GOP Legislator Arrested After Bizarre Incident

The Livingston Enterprise is reporting on the bizarre incident involving former GOP legislator Joel Boniek, (R-Livingston), that led to Boniek’s arrest.

Police allege that Boniek ran a road block  and then

“allegedly argued with the officers and eventually ‘dropped his left hand near what looked like a holster’ before a deputy brought him to the ground….The deputy removed a loaded handgun from the holster, according to court documents.”

The only defense Boniek offered to the reporter who asked him about the incident seems to be that Boniek “was on a private road in a private vehicle.”

Boniek is the Montana Republican famous for defending his comparison of President Obama with Hitler by saying that “Hitler should be remembered for more than being a mass murderer.” He’s also known for showing up for work at the state capitol riding on a mule. He served in the 2009 Legislature, but was not re-elected in 2011.

UPDATE: A video of Boniek can be found on Youtube that shows him attempting to visit a jailed anti-government activist named Eric Newhouse.  According to the Bozeman Chronicle article linked to, Newhouse compared his group, the “Sovereign Church of Christ,” with the Montana Freeman.

The group’s website said its members  “stand above the United States Government and … its constitutions declarations, orders, rules, regulations and statutes.” The site threatened that “lost [sic] of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will follow all those who trespass upon Sovereign Church of Christ citizens[‘] unalienable rights,” the Chronicle reported.

Posted: July 19, 2012 at 5:21 pm

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58 thoughts on “GOP Legislator Arrested After Bizarre Incident

  1. Chris

    Rep. Boniek says he is Newhouse’s counsel. Was he lying? Did he actually represent Newhouse in court? Or did he just mean he was Newhouse’s adviser. Any of these possibilities is troubling. He also represents himself in the video specifically as a state lawmaker.

    1. ETNFREE

      This article is BS. I am called anti-Gov. I am not anti-Government but I am anti-corrupt Government and Park County fits that category. I had 30 witnesses at my traffic violation hearing (sic) we were all asked to leave the court and then I was asked back in without witnesses. I declined to enter the “court of no record” without a witness and was subsequently charged with contempt for “failure to appear” I’m also a volunteer Fire Fighter and we will typically hand out flappers to individuals to help put out grass fires such as the one threatening Joel Bonieks home. He had animals that were very likely to be burned to death if he did not free them from their corral. This is about abusive government stepping outside the boundaries of Law. This site is so twisted in their representation of the truth that is bordering a bad joke! Grow up and grow a set!


      1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers.

        Did you ever know that you’re my heeeeeeeero!


        You have a junior high understanding of how gubmint works. It’s all about YOU, dude! And that’s real sad.

  2. Al

    I don’t care how high up on his mule this yahoo sits.
    As President Theodore Roosevelt said, “No man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.”

    1. Ragnar

      Wow, did not realize that Roosevelt had a hardcore anti-american fascist dictator bend to him…. Seems like his time was a bit late in the game to still be supporting slavery…. unless you understand that the 13th amendment wasn’t about freeing anybody, but redefining us all as slaves.

  3. dashbored

    For those who didn’t know. Dressing up as Colonel Sanders is actually a legal requirement of serving in the Montana legislature. Just ask Joe Balyeat and Alan Hale.

  4. Havre Voter

    Boniek was the Lt. Gov candidate under Bob Fanning, a different GOP gubernatorial candidate. Another guy is running with Rick Hill. Scott something or other is his name I think.

  5. Farmboy

    WTF this guy thinks that because he got elected to the legislature he can practice law without a license, has he been taking lessons from that idiot senator from up in the Flathead? Good God the GOP has too many idiots.

      1. Farmboy

        No actually I was thinking of Jerry O’Neil the independent para legal, and state senator who has tried several times to get rid of the requirments to practice law without a license.

    1. Havre Voter

      This sound like the kind of guy Skees would love. How much you wanna bet this is who Skees voted for in the GOP gov primary. Can you imagine this guy as Lt. Governor?

  6. lisa o'conner

    so, this guy was friendly with a group that called for violent resistance to law enforcement, then when he gets stopped, he runs the road block and reaches for his gun.

  7. Queen City Dem

    Holy. S**t. Just when you thought the MT GOP couldn’t get any crazier. This is nuts.

  8. BlueOhio

    WHOA! Are you kidding me with this guy? I thought we had some loonies in Ohio but this really takes it. Look at his eyes.

  9. Paul S.

    Can I ask why this isn’t the top story of the day? The blogger thing is funny, but this is national news.

    1. Paul S.

      Note that Glenn Beck is even saying this fool has gone to far. That’s saying something.

    2. BozemaniteIf

      Sweet plastic Jesus. This clip shows Boniek at once angry and terrified. The look on his and Marbuts face when their hero Beck ridicules their idea is priceless.

  10. LeAnn Pernet, Lincoln NE

    Just found this on Facebook. Incredible that the republicans are finally showing their true colors. BTW I love your blog! Wish we had something like this in Nebraska. Cheers, LeAnn

      1. Dallas Reese

        Howdy Doody was a puppet. He was made out of wood and someone else actually put words in his mouth. He didn’t have a brain or a mind of his own. Joel is a….oh, never mind.

    1. Craig Moore

      It’s not a red vs. blue issue. It’s metropolitan areas and youths:

      National and state prevention programs directed at reducing firearm violence should focus on youths, particularly in central cities, to reduce the burden of firearm-related mortality in the United States. Initiatives designed to reduce violent deaths in urban areas can draw upon a growing evidence base for effectively addressing behaviors that underlie violence involving youths.

      1. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

        Larrys report is newer then Yours and a lot closer to the truth.

        Firearm deaths were far less likely to occur in states with higher levels of college graduates (-.64) and more creative class jobs (-.52).

        Gun deaths were also less likely in states with higher levels of economic development (with a correlation of -.32 to economic output) and higher levels of happiness and well-being (-.41).

        And for all the terrifying talk about violence-prone immigrants, states with more immigrants have lower levels of gun-related deaths (the correlation between the two being -.34).

        1. Craig Moore

          The CDC report is “dead” on point as per the recent Chicago violence:

          The Chicago papers say that 85 percent of the children in those same public schools and in our former bungalows live under the poverty level. Nearly 80 percent of black children are illegitimate — and most, fatherless. But those figures give us only the base for the really frightening things happening in the city that is being called this summer the “Murder Capital of America.”

          In the first six months of 2012, more than 250 murders were recorded in my hometown, compared with 193 murders in New York City, which is three times as large as Chicago. On Memorial Day weekend, when Americans are supposed to be commemorating the sacrifices in war of American soldiers, more than 40 people were shot and 10 of them died.

          Most of the deaths — and most of the mobs of teenage boys that suddenly appear out of nowhere — are in the poorer neighborhoods. But there also are attacks on State Street and Michigan Avenue, where a doctor based in one of the Near North Side hospitals was recently badly beaten on his way home. Often in these attacks, nothing is taken, illustrating a desire simply to hurt people.

          To homogenize urban results with rural areas is greatly misleading.

            1. Craig Moore

              The CDC made my point given many years of historical findings. The 250+ dead in Chicago is also a matter of fact.

                  1. Craig Moore

                    Look at the storm tracks from the SW. Hopefully, that is signally that the monsoon season is starting early. Fingers crossed just rain and no lightning.

  11. Carrie H.

    Saw this in the paper but they didn’t have the background story on him. In this context and with his history as appears in the comments it Is even creepier.

  12. Different View

    What this article does NOT tell you is that his neighborhood was on fire and burning fast! It was a bad fire spreading across open [very dry] grassland heading thru his land; as well as others. Mr. Boniek was simply trying to get to his home to release his mules! They were fenced in & would be unable to escape the fire as it sweep thru if they were not turned loose. It is easy to judge when you do not know all that happened. At the time he tried to get to his home to save the animals and it was still a volunteer evacuation. I have seen Mr. Boniek help ALOT of our neighbors & people in the community. Politics aside, anyone in his position would have tried to save their animals. I have never seen him lose his temper or even raise his voice; not even when others were accosting him. Just for the record I am not a political person and do not know him in any political aspect; only as person to person.

      1. Blue Montana

        Yeah, if that’s really what you came here to tell us, different view, then surely you know.

      2. Different View

        Thank goodness the mules are ok & he only lost material items that burnt in his yard. I feel for him in that moment it was very tense & panic was high among us all. I had to leave my animals as I couldn’t fit them in my car and my friends who were coming to help rescue them couldn’t get into my neighborhood to take my animals. I know where he was coming from; I at least was able to make sure my animals were loose so that they had a chance to flee the fire that was VERY close to consuming our home. I was intensely worried over my animals; I’m anyone who has had to leave their animals behind were also.

        1. Hi-Liner

          Some people would have explained that to the cop–not ran the road block and reach for their gun. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

            1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

              Napoleon Bonikpart is a loser who thinks he’s above the law. He’s not. Now, he has to learn a hard lesson. Geez, he’s a leetle OLD to be learnin’ this lesson. MOST people figure it out as teenagers! Whas wrong with the dude??? As with ALL oath freepers, I think it’s too many cop shows and arrested maturation! Thas my theory and I’m stickin’ to it!

              A leetle musical interlude for Boinkneck.


              1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                And HEY, the dude may be a loser, but he IS the most comical thing I’ve seen in a looong time! Look, I’ve been around the block a time or two, and I THOUGHT I’d pretty much seen it all. But I have NEVER seen a dude scare off a judge, and then declare HIMSELF to be innocent! That’s priceless! And one for the record books! What’s he gonna do as a follow up act, declare himself governor?? Or maybe when he finally finds himself in the big house, he can declare himself to be the warden!


                He’s now become a laffing stock!

  13. lefty the cowboy

    About 48 hours before the polls opened for the primary election that resulted in Boniek becoming the GOP candidate, and eventually our Legislator (for one hitch, fortunately), handbills were placed under the windshield wipers of vehicles all over Park County. Their distribution was accomplished at night, and they failed to identify anyone responsible. These handbills claimed our current Legislator, a very conservative local rancher, and an honorable and competent man, of secretly being a communist, among other things. While I can’t prove Boniek was at least aware of this slimy and dishonest character asassination, I do know he didn’t step up to refute it before the election… everyone can make your own assumptions. Prior to the Newhouse event, Boniek showed up (with at least one Newhouse) at the courthouse in support of a fellow arrested in a car with fake plates, no insurance, etc. This African American gentleman refused to get out of the car, and claimed to be a Sovereign Lord or some wakadoo thing, and not subject to any authority. This is all part of the same Sovereign Church rightwing mumbo jumbo. The guy was also armed, quite illegally in that case. It was in the news, he was in jail in Billings for quite awhile, but eventually got off. Boniek is involved in some goofy stuff, no doubt.

  14. Thad

    The the blogger who posted this bias rant. Your headline should be based in facts and truths not what you read off of the Huff post. Headline should read something like” Montana citizen arrested with no cause other then trying to save his private property and animals”

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