Kim Gillan has a New Ad Up

Here it is.

According to the Youtube notes:

She is” illustrates Kim Gillan’s bipartisan record of problem solving on important issues — including requiring insurance companies to cover autism and diabetes in Montana, expanding job training across the state, and standing up for seniors and women’s health.

“It’s time we had a problem solver representing Montana in the U.S. House,” Kim said. “My record is clear: I know how to work with Republicans and Democrats to get things done for families and small business across Montana. And in Congress, I’ll stand up to any party in order to do what’s best for Montana.”

Featured in the new ad are Laura Simonsen of Billings, who worked with Gillan to require insurance companies to cover treatment for autism and diabetes in Montana; Stephen Wahrlick of Billings, whose business has benefited from customer service job training programs; and Carol Williams of Missoula, wife of former Montana Congressman Pat Williams and Minority Leader of the Montana State Senate.

Posted: September 5, 2012 at 6:35 pm

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19 thoughts on “Kim Gillan has a New Ad Up

  1. Ingemar Johansson

    “Experienced, INDEPENDENT, fighter”. Not one mention of the word “Democrat”.

    Curious, “Democrat” must be a pretty bad word. Doesn’t bode well, does it?

    1. Res Judicata

      I suppose you would have this same criticism of Steve Daines if he released ads that made no mention of “Republican”?

              1. Kenneth Kailey

                While the word “Democrat” does not appear on the “home” page of her website (the homepage is rather sparce and unfulfilling in my opinion), it comes up repeatedly on other pages. I do not see her “hiding” from the Democratic Party. I haven’t gone through Daine’s page because everytime I try, I get pissed off and leave.

                1. James Conner

                  I checked the rest of Daines’ website. Nada, although there might be something lurking in the text. I also rechecked Gillan’s website. Perhaps “Democrat” lurks in the fine print, but I didn’t see it in the headers or footers.

                  I think both candidates are trying to avoid party labels.

                  If they want to be considered independents, they should run as independents.

  2. Kenneth Kailey

    In Context of the ad, I would consider her use of the word “independant” to mean that she is not beholden to party or corporation but rather to the Montana Voters. It was an interesting use of the word, though.

    All that said, I certainly like her ad better than the ones I have seen from Daines.

    I still have a lot of questions about her, though.

      1. Mizoola Democrap

        Carol, Pat…what’s the difference? They are VERY well respected outside of Missoula. LOL!!!!!

  3. Mizoola Democrap

    Vote for Gillan! The only candidate for Congress who will preserve our right to murder babies and ensure that Medicare stays unchanged so she can get the senior vote, and only goes broke once she’s dead and gone and doesn’t have to deal with the problem.

  4. Farmboy

    Still didn’t change my vote or my mind. I still think this race is the race between the Giant Douch and the Turd Sandwich. But if I had to make some predictions here they are. First Romney will win the three electoral votes from Montana, all three, and I think there is a good chance he will win the Presidnecy. I think its is going to be a real horse race between Tester and Rehberg, but I think Tester will pull it out, but by the skin of his teeth. Daines is going to hands down beat Gillian, its not going to be pretty. Bullock is going to beat Hill. Bucy will beat Fox. McCullcoh will beat Johnson by alot. Lindeen will beat Skees by alot. And Jueanu will beat whomever she is running against by alot as well. These are my predictions.

  5. larry kurtz

    Thank a Democrat today. BREAKING: Nasdaq-100 index closes at highest level since December 2000 RT @BloombergNews

  6. Tucker Max

    Don’t take this wrong, I’m as liberal as the next guy, but she is so OLD! Couldn’t we have come up with a better and more appealing candidate than Kim Gillan to go against Daines?

    1. lisa o'conner

      Don’t take this wrong? You have got to be kidding. I think it’s great to have experience in our elected officials.

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