These Women are Concerned

The Concerned Women for America carpet-bagged through Montana today.  A bus tour for the right-wing group stopped in Helena and other Montana towns following stops at Chick-fil-A restaurants and “parking lots near Chick-Fil-A”s in states with targeted U.S. Senate seats.

For those not yet familiar with this world-class organization, these women are concerned about some very important stuff, including United Nations conspiracy theories and promoting voter suppression/voter ID laws.  Governor Schweitzer vetoed the voter ID law passed by the “Bat Crap Crazy” legislature during the last session, saying the law would have placed an “unnecessary burden on low-income, elderly, disabled and student voters.”

According to the watchdog group Right Wing Watch,  the Concerned Women for America are also concerned that LGBT people hate American democracy and that President Obama wants communists to control America’s children. They also support laws that make it illegal to be gay and opposed the Violence Against Women Act.

In Helena, the bus of out-of-staters was met by local citizens who reminded them that this election is really about is jobs and the economy.

We do know however that at least one local Montana right-winger showed up: TEA Party legislative candidate and Concerned Man Mark Perea, who is pictured here.  Mr. Perea is campaigning against Sen. Christine Kaufmann, D-Helena.  The Billings Gazette has more.


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  1. I wonder how much they are being paid to travel together in a bus and speak against everything that is good about being a intelligent moral woman?

  2. I doubt Mark Perea is going to be able to gain much traction against Sen. Kaufmann in Helena. She has served the district pretty well and is known as a hard working campaigner. I wonder if anyone from Mr. Perea’s district was even at this event.

  3. This Perea weirdo knocked on my door a while back and I had never heard of him before. I was curious what he was all about until he told me he was running against Kauffman than I could barely stifle laughing in his face. I figured he was a moderate repub if he was trying to run in this district but when I looked up his website I saw he was pretty much a standard mouth frothing bagger. His bio seems to have some odd gaps in his background too. Seems kind of fishy. Maybe not quite “Ron Lasslee in prison” fishy but it doesnt seem to quite add up.

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