Steve Daines Joins the War on Medicare

Steve Daines, HypocriteSteve Daines has finally come out with some of his beliefs, dragging his knuckles behind him.

Steve Daines told the Helena IR that he supports the GOP/TEA Party plan that the Wall St. Journal says, “ends Medicare as we know it.”

If this is Daines’ plan, the fewer people hear about his agenda, the better things will go for him.  Perhaps this is why Daines came across as defensive about his reticence to discuss his views in the Helena IR:

“Maybe we’re doing Montanans a service by not being on the front page of the paper every day, and invading their radio and TV,” says Steve Daines.

There are more than 170,000 seniors in Montana who rely on Medicare for their health care, most of whom will vote.

Daines plan would raise premiums on our seniors by $6,4000 each.  It would raise he age of eligibility from 65 to 67. It would also increase the cost that seniors pay out-of-pocket for their prescriptions, according to the Congressional Budget Office.




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  1. Ingemar Johansson | August 20, 2012 6:08 AM at 6:08 AM |

    Wow. You would’ve thought Daines had personally pulled $700B out of medicare to fund some health care boondoggle.

  2. Kim Gillan should start talking about amending ObamaCare to include everyone: so should Sen. Tester.

  3. Montana only gets one vote in Congress. Therefore the only vote we’ll get on this plan is from whomever is in this seat.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 20, 2012 7:08 AM at 7:08 AM |

    Bend over, Montana. Here it comes! The big GOP weinie!

    Look, jus like Dopey Reeburp says, ya get sick, and then ya die. So, why waste MONEY on peeons?! Good point, right? You’re gonna get sick and gonna die, so why NOT work until you drop thereby providing even MORE money for dressage horses, tax breaks for the Kockhs, and endless war for endless profit for Haliburon? What’s good for rich people is good for peeons too! It’s the economy, stoopid. It’s good for the economy. To grow the economy, we need fertilizer, and that’s YOU!

    ‘Sides, the sooner you ungrateful motherf*ckers die, the sooner you get your REAL reeward as promised by Dainses (rhymes w/ Bain) and co. You get’ta see CEEment JAYsus in person! Hal your louie!

    I don’t see a problem here. It’s all very patriotic, and so simple even the Baggers can understand!

  5. Anyone who has an elder they have to care for; which is just about everybody in Montana, is gonna vote against the GOP on this.

    Almost 16% of this state is over 65. They are either on social security, or some type of disability payment, or medicare. If they can vote they are already running from the GOP in Droves. I know I have been talking to them.

    People also under the age of 55 are asking questions also. They have been paying in for years and now the GOP is looking to steal that as well.

    Nope we got to stand and fight to protect these basic safety nets, more so this election year then any I have seen. Heck even DUbya backed down when he heard the Ire of his constituents. But this time the Tea party congress is just plain not even listening to us to regular folk anymore.

  6. This must have been the question (Medicare) that Daines was dreading most. One wonders if the fear of people learning his actual positions is what prompted his massive google washing campaign.

  7. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Medicare voucher program (the Ryan plan) will ultimately bankrupt and destroy most private health insurance companies and health care providers. Under the Ryan plan, in time, seniors on fixed incomes won’t have the $$ to pay for private health insurance premiums as envisioned by the “plan”(premiums rise faster than CPI). Seniors will simply stop buying health insurance because they won’t be able to afford it but they will continue to receive medical care via emergency rooms. Hospitals can’t deny services and hospital costs will rise to reflect the greater number of folks not paying for services. A spiral of increasing costs will ensue and ever younger and healthier people (and businesses) will drop out of the health insurance marketplace as the premium costs rise to an unafforable level. In the end, both insurance companies and health care providers will effectively vanish for most people.

    • This just tells me that not only is Daines a TEA party moron, he doesn’t bother to investigate the consequences of rubber stamping the TEA party’s ideas. That’s the last kind of representative that Montana needs.

  8. Ingemar Johansson | August 20, 2012 10:44 AM at 10:44 AM |

    Hey, you guys pick up the latest copy of Newsweek?

    “Doncha come back no more no more”

    “Doncha come back no more”.

  9. Cowgirl, my comment appeared into wrong place , so I am reposting it here:

    So how much did Daines take from the Koch brothers, and was it more or less than the $53,000 Max took?

  10. Here is my question, and Im not defending either Paul Ryan or Steve Danies but what is the Democratic plan to save social security and medicare? The reason I ask this is that Im 31yrs old a single male, never married and no kids, and Ive been paying into social security since I was 16yrs old, and I dont think I personally will ever see a dime of the money Ive paided in over the years at various jobs and various businesses Ive ran. I dont agree with privatizing social security cause I think that will just make the big boys on Wall Street rich, and after all look at what they did back in 08 with the housing deal and their buddy GW Bush had to come bail them out with our tax dollars, still pisses me off. But anyways what is the Democratic plan for social security and medicare? Just want to know thanks.

    • The current system is sound until 2033 i.e., there’s enough money in the SS trust funds to pay all retirees their benefits through 2033. You won’t quite be eligible then but it’s good to know that it’s not broke! Beyond 2033, if nothing is done, the CBO estimate is that retirees would receive approx 75% of their benefits. This is the projection if nothing is done.

      Small fixes now such as implementing the tax on incomes above $110,000 could be a first step. Other things being considered are things like adjusting the annual COLA by tying it to a different indicator of inflation or slowly increasing the tax rate over 20 years. Any fix done now can be relatively small and it will have a big impact in 20 – 25 years. Social Security is relatively easy to fix if political will is shown. But if politicians want to continue to use it as a political football, fixes could be a long way off.

  11. Obviously, he solution could include cutting the war budget.

  12. With all of the guns in Montana, you would think that there would be an open hunting season on mad rabid dogs like this asshole. And farmboy, I paid into the system since I was 12 and I am now collecting on my retirement funds that I contributed to for over 55 years. It will be there IF we make all pay their fair share and quit having 535 terrorists (congresspeople to some) stealing our money.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 20, 2012 7:44 PM at 7:44 PM |

      “With all of the guns in Montana, you would think that there would be an open hunting season on mad rabid dogs like this asshole.”

      Um, no. Sorry Richard. We do NOT recommend shooting people to achieve our ends. Not even in jest. That’s crazy shit, dude.

  13. To Dallas Reese and Richard Miller, I agree with you both, yes we need a better crop of politicians to solve the problem. But here is my fear, we as a country are in debt to China, a communist country. Second we have this generation called the baby boomers that is about to start to retire in the next few years. When social security was first created back in the 1930s for every person taking money out you had I think it was seven paying in. Today we have two people taking out for every one person paying in. This can not last. Then you add China to the mix here and if they call in the debt, then its katie bar the door. I think the solution is simple, first I agree with Dallas Reese poeple of higher incomes are going to have to pay a little bit more, sorry but as it says in the bible, “to whom much is given much will be expected”, its in Luke. But also I think we are going to have to raise the retirement age to say 70yrs of age over a period of several years. But if I was a politician running for higher office and I had just proposed this, I would be dead in the water politically by both the left and the right. The right would claim Im playing class warfare, and am penalizing success. And the Left would claim I was being heartless and throwing grandma over a cliff. So hence we get no solutions.

    • The U.S. debt was more than $14.3 trillion during the so-called debt crisis of 2011, when the level of borrowing reached its statutory limit and the president warned of a potential default if the cap wasn’t raised.

      So who owns all that U.S. debt?

      About 32 cents for every dollar of U.S. debt, or $4.6 trillion, is owned by the federal government in trust funds, for Social Security and other programs such as retirement accounts, according to the U.S. Department of Treasury.

      The largest portion of U.S. debt, 68 cents for every dollar or about $10 trillion, is owned by individual investors, corporations, state and local governments and, yes, even foreign governments such as China that hold Treasury bills, notes and bonds.

      In total, China owns about 8 percent of publicly held U.S. debt. Of all the holders of U.S. debt China is the third-largest, behind only the Social Security Trust Fund’s holdings of nearly $3 trillion and the Federal Reserve’s nearly $2 trillion holdings in Treasury investments, purchased as part of its quantitative easing program to boost the economy.
      The bulk of the $14.3 trillion U.S. debt – $9.8 trillion in all – is owned by the American people and its government.

      Just cutting Military spending alone would pay China off. We have larger military spending then the next 17 richest modern allies. Its time we stop being so damned afraid of tiny little dictatorships with oil fields, and grow up!

      Better yet, and far quicker then cutting the military is Losing tax loopholes so Companies can’t keep screwing the American Middle class dream.

      • I agree we are going to have to make cuts to the military budget. Here is the thing there was only one presidental candidate in the past few years that has said that, it was Ron Paul, and he loses primaries. And one comic has said that and its Bill Maher. But yes as Bill Maher said “bring the troops home, not just home from Iraq and Afganistan, but Germany, I think we won that one.” So yes we are not the world’s policeman, or defense force. In the early part of the 20th centruy we changed the name from Department of War to Department of Defense. So lets bring our troops home, and then lets secure our borders and there thats that. No more going into other countries get somebody else.

  14. Also the national debt is an easy one to solve as well. First we put back tarriffs on forign made goods. This will encourage American manufacturing again, and get some income back in the federal coffers. Second for our raw resources we want high prices. As the saying was back in the 70s when dealing with the middle east “a bushell of grain for a barrell of oil.” Sounds fair to me. If China wants to eat our grain they had better forgive some of our debt.

    • In 1930, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, in an effort to alleviate the effects of the… Anyone? Anyone?… the Great Depression, passed the… Anyone? Anyone? The tariff bill? The Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act? Which, anyone? Raised or lowered?… raised tariffs, in an effort to collect more revenue for the federal government. Did it work? Anyone? Anyone know the effects? It did not work, and the United States sank deeper into the Great Depression.

  15. Seniors cannot afford to pay an extra $6400 bucks, perhaps Daines intends to fork out the money for 170,000 of us himself….

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