realize Bubba ( who had no real backing from my party)had a republican majority in both houses, and they made him slice a lot of corporate rules to get his tax plan in place including Glass-Stiegal, and there is more Corporate malfeasance, under the surface of US law, then folks could ever fathom with Reagan as well. But, the cliff was Dubya!

            1. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

              I actually fought two cases on Ladbroke in state and one in federal as a sole litigant without a lawyer( against 12 lawyers for Ladbroke). 4 years in courts,thousands of pages of documents, I didn’t lose but I din’t win anything either….. Others though are using my cases as precedent and winning in Harassment claims now. My kind of case had never been tried before, and I pretty much changed how the law handled licenssees in the profession. I went on to serve as a advocate in California Horse racing board hearings( Not the same as a lawyer either). left not losing a single case before the hearing board, because of what I went through as a female trainer.

              I know how badly federal laws have been changed to help corporations. I also know it is very hard to beat 12, 400 dollar an hour lawyers in a case, if your a little guy………. but it can be done.

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