Credibility Problems Plague TEA Party

Montana’s top opponent of the women’s medical privacy and the Affordable Healthcare Act, Tea Partier Annie Bukacek, appears to have delivered false testimony before the Montana Legislature.

On January 21, 2011, Bukacek testified before the state Senate Public Health Committee in favor of SB-161, a bill to nullify federal health care laws, and cited “statistics from a 2010 Investor’s  Business Daily article based on a survey  by the United Nations International Health Organization.”  She then read a list of statistics that supposedly indicate how people in countries with universal health care are dying at a greater rate than Americans.  Here’s a copy of her written testimony, and here’s a video clip.

The supposed study she cites is a fraud. It does not even exist, actually, nor does the organization she cites.  In fact, this non-existent study is one that right wing activists have been citing across America, in hearings, in articles, on websites.  It’s become an internet meme.  But it’s a big canard, according to the Center for Public Integrity.  There is neither a study nor even a group called the UNIHO.

Sadly, Ms. Bukacek is a licensed physician in the state of Montana, albeit with a religious twist–her clinic, which closed down, was called “Hosanna Healthcare.”  She was also investigated for Medicaid fraud, but she claims it was because she prayed with patients.

She also penned a guest editorial in the June 14 edition of the Flathead Daily Interlake (see page 4 of this PDF) extolling the dangers of vaccination, a favorite topic among black helicopter conspiracy theorists.

Ms. Bukacek’s anti-vaccination claims prompted a rebuke from a far right Republican who sits on the Flathead City-County Health Board, Dr. P. David Myerowitz, who moved to Columbia Falls after retiring from a professorship in surgery at a major university in Ohio.   Dr. Myerowitz called Bukacek’s assertions “disturbing,” as well as “misguided, inaccurate and dangerous.” (You can download a PDF of his response here, see page 8.)

In general, you ascribe very little credibility to any data offered up by the Tea Party. It’s usually nonsense.


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  1. This woman did a video prediction that the health care bill would be a single payer system. So much for that

  2. Reminds me of TEA Party Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s claim that the EPA is using unmanned drones to spy on farms and ranches, which of course just isn’t true.

    The Billings Gazette asked why Rehberg sent an angry letter about something that never happened. He blamed Obama.

  3. Ever since Rehberg announced his Senate run with Michele Bachmann by his side, the GOP number-crunchers running his campaign for him have been steering away from the TEA party theme. The strategists in D.C. were unaware how devastating the TEA party takeover of the state legislature had been among Montana independent voters.
    They’re still underestimating the intelligence of of the Montana electorate, but that’s the Republicans for ya…

  4. Curious, is it not, that one might bill the federal government for praying with patients but not praying for them?
    GOTTALUV them partiers!

  5. Hippocratic Oaths should not be taken lightly by Health professionals, but we see an increasing amount of doctors and care physicians turning a blind eye to it, if they are from the Political right.

    Also we are seeing people like the Pauls ( Ron and His SON) Not adhere to it at all, saying poor people should be allowed to die, instead of being treated in hospitals.

    I think doctors who exhibit this type of behavior, like this woman physician, Annie Bukacek should be investigated by the state boards that have licensed her, to see she still qualify’s to hold a medical license.

  6. I don’t know why this wasn’t News!

    Frozen justice: Top ICE official sends Islamaphobic email without facing repercussion

    “I want you to leave. I want you to go back to your desert sandpit where women are treated like rats and dogs. I want you to take your religion, your friends, and your family back to your Islamic extremists, and STAY THERE!” These words are from an essay penned by Pilot John Maniscalco and dedicated to his “Arab-Muslim neighbors.” They are also among the words included in an email forward sent from the most senior Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer in Montana to one of the state’s top immigration lawyers, Pakistani-American Shahid Haque-Hausrath. “Good Read” was the email’s subject line.

  7. Romney/Ryan republicans religionize retching: wrench raillery, ridicule, and roaring rather riotously.

    Now that Willard has chosen a wounded rabid catholic as a running mate, independents will flee the earth hater party in search of a more secular candidate like Gary Johnson.

    Montana might even go blue.

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 11, 2012 9:21 AM at 9:21 AM |

    Silly wabbit, sex is for pervy padres, NOT for nomral folks! (and horny bishops! no birth control. no sex except for procreation. no porn. no nooky for YOU sinners!)

    Ryan is the darling of Pope Nazi the First and a handy Randian! The Holy Roman Kiddy Diddlers have a long, proud history of fascism! By selecting a handy Randian and Holy Roman Kiddy Diddler, Mittens has attempted to deflect the heat from his OWN bizarro “religion”. He’s saying, “look at me! I’m as American nazi as THIS kiddy diddler dude”!

    Will it work? I dunno. But it sure as hell is some scary, scary Holy Shit!

    Here’s the deal. It’s time to TAKE THIS SHIT PERSONALLY! Even the DUMBEST teatard out there should be able to understand that these no good dirty bastards are comin’ after their social security! I mean Jumpin’ CEEment JAYsus! If Americans can’t figure THIS one out, we really ARE freaking doomed! And too dumb to have any kind of democracry.

    That’s where we’re at, Kurtzy. The Dems need to grow a set. No hell, TWO sets! And start kickin’ some friggin’ ass!

    Do you want your social security, or do you want Mrs. Mittens to have another dressage horse? Pony up or pony baloney!

  9. Nuns on the Bus for President and cabinet, they rock the Truth! Ayn Rand was also pro-abortion, oops…!

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