Trouble for Taylor

Polson software entrepreneur Nancy Lindsey announced her run for State Senate District 6 this week after the previous candidate withdrew from the race.    The District is an open seat previously held by Republican Sen. Carmine Mowbray.  Mowbray was defeated in the GOP primary by the embattled TEA Party state Rep. Janna Taylor,  the number one recipient of government farm subsidy cash in the Montana Legislature. With a candidate of this caliber now in the race, the seat is seen as up for grabs.

“I know first-hand what it takes to start a successful small business in this state and what it takes to create a thriving community,” continued Lindsey.  “As State Senator, I will work hard every day to make sure our community’s values are well-heard and well-represented in Helena.  And I won’t let partisan politics get in the way.”

After graduating from Polson High School, Lindsey studied engineering and business management.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from MIT, and later, a master’s in business management.  She is the co-founder of Black Mountain Software.  The successful company streamlines the budgeting and billing process for their clients across Montana, and twenty- two other states. Black Mountain’s software also allows clients to cut costly waste by allowing for paperless purchase requests and tracking accurate real-time budget information.  After 20 years of steady growth Black Mountain employs 34 people, 25 in the Polson office and 9 at their Helena office.

Lindsey will be a formidable opponent to Taylor, who made waves in the Montana legislature for her hypocrisy in government spending and her statement that the death penalty is needed to address prisoner spitballs.

Taylor was the gal, mind you, who said that Governor Schweitzer had “grown government” so much that “the governor’s residence needs to be fumigated when he leaves office.” And here is a peach of a response from Rep. Taylor, when confronted with the fact that she’s been on the dole to the tune of a 100 grand annually for the last decade: “I don’t control federal dollars. Talk to Senators Baucus or Tester.”

“The people of Lake and Flathead Counties deserve better than the partisan gridlock we’ve seen in Washington,” says Lindsey.  “I’m running for the legislature because, like all Montanans, I believe creating jobs is more important than scoring political points.  That’s the vision I’ll bring to the state legislature.”

Lindsey says she will focus on job creation, education, and ensuring our state remains the best place to live, work, and raise a family. Her candidacy is endorsed by Polson Mayor Pat DeVries and CSKT Council Member Steve Lozar. She will appear on the ballot this November.

Lindsey has also worked as a teacher, an early childhood educator, an aide for children with disabilities, and an assistant for the elderly.  She is a child of educators and raised her three children in the public school system.  Lindsey previously served on the Polson School Board from 1993 to 2001 and was elected to serve again in May of 2011.

Senate District 6 runs from Lakeside in Flathead County to Ravalli in Lake County and includes the towns of Polson, Ronan, Charlo, and St. Ignatius, and other small communities within the district.


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  1. How can I send a campaign contribution to Lindsey?

  2. Thank God- the laughable ignorance of Janna Taylor would be great theater- if she wasn’t playing with people’s lives- and preying on people’s fear. Put her in Virginia City at the Follies- not the legislature.

  3. No website? How are we supposed to help her defeat Taylor? There are a lot of people who would like to see Taylor gone.

    • Anyone can set up an Act Blue page for her. That’s what needs to happen.

    • Give her a couple of weeks to get organized. I suspect she had little or no advance notice of this opportunity. SD-6 is a tough district for a Democrat, and I give her a lot of credit for agreeing to run. In fact, it’s a tough district for Republicans who buck the party line, as Carmine Mowbray discovered the hard way. In fact, I’d say a majority of the district’s voters keep an eye peeled for black helicopters and stand ready to form a militia to repel an invasion from the socialist state of Canada.

  4. Sounds like a great candidate. This is exactly the kind of woman we need to put on the farm time for higher office. With her experience, profile, and background she’d be a great pick for OPI, Governor, or Secretary of State.

  5. I checked the SOS website and there apparently wasn’t even a candidate from the Dems for the primary, otherwise there would have been a vote tally.
    In 2008, RINO John Bruggeman ran unopposed in his primary. Across the two house districts, which I guess were matched HD 12 and 11, the general house election 4500 Democrat votes to 4000 or so GOP. But the senate race had no Dem and a total of about 9000 votes, including 2367 votes for the Constitution guy — which are sure to go to Taylor if there’s no C candidate this time.
    It’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out — but I’m optimistic.

    • Craig McClure filed for the SD-6 Democratic nomination on 12 March. The filings database reports he was “removed.” No reason given. Lindsey was “appointed” on 23 July.

      At the Flathead Beacon,

      there’s this:

      “Craig McClure, a Democrat, originally filed for the seat but was removed for failing to file certain documents with the commissioner of political practices. Democrats are allowed by state law to appoint a replacement for McClure on the general election ballot. The Democrats’ central committee must return a certificate of appointment and $15 filing fee to the secretary of state’s office no later than 5 p.m. on Aug. 22.””

      • Thanks for digging that up, James.
        McClure probably didn’t file the paperwork, the C-1s or whatever. Cold feet?
        State committeeman for the Lake Dems. Supported the :communities plan; gerrymandering proposal, of course. Retired Yellowstone parkie, somehow that’s not surprising either.
        On the other hand, what’s all this about Polson schools, with the former superintendent “Whitesell, who is Native American, alleged that Lindsey made remarks of a racial nature about him.”
        Whitesell settled for $120 grand. Hmmm. WTF did she SAY?
        So, I’m optimistic.

        • Dave, If you were honest, you’d have written that the payment was the dormer superintendent’s “buyout” when the district didn’t renew his contract.

          • Jan,
            If you were honest, you’d concede the election of Ms. Lindsey to the school board has been the start of rather deep divisions in policy.
            The voters should have a pretty clear choice in November, and I’m optimistic about who they’ll pick.
            The interesting thing I’m waiting for is if Mowbray has the class to endorse Janna.

  6. If I didn’t say it before Thank goodness Nancy Lindsey is running against Taylor….Janna needs to seek professional Moral help!

  7. I thought her husband was the biggest idiot to ever get into Montana poliics, now that I’ve watched this video Im not so sure. I guess birds of a feather stick together. Maybe that is why Im still single.

  8. All the best for Nancy, and how amazing it would be to have an MIT grad, ENGINEER, businesswoman who grew her own business and ‘WALKS THE TALK’ on jobs, economy, etc…how REFRESHING to have her caliber in the Legislature.

  9. This is good news.

    I have had a bad taste about Jana from watching her in the legislature. She is truly like her husband ole Tuck-N-Run himself.

    The Republican house candidate and incumbent is part owner of Solomon Dairies, proud recipient of over $200,000 of Fed monies in the last decade.

    What a pair.

  10. Software entrepreneur? Nancy WAS married to a software entrepreneur who may have made her feel good by calling her a co-founder back when they were married. She by no means built Black Mountain Software.

  11. Spoken like a true sexist. Wow…

  12. The Democrats are just trying to fluff her resume. Nancy has a hard time getting along with people. Sexist? This race is going to be the battle of the racist idiots with Nancy and Janna. Look up Nancy’s racist comments that cost Polson School District over a hundred thousand bucks! And Janna…well, the HIV spitball testimony says it all.

  13. The Flathead Beacon has an article up on Nancy Lindey’s campaign for the Lake County Senate Seat against notorious dumbo Janna Taylor.

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