Daines Under Fire

Congressional candidate Kim Gillan had strong words for Steve Daines today after the fundraising event he had this weekend with Rick Santorum as his guest of honor.  Cowgirl readers will recall that during his presidential campaign, Rick Santorum that told CNN that said rape victims should suck it up and accept “the gift” that  “God has given to you”. Here’s Rick Santorum on rape:

 I’ve always, you know, I believe and I think the right approach is to accept this horribly created — in the sense of rape — but nevertheless a gift in a very broken way, the gift of human life, and accept what God has given to you. As you know, we have to, in lots of different aspects of our life. We have horrible things happen. I can’t think of anything more horrible. But, nevertheless, we have to make the best out of a bad situation.

Here’s Kim:

As a woman I found his comments and his attitude towards victims repugnant. I am disappointed that Steve Daines would stand shoulder to shoulder to raise money with someone who’s extreme views are so out of step with Montana values.

By bringing in Santorum, Daines shows he doesn’t get what Montanans are most concerned about.  Gillan continues:

We must get our economy back on track and get Montanans back to work. Montana cannot afford to have our lone voice in the House of Representatives be that of someone that would give credence to such far-reaching radical ideas. There is too much at stake to be silent while Daines associates himself with people like that to fuel his ambitions.



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  1. Daines is just reading the script he got with the Check, just like Denny does

    • Nor am I arguing that, Lynn.. I agree that Daines is a nutcase and I will probably end up voting for Kim (or not voting). All I am asking is that – just once – can we focus on why we should vote for a candidate instead of why we should NOT vote for the other guy? I am voting for Monica Lindeen because she is a person of integrity and her dedication of service to the people of Montana is beyond reproach. I am voting for Tester because he has singlehandedly done more for veterans than any Senator in Montana history. Why should I vote for Kim (a person that comes across as a career politician and a party insider) other than “Daines is evil”?

  2. what I like about kim gillan is that she was one of the few legislators to actually stand up to the tea party during the legislative session. i think that being willing to fight and stand up for what’s right will be a good quality to have in congress.

  3. When is Gillan going to update her website? The latest item on her home page is dated 25 June. And the latest mention of Daines on her website (there are three) is a KTVQ story dated 12 June.

  4. James Conner just made my point, on why Kim Gillan is a crappy candidate, hell she is not updating her website, in the populated congressional district in America, and the second largest one geographically speaking, and Montana being the fourth largest state geographically, and she is not using the web, that tells me she does not care about Eastern Montana voters. Aka the guy at Alzada. And still nobody has sold me her yet, ok you’ve given me every reason in the world to not vote for Steve Danies and Im with you, now give me one good reason to vote for Kim Gillian. And remember there is one vote in McCone County on the line here.

    • Im not voting lesser of two evils here, you gotta sell me this one.

    • So, you aren’t voting for Bullock or Obama either? Really!?

      • Or Denise Juneau, Monica Lindeen, or Linda McCulloch?

        • Denise Juneau –

          While I do not know enough about her to really comment effectively, I will say that she impressed me by her work in the face of an idiot being appointed as the Chairman of the Education Committee in the Montana Congress. She appears to be dedicated and genuinely focused on improving education in Montana and her leadership will be important in a society that seems hell bent on destroying public education.

          Monica Lindeen –

          I have probably written thousands of words on both this site and my own why I wholeheartedly and completely support Monica Lindeen. In my entire political experience, I have NEVER met a candidate that I can completely support like I do Monica. She is one of those rare people that “what you see is what you get”. She is intellegent, has both business and political experience and is dedicated to actively serving the people of Montana. Her track record in her current position is above reproach and she has garnered the support of organizations that do not routinely support Democrats due to her administrative abilities. We could not ask (or even HOPE) for a better State Auditor.

          Linda McCulloch –

          Though I have not met Linda like I have Monica, much of what I have seen of her puts her in a similar catagory as Monica Lindeen. She seems to be both straight forward and honest. Her accomplishments in her current officer far outstrip her opponent and her dedication to her office has benefitted the people of Montana.

          Answer enough?

      • Again, I won’t presume to answer for Farmboy, but I will answer for myself. Yes, I will be voting for Bullock and my reasoning is three-fold. I think Bullock was a more than adequate Attorney General and that experience will translate well for Montana with him in the Governor’s office. Second, I believe that Bullock (while not as showy or charismatic as Schweitzer) will continue in the vein of our current Governor and third, I like his choice of running mate (Walsh).

        I will also be voting for President Obama. I think that many of the critisms laid at his doorstep are actually critisisms of Congress, I think was an adequate President in a very difficult time and frankly, I like the fact that he was involved in a bullet being put through the head of one Osama Bin Ladin. I think there are ways that he could improve as President (he certainly isn’t my “favorite” President) but I also think that he still has things to accomplish and even though Congress has been criminally obstructive, he has still managed to accomplish a lot in his first term.

        Notice that nothing in my answer referenced the “other guys”. This is the distinction that I am looking for. Your milage may vary.

      • I will vote for Bullock for Governor, even though I like Schwietzer better and I wish we could get Brian Schwietzer a thrid term. Reason Im voting for Bullock is that he has done an ok job as attorney general, it was not spectacular, but it was not poor, so he deserves to go up, and I feel he is ready.
        I’ll vote for Lindeen over Skees any day of the week cause Lindeen is competent for the job, whereas Skees, I dont even want to think how bad he would be as a state auditor, he was a terrible state legislator, I think he would do even worse as state auditor.
        The Secrtary of States Race Im going for McChulloh cause one Johnson had his chance and he blew it, especially when he tried to give taxpayer money to his buddies on his last day in office. Then his drinking problem I dont feel he is competnet even on the best of circumstances.
        Super of Public Inst, I’ll vote for Jueanu cause she has done an ok job and has earned reelection.
        U.S. Senator Im going with Jon Tester, cause he has done a great job, he really represents the heart of Montana, I dont think Montana has had as good a senator as Jon Tester.
        The Presidental race, I can not justify a reelection vote to Obama, but at the same time I dont like Mitt Romney, but my vote does not matter in the Presidental race cause I live in Montana, where we have three electoral votes in the electoral college, and the GOP has won Montana’s electoral vote in every election since 1960 except for two, 64 LBJ beat Goldwater in Montana, and in 92, Clinton, beat Perot and Bush the first.

  5. Well I prefer you vote. I know I’m going too. Women are absolutely full human beings, regardless, of what certain Conservative men might feel or believe.

    Ladies in Montana and elsewhere in this country are actually fighting for their very right to be heard now. The GOP are asking half of the country to get up and move to the back of the bus, after riding in the front since the civil rights act 60 years ago.

    They want control over our uterus, they want to take away our right for cancer screenings and medical care, they want us to shut up and be raped of life and dignity.

    People who let that happen to women, by their silence, indecision, or vote for the GOP are accomplices to the destruction of liberty and freedom for all Americans in this country.

    Other diversity in our country know that women are not the only targets. Hispanics see profiling becoming a reality, blacks see voter ID rules as the new jim crow poll taxes, students see they are becoming indentured servants to a bill for college they will pay for twenty years or more.

    This isn’t just a war against women, but because I am one…… it feels that way to me. the majority of American cultural diversity feel the same way I do.

    Rehberg, Daines and the other corporate GOP tools will do everything they can to roll the clock of liberty and equality back.

    Kim has a good heart, a good mind, treats people with dignity, doesn’t court conflict, and represents value well, I think, she will be the best for women in this country. Shes already proven that, here in Montana. with countless years of service for the state already. I know she will take up the next mantel with ease.

  6. Sorry for the off-topic post, but I thought people here would want to know about the Great Falls Tribune online poll.

    “Do you think the Constitution should be amended to restore Congress’ authority to regulate corporate expenditures?”

    front page of the fibune.

  7. Why vote for the lessor when there is 3 candidates running for the US House. Dave Kaiser, is a small businessman, who is creating jobs. Daines is working to buy this election without telling us how he plans to save this country. What is Kim doing? Dave Kaiser may be new to politics, but his website is http://www.vote4you.us

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