BREAKING: Romney Tells Montana GOP-ers Black People “Just Want More Free Stuff from the Government”

You probably heard the news that GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was booed when he spoke to the NAACP earlier today.

Well Romney was in Montana tonight.   At a Hamilton, Montana fundraiser that anyone who dropped $50,000 per couple could attend, he gave the GOP-ers their money’s worth in Republican talking points.

Speaking of the black voters who booed him at the NAACP event, Romney told the Montana Republicans:

Remind them of this, if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy-more free stuff. But don’t forget nothing is really free.

Here’s Rachel Maddow with the story:


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  1. Talking Point Memo reports that Romney says black leaders secretly support him. Given Mitt’s reception at the NAACP I’d say that the secret support was successfully kept secret.

    • Quote of the day!

    • One if Alternets fav Bloogers Angry Black Lady A wonderful woman Lawyer had this to say:

      “Apparently, Romney seems to think that black folks really do love him — they’re just afraid to say so in public. He claims that after the NAACP speech, he was approached by black leaders — who presumably were blinking Morse code at him during the speech to show their support, but Romney couldn’t understand them because his decoder chip was malfunctioning — and these Negroes gave him a hearty clap on the shoulder and said there’s an underground lair of black Romney supporters somewhere.

      Or something”

      The she said, “I agree with Steve Benen at Maddow Blog on this point”:

      The wonk in me feels compelled to mention that Romney’s argument wasn’t even coherent on its face — he said he wants to kill the Affordable Care Act to reduce the deficit, which is absurd since killing the Affordable Care Act would increase the deficit.

      But I think it’s probably safe to say that’s not why Romney was booed. In fact, this was entirely predictable — the far-right Republican presidential candidate spoke to the NAACP and effectively proclaimed, “Vote for me and I’ll make sure 7 million African Americans lose their health insurance.”

      What kind of campaign pitch is that? For crying out loud, of course Romney got booed. At the risk of being overly cynical, I can’t help but wonder if Romney did this on purpose precisely so he would be booed.

      Let’s get real: Mitt Romney does not expect to gain any African-American votes. What he does expect to gain are the votes of those who are willing to give him a cookie for having the stones to stand in front of a group if black people without flinching.

      One of my Favorite smart people, and as far I am concerned…. I concur!

  2. So does any other thing need to be said of the Racist GOP in our state? I bet you Republicans are really proud of that speech!

  3. Hamilton was the birth place of the bullet ridden outhouse that showed up at the MT Republican State Convention as “Obama’s Presidential Library” This event made national news, so Romney probably thought he was delivering the message his Bitterrooter Republican audience wanted to hear.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 11, 2012 10:21 PM at 10:21 PM |

    What goes upstairs , stays upstairs.
    Trickle down BS is a republican Joke..
    Companies Piling Up Cash But Not Adding Jobs (At least NONE in the U.S.A.)


    Corporate welfare costs us 3+ times more than welfare for the poor.

    What The Top U.S. Companies Pay In Taxes
    Even the USDA Hosts Criticism of $300 bln Farm Bill
    The nearly $300 billion 2008 Farm Bill, which will probably survive a presidential veto

    Corporate Welfare at its Worst
    The United States has a $6 trillion national debt, a growing deficit and is borrowing money from the Social Security Trust Fund in order to fund government services.We can no longer afford to provide more than $125 billion every year in corporate welfare–tax breaks, subsidies and other wasteful spending–that goes to some of the largest, most profitable corporations in America.

    US provides 3 billion in subsidies for Exxon-mobil project in Papua New Guinea
    Despite Saying Government Intervention Puts Industry In A ‘Coma,’ Raese’s Biz Takes Millions In Taxpayer Funds

    Conservatives just killed 240,000 jobs…… /

    Stimulating Hypocrisy.. Scores of Recovery Act Opponents Sought Money Out of Public View

    Religious group took alleged terrorist money

    Blackwater Firm Gets $120M U.S. Gov’t Contract

  5. Give them enough slack and they’ll eventually reveal themselves.

    There is not one thing that could come out of this man’s mouth that would make me want to be anywhere near him, let alone vote for him as the leader of our nation. He is a disgrace as a human, and a poor substitute for a leader.

  6. Dear Mittens, This kind of thing is not welcome in Montana. Please crawl back under your rock and stop making the rest of the world associate Montana with racist jerks. The local Republican legislators are already doing this. Thanks to them, and to you, businesses are being discouraged from relocating here by the hour.

  7. Allow me to point out that $50,000 is more than the average household income in Ravalli County where Romney came make his hateful comment.

  8. The above comment was supposed to read “where Romney came to make his hateful comment.” Whoops.

  9. As the first Montanans I’ve encountered, perhaps you can answer a question for me. Someone told me there were sushi restaurants in Montana. True, or false? Thanks. And sorry your state was polluted by this slime.

  10. Ingemar Johansson | July 11, 2012 10:52 PM at 10:52 PM |

    And yet he’ll win MT with an overwhelming majority.

    F’ing racist.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 11, 2012 11:08 PM at 11:08 PM |

      Simply because the REAL freeloaders of all that “free stuff” are YOU ag dudes, Ingy! Admit it! You dudes don’t want no more piglets at the gubmint teat! Ain’t enuff ROOM for them darkies whilest the big pigs are a’suckin’ up all the gubmint largesse milk from Unca Sugartit! And you know it!

      • Disgusting. I could never vote for a person like this. Period.

      • Ingemar Johansson | July 11, 2012 11:11 PM at 11:11 PM |

        You’re talkin the ag bill Scary?

        Isn’t that mostly food stamp monies?

        • Drill Baby Drill | July 11, 2012 11:14 PM at 11:14 PM |

          You mean the Farm Bill. You remember, the Farm Bill where Max Baucus destroys the roll your own tobacco industry as a favor to Phillip Morris.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 11, 2012 11:23 PM at 11:23 PM |

          Oh that’s real cute, Ingy. But here, let’s take a leetle quiz, shall we? What’s the richest county in Montana per capita? Take a guess. If you guessed Liberty, County, you’d be right!

          Now ask yourself, how can a county with only 2300 people be the richest in the state? FARM SUBSIDIES, DUDE! And lot’s OF’em!

          Take away farm subsidies and you’ve got nuthin’ but a giant HOOT colony reservation! True story!

          Now, multiply that a thousand times over! The farm bill is one giant titty! GUBMINT titty! And hell, everyone knows it!

          You see, Ingy, freedom ain’t free! Oh wait, what I MEANT to say is
          FREE STUFF AIN’T FREE! zinke is SUCKIN’ offn’ the gubmint as sure as them foodstamp folks! Military retirement is a GIANT sucking sound too!

          Time to cut ALL you piglets off the gubmint teat! Bar none! Startin’ with all the Teatards and corporations! It’s time. With freedom, justice, and austerity for ALL!

          Spread the pain, and we all gain! No more free lunch from Unca Sugartit! End of story!

  11. A Little History | July 12, 2012 5:30 AM at 5:30 AM |

    It should also be mentioned that Romney’s event was at the home of Marcus Daly, the copper baron and rival predator to William Clark, the other copper baron most famous for bribing his way into the U.S. Senate so egregiously that even the Gilded Age Senate wouldn’t seat him, and for being the reason Montana citizens passed our anti-corruption law –that the Supreme Court struck down with Citizens United.

  12. We need to get the word out about this since no Montana news outlets have reported it. We should all put it on Facebook.

  13. There does seem to be a discrepancy between the remark reported on Rachel Maddow’s show and the one reported in the Missoulian. Did Romney perhaps say both things?

    Maybe someone can clear this up for me.

  14. The Mormon church didn’t allow people of color (or should I say men of color) to hold church office/leadership positions until 1972. Today, women are barred from church leadership positions.

  15. Gross. Gross. Gross. The comment disgusts me. Where is the GOP statement denouncing these comments? The silence is deafening.

  16. Jennifer Davies | July 12, 2012 8:39 AM at 8:39 AM |

    To anyone reading this:

    Montanans are NOT all a bunch of racist rednecks. Many of us are utterly shocked and outraged by this comment from Romney. Those Republicans at this event do not represent the views of the majority of the citizens and voters of this state. We are not people who would sit by and not condemn this comment. Their complicity cannot be excused.

  17. My grandfather would often say..”never vote for a man who would not be welcome in your home”. That seems to fit here very well indeed!

  18. Romney’s use of the stereotype is just Mild Mitt’s version of what state Rep. David Howard said yesterday: “Blacks lay around in Section 8 housing and screw each other and don’t raise their babies, leave their children in a world of violence, they grow up in gangs and somehow they’re a victim? NO!”
    (See Intelligent Discontent.)
    There must be good, moral Republicans who are horrified, but the fact of the situation is that if they speak up they are RINOed out of the party.

  19. Ingemar Johansson | July 12, 2012 10:21 AM at 10:21 AM |

    You guys were aware that Mitt got a standing O at the end of his speech to the NAACP?


  20. Living off the backs off the federal taxpayer is a tradition here in Montana our entire existence would not be possible in its present form without it. He should have told those baggers that in reality they are at the front of the “free shit” line.

  21. Btw, I I tried to post a comment about this on the Missoulian website and they didn’t put it up…

  22. Interesting- I put up a comment on the Gazette site about that also never appeared.

  23. Official Lee Newspapers Response to this Blog | July 12, 2012 12:55 PM at 12:55 PM |

    In response to reader calls and emails demanding an explanation of why we excluded the most interesting part of Mitt Romney’s speech to donors last night, the Lee Newspapers of Montana release the following statement.


    It’s been a banner year for us here at the Lee Newspapers, and our staff, reporters, managers, and executives are to be commended. We successfully completed a voluntary, prepackaged Chapter 11 process January 30, 2012. Congratulations are in order to the entire team.

    In fact, the reorganization was so successful that we were able to offer our stock at a much lower price to our many loyal holders. Then, building on that success, explored what is sure to be the first of many reverse stock splits in company history.

    Our quality coverage and hard working staff have allowed us to ensure that stock remains near $1.00 per share now–half the daily price of our local paper in most markets–the minimum allowed to participate in the stock market. We anticipate making it available any day now at a much lower price. Stay tuned!

    It is due to successes like these that we are able to offer our CEO the large, half million dollar bonuses to which executives of this caliber are accustomed. And it is due to our continued business practices at this level that we are able to offer you the kind of high quality news coverage you read today.

    Thank you for your continued support and readership.

  24. Bwah hahahaha Comment of the day!

  25. Breaking: New ‘Anti-Abortion Pill’ Kills Mother, Leaves Fetus Alive. Source.

  26. Looks like Condi is one of those black people who just want free stuff:

  27. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 13, 2012 5:45 AM at 5:45 AM |

    HOLY CATS! Holy MORcats! Kenneth Kailey makes top billing in the GF Spitoon ed page! Good job, I think, Moorcat! After all, it IS the Spitoon! Good job anyway, dude! You deserve a little recognition for your fine writing.|newswell|text|Frontpage|p

  28. janis aimee, Olympia WA | July 13, 2012 4:52 PM at 4:52 PM |

    My son (Tony Bynum, EGPark) said, “you must read this site, it’s great!” i’ve been reading for several months and it’s so true. it is reassuring to those of us fighting the same fights in the great NW, that such intelligent, clever and funny people are letting us know that Montana is not just a political ‘red state’ on the map. bravo to you all! p.s. i agree that the GOP ‘coded’ racism is repulsive. this part of Mitt creeps me out more than his being a cyborg.

  29. Too funny, I’m from Missouri and read this blog for pure entertainment value. Even though I don’t know the players, y’all make your small time criminals so hilarious and show them for the problems they are. I read it for inspiration on how to expose our local Republicans! Please do keep it up.

  30. Janis and Sarah,

    Thanks for visiting and for your comments. The way this site works is that 80-90% of the content comes from reader tips. Thank you readers and tipsters, you’re what makes this fun.

    If you have a tip, send it to the tipline email at mntnacowgirl (at) –Cowgirl


    • Cowgirl, this reads like a very weak attempt at Google character assassination against Ms. Dickerson. A quick Google search shows similar content posted at other places, including sites where the real Ms. Dickerson engages. You might want to delete it, or at least change any tag identifying it as a specific person. Just a thought.

      • Concur. Deleting crap does not limit free speech, it just keeps foul mouths from stinking up the joint.

        • Except Larry, of course. His don’t stink.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 29, 2012 6:21 PM at 6:21 PM |

            Sorry, Dave, but the TRVTH don’t stink! Not to worry, I’ll soon be talkin’ to chairs like Clint! I’m goin’ through Gran Torino phase right now. I simply can’t HELP myself any longer. It’s old age. I simply blurt out the TRVTH. Hell, I don’t even apologize for passing GAS any more! No need. People write if off as simply the bad habit of an OLD fart! LITERALLY! Sorry that that offends. I don’t know zackly how to say in in Latin, maybe sumtin’ like En Flatula Veritas!

            But I gotta tell ya that this Welch woman is as NUTTY as they come! And nasty too! Mean, nasty, and ignernt also come to mind. Hell, every chance she gets she throws in O’Bama’s name, the darkskinned Irish kid from Butte! Now, Dave, you’re a semi-intelligent guy. Maybe YOU can explain for me just WHAT O’Bama has to do with OUR supt. of schools race!

            All it says to me is that ms. welch is sending a coded message to all the inbred racists out there that IF you vote for Denise, you’re nuthin’ bug a N*GGER LOVER! And that’s pretty depraved, Dave, doncha think?!

            Now, maybe YOU have a more logical explanation. To me, she’s simply a crazyass, ignernt, venal outta state MORON! BUT, she’s really no different than Gen. Robert E. Skees, lardassed Birther Bod, Pastord Bulbdim, and all the OTHER inbred rightwing transplants!

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 29, 2012 6:27 PM at 6:27 PM |

              Ooops! Should read, lardassed Birther Bob! Is that fat ass sill alive? I mean, the fat bastard’s a walking HEART attack looking for a condom! I give him a year or two before quadruple bipass! He’s due. ‘Course, he’s prolly still got his hated STATE health insurance! Geez, I’d HATE to be the doc that has to cut through all THAT blubber to find his heart! Can’t be a pleasant job!

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