A Blogger Gets Schooled

It’s the perfect time to catch up with Montana’s political podcast PoliticktickBOOM, which I first wrote about when it launched this spring. That’s because in this week’s episode, host Kevin Hamm features conservative blogger Dustin Hurst of the Montana Watchdog getting absolutely schooled by progressive blogger Don Pogreba of Intelligent Discontent.

If you aren’t familiar with Dustin Hurst, he’s the pro-Rehberg blogger who fled Idaho under a cloud. What you should know about Hurst is that while working for a blog called TheIdahoReporter.com, he got busted for lying about his identity while trying to chase down a story about a Democratic state lawmaker.   The Idaho Statesman reported the incident.

Among the topics of the podcast: the difference between journalism and shilling for Rehberg’s campaign.  You won’t want to miss the whole episode. Click here to hear Don Pogreba and host Kevin Hamm at their considerable bests.

Here are just a few of the podcast’s highlights.

  • Impressively, Hurst says he’s not going to vote at all in the US Senate Race.  His reasoning? “Tester and Rehberg are the same person.”
  • Mr. Hurst claims he is not a Republican operative, but a journalist.  Mr. Hurst explains that “a reporter is a stenographer for power”, whereas a journalist is given “more power to cover things a certain way.”  He goes on to admit that The Watchdog “is not as talented or far-reaching as the AP.”
  • Mr. Hurst uses the podcast to announce that he’ll soon be leaving Montana.  Hurst is now saying he’s “only here on a temporary basis to cover the election.”
  • When factual and attribution errors in Hurst’s posts are pointed out, Mr. Hurst eloquently responds to Pogreba’s takedown with “don’t get all smug on me bro’.”

9 Comments on "A Blogger Gets Schooled"

  1. Next, thing you know, guy will be appointed to a county commissioner seat in the Bitterroot. You heard it hear first.

  2. Don’t forget the part where Hurst calls Pogreba a “union thug.”

    …Real journalists do that, right?

  3. Don’t give it all away, I have not listened to it yet : )

  4. Drunks for Denny | July 19, 2012 9:53 PM at 9:53 PM |

    Vote Rehberg! Vote Often! Vote stiff!

  5. Hamm is a great host- this episode is faster paced then earlier shows, which I appreciate and hope to see more of- well done.

    • Thank you! I like hearing feedback on the shows, it’s good for me to know what people want and hear, because I (naturally) think I’m awesome at this right up until I hit record, then my brain goes blank and it all goes awry. I’m working hard to keep it interesting, and I really do appreciate every listener. Again, thanks!

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 20, 2012 6:45 PM at 6:45 PM |

    Jumpin’ JAYsus! Not PORN too?! How ’bout it, Dopey? You and Jaysus are tight, right? You down with this, Dopey? I know that Ceement Saviour would approve!


    Dopey Reeburp is an idiot. I hope that gal from Whitefish asks him about THIS one next time too!

  7. One suggestion for this post, I think it would be cool if you had an excerpt or two of the podcast, if the host would give permission. That way people could get a sample of the flavor of the show before they downloaded the whole thing.

  8. After listening, I certainly had no problem deciding who was “Intelligent”, and who was “discontented”. Someone needs to tell Mr. Hurst that he is welcome to come up with his own opinions, but he is not being a transparent “news” (reporter or journalist) person when he comes up with his own facts.

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