Anti-Obama Movie, Produced by Kalispell Republican, Flops at the Box Office

There’s no business like show business, like no business I know

The opening when your heart beats like a drum        

The closing when the customers don’t come

It was one of the most anticipated movies of the year–for angry right-wing moviegoers.  But “2016: Obama’s America,” which I recently reviewed here, has flopped badly at the box office.

This film was based on a book called “The Roots of Obama’s Rage,” and was produced by a Montana resident, Gerald Molen, who once had a strong career in Hollywood including involvement in the movie Schindler’s List.   But Molen now makes right-wing propaganda films.  The apparent premise of this new film, if one views the trailer for it, is that America is about to fall to the masses of people of color, because Obama harbors a secret desire to avenge the transgressions visited upon his ancestral homeland of Kenya by white colonialists.  The trailer for the film features mobs of dark-skinned people in poor countries, rioting, marching, protesting, appearing to overrun civilized society. This idiocy is based on a book by Dinesh D’Souza.

Fine cinema no doubt, which is why I am shocked that this film–which cost an estimated $4 million to produce and market–had grossed only $89,000 at the box office.   Also, it has played so far in only four Texas movie theaters.

This is a major disappointment for Molen.  Molen, sitting in his house in Kalispell and reading the wonderful coverage of his movie in such important newspapers as The Daily Inter Lake and Whitefish Pilot (both run by birthers), was probably growing a wild fantasy in his head that this racist film could create some buzz, and that he, in turn, would become part of the election narrative, his movie debated and discussed on cable news shows and the like.

But that’s doubtful now the the movie has bombed.  And none of this is really a surprise.  For Molen, perhaps unwittingly, has become a Montana GOP operative. Statistically, therefore, his scheme had a high likelihood of failure.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 30, 2012 9:01 AM at 9:01 AM |

    He just had the wrong title, that’s all. Here, let me help this stupid bastard out. He SHOULD’A titled it,

    2016, They’s Comin’ For Our Women!

    At least it’s a more honest title! I feel his pain. It’s damn HARD bein’ a racist asshole in Murca now days.

  2. Look at the bright side…if this cost $4 million to make and market and only took in $80 grand, that’s $3.2 million that can’t be spent on right wing campaigns!

  3. If a piece of crap like this flops in Texas, you know it’s bad. Hard to find an audience with lower standards…

  4. as much as I love reading about what a loser this movie is/was, let’s stop giving this guy the attention that he wants and never talk about him again so that his kind will just go away.

  5. “Twenty minutes into a new conservative documentary about Barack Obama, there’s a moment that’ll break a birther’s heart. Dinesh D’Souza, the star and narrator of 2016: Obama’s America, is telling the brief, encyclopedia-entry version of the president’s life. The camera zooms over a map like one of the travel scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark—Kenya, Indonesia, Hawaii.

    “On August 4, 1961,” says D’Souza, “Barack Obama II is born in the Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu. His birth is recorded in two local newspapers”

  6. What interesting is that this isn’t straight white supremacism: D’Souza is himself from a former British colony, just like Obama’s father (though D’Souza’s parents are from a Portuguese one). The difference is, apparently, Obama is being post-colonial somehow in the wrong way.

    • I’m curious, Polish Wolf. I’ve read large excerpts from D’Souza’s book, but not nearly the entire thing. Have you? If so, what was your impression of his arguments?

      Here is a link to D’Souza’s CPAC address. It’s interesting that D’Souza says he knows about anti-colonialism and even claims it as his family heritage, but yet somehow it drives Obama to hurt America. The strange dichotomy you highlight, PW, is duly noted.

  7. It is shocking to me that someone would pay actual money to sit through two hours of this garbage. Only in Texas. Perhaps they are experimenting with this film as a new “self-execution” method for their crowded death row.

  8. Great movie! Glad to see that it’s doing a lot better in the Box Office this week, almost covered the production costs. Hopefully we’ll see ticket sales grow as the election gets closer. This story needs to come out to as many people as possible.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 20, 2012 10:04 AM at 10:04 AM |

      Maybe the Big Kockh brothers can buy everyone in Murca a ticket……


      Sorry, I shouldn’t laff at you, dude. It’s not right to laff at the mentally teatardily deficient!

      • I Was present during a Pirated showing Last week.

        I have to say the only thing decent about it is the cinematography. The lack of facts except when D’Souza pretty much plagerized Obama’s book was very Glaring. Just a ton of emphasizing in the wrong places and leaving off important parts. Clipped book reading at its very best.

        Lots of fantasy thinking went into this. I think D’Souza fell off of roof riding one to many trains in India.

        My two GOP buddies at the showing believed it would do their party no good. Too Many holes. One even called D’Souza Stupid, saying it brings the party down even further.

        Worth the watch if you want to see true right wing propaganda in Practice. Just don’t expect to see much else. Glad I didn’t have to pay to see it. I wouldn’t let anyone looking for dirt to pay regular movie prices….

      • So hostile … can’t say that I’m surprised though.

        Anyway, I hope you all get a chance to buy a ticket too. The truth is great to hear.

      • Just checked the box office standings and 2016 Obama’s America has made $9MM so far. Awesome! Capitalism rewards AND the truth.

  9. Last I checked, the movie had brought in close to half a million, gross. That means its still a money loser, given that it spent at least 4 million to produce and promote–and it’s spent more on promotion since I last checked in July…

    • Don’t forget they probably put another 1 million or so into advertising Nationally last week.

    • At $9MM and climbing … hopefully a lot more people will get to see the movie.

      • post a link to show these earnings and maybe someone will believe you. otherwise, its doubtful

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 28, 2012 6:48 AM at 6:48 AM |

            Which simply proves the old saying, a racist old fool and his money are soon parted!


            I’d love to see a demographic breakdown by IQ of these folks. Now THAT would be interesting!

            Bottom line, d, we are a diverse nation. There are STILL a lot of fat, old, reetarted, Pubbie Teatards out there longing for a return to the fifties and searching for the Great White Hope.

            But the sad reality for these folks is that the Great White Hope does NOT exist! What they’ve got is Mittens the Moron Mormon, the Great White Dope!

            In fact, look at ALL the reetarts running for prez on the Pubbie side. NEVER was seen such a collection of losers, buffoons, cheeseballs and laffingstocks!

            So sorry, d. O’Bama is the Jack Jonhson/Muhamed Ali of the political world. Every Mittens you morons can find will simply go down in flames! Get used to it.

            Hope this helps.

            • Wow, you’re a real piece of work.

              How much effort do you spend coming up with these cutsie names for everyone … I ask ’cause, I mean they’re really good. ;)

              So, is it wierd to anyone else that you rush to throw the ‘race card’, and then spend the rest of your time lobbing baseless epithets, at any of the people who haven’t bought your brand of crazy.

              And Obama is the Jack Johnson/Muhamed Ali? … I’m laughing. I mean, is that analysis?

              Anyway, you’re clearly a nut. I hope that you keep screaching like this, and the middle will see you for what you are … just like I’d like people to watch this movie and see Obama for what he is.



          • Where is it that you show us the extra advertising this cost the film? Oh that’s right, you didn’t.

  10. So how much did Daines take from the Koch brothers, and was it more or less than the $53,000 Max took?

  11. ….um, I thought he film was a flop-

    checked the cash intake and percent upward trend for this film lately, like today maybe? ie; 8/24/12?

    I dont think being about to smash into the top ten is a flop-

    You can make all the snarkie remarks you want, but the numbers are just not in your favor.

    In the interest of intellectual honesty, maybe you should issue a retraction of some kind-

    ….just saying-


    • Show us the link, or STFU…just sayin’

      • Hi Sam- Here are some links as you requested-

        Look in the right hand column and there’s a submenu. Select the title “Box Office Top 10” and you’ll get the latest number, which as of 8/30/2012 is #7.

        You might also be interested in what the IMDb has to say here:

        They rank the film at #8.

        I think you must admit that a top ten ranking in the US market is anything but a flop, regardless of your politics-

        Best of luck with this topic everybody- And see you at the Movies!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 30, 2012 6:28 AM at 6:28 AM |

          HEY, I see that The Dark Knight Rises is ahead of it. Maybe the director dude should have tried a little more truthful title, something like The Darky Rises!


          Get it? The Darky Rises!

          You’re a funny little dude, marky. Tapping into vestigal racism in this country is always a great way to pander to the retards and inbreds. But it’s over. It’s done. There ONLY so many racist dollars left out there for the fleecing. It’s a one-time shot. There will be no sequel, ’cause really, how many WAYS can you call a guy a n*gger? And how many TIMES can you cry scary black dude and be effective? The director is a pathetic little panderer crying not wolf, but scary black dude! And that’s real sad.

          Now, instead of being remembered for doing some movies that folks enjoyed, he will be forever remembered as a simpleton racist who fleeced the inbreds REAL good one last time!

          His next movie really SHOULD be The Great White Dope, Mittens!

          Sad, so sad to see this sort of thing. Hatred expressed so publicly adds nothing of merit to the conversation. The inbreds did NOT need to be reinforced in their beliefs. Sad, so sad.

          • Have you seen the movie?!? It doesn’t sound like it. In fact, the way you’re totally un-hinged about it, I’d guess you’d never put the money toward this effort.

            There’s nothing resembling what your suggesting in the movie. You’re fabricating all of it to race-bait and fear monger. I’m hopeful that the general person will see that you’re a nut who’s not interested in anything but forcing down your own propoganda.

            Do you have any shame about shouting racist at people who want to see an alternate point of view … isn’t that repression? The kind that you’d rail against if it was applied to you.

            I hope next week the movie does as well as it has last week. It’s probably breaking records for a documentary style movie.

            BTW … I’m sure that you know that the director is a minority race, and he makes this point during the movie.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 30, 2012 7:38 AM at 7:38 AM |

              “Do you have any shame about shouting racist at people who want to see an alternate point of view … ”

              No, not at all! You see, I’ve seen WAY too much racism. I know it when I see it. And the racists have simply become unhinged with the election of O’Bama. That’s all. HEY, I know lots of’em. They aren’t shy to call O’Bama a n*gger in private. That’s just the way they are.

              • Just so it’s clear … You’re doing the same thing that a racist would. Negatively classing an entire group based on mis-guided ideas … you say: because you know a racist, everybody that sees this documentary is racist.

                And this is obvious to some but, I was being sarcastic … but you walk right out and say no, I have no shame, at being a bigot. It’s scary, but I guess I’m glad that you’re being honest. That you have no valid reason to call all these people racists, but you’ll shamelessly still do it.

    • Also, note that the promotion costs have also increased massively since July.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 28, 2012 7:03 AM at 7:03 AM |

      Flop??? Flop??? Wanna know what a REAL flop looks like, dude? Well, here it is!

      According to a NY Times poll, YOUR boy, Mittwit, has a ZERO percent approval rating among blacks!


      Now THAT’S a flop, marky! COW flop!

      Maybe YOU can, but I simply cannot remember ANY whitebread cracker moron Pubbie prez candidate that had a ZERO percent rating among blacks! Can you?

      If it weren’t for Condom Leeza and the Pizza buffoon, the Pubbies would have NO black dudes a’tall!

      Hope this helps.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 28, 2012 7:23 AM at 7:23 AM |

      I’m sure that THESE dudes saw it twice! At least!

      Just like with the gays, there will always be a certain percentage of the population that is simply dumber than dog shit. And the for easy reference as to what that number is, simply see mark’s attendance stats above! That’ll tell you EGGsackly how many reetards there are in the general population! It’s scientific!

  12. “I’m sure these dudes saw it twice” … Classic Larry. Some guys were allegedly threatening the president, and this is connected in some way to the movie? Same baseless nonsense that serves to feed the psychosis.

    I hope that people get to see the movie despite the fear of being cast as “reetards [sic]” by Larry.

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