GOP Write-in Candidate Falls Short

Is this really God’s fault?

Following his failure collect more than 40% of the votes needed to appear on the November ballot as a candidate for Clerk of the Supreme Court, Montana Republican Party executive director Bowen Greenwood had an explanation at the ready.

“I always knew it was not going to happen without God’s help,” Greenwood said Thursday.

Mr. Greenwood said he intended to file for office on the last day allowed,  but instead had “made a mistake and failed to do so,” the Helena IR reported.  Voters will still have two candidates on the ballot for the position this fall.  Democratic incumbent Ed Smith will face libertarian Mike Fellows.


12 Comments on "GOP Write-in Candidate Falls Short"

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 3, 2012 6:24 PM at 6:24 PM |

    God LUVS him some wackjobs! Right, Dinkwood?

    I think all this religeeious horseshit has about run its course. Soon, it will be a liability to be assocaited with the crhistofascists. They’ve got nothing to offer other than their bullshit faith. In other words, they’ve got nothing. For ya just can’t eat faith, nor pay the bills with it. Nor will it get you health care.

    It took a while, but soon the true religious folks will rebel against all this rightwing christofascist political nonsense. Hatred makes a poor religion.

  2. Perhaps God is a Democrat.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 4, 2012 8:49 AM at 8:49 AM |

    If you say build it, they will come! Like hemorrhoids crawling out! From the farthest reaches of a rightwing anal universe! They will come!

    Yes, if you say build it, they will come! And the latest is tell’em taylor sencha brown! The renowned clown brown! (did taylor go the the sen. cornhole burns school of elocution??)

    In the GF Spitoon’s never ending quest to bring us the biggest imbeciles out there, today they presented to us good ol’ boy tell’em brown, who just had to bash, you guessed it. O’BAMA! And he can do this you see ’cause taylor himself is such a great intellectual and self-made man! Taylor don’t NEED no hated gubmint help! No siree! He built it his DAMNself! For you see, taylor is smarter and works harder than all them lazy folks……..BHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

    What a freakin’ buffoon!

    Taylor is living proof while no man is an island, SOME men are rocks, as in BOX of rocks, as in DUMB as a box of rocks! Thanks, GF Spitoon, for treating us to every rightwing dink out there! Just when you think that they’ve reached the bottom of the barrel, they go UNDER the bottom!

  4. I think people simply really like the current Clerk of the Supreme Court, Ed Smith. He’s got a lot of experience, done an excellent job, and ran for the office because he really cares about the work, not for some partisan purpose of getting a certain party on the ballot. That’s why people didn’t write in Greenwood.

  5. Actually Your right Grannie, Ed Smith has just been a real guy who cares about his work, and that’s good for all political stripes.

  6. What can you say. Greenwood was at the Capitol on March 12, but he forgot to file. Sounds fishy to me. Besides the Republicans have never ran a candidate for that position since 1988. Is Greenwood worried that the Libertarians will get some credit and more votes. Afterall Libertarians are good on social issues. Why not vote for Mike Fellows.

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