Top GOP Official Suspects Obama was “Foreign Exchange Student”

More birther nonsense from the Montana GOP leadership this week, under a new iteration.

The GOP House Majority Leader, Tom McGillvray, tweeted this week (from his official Twitter account) that President Obama must release his college records so as to prove that he was not a “foreign exchange student” while he studied at Columbia and Harvard.

I’m sure that Billings residents will be encouraged to know that their state representative is hard at work, tending to important matters.

McGillvray, by the way, is the nutjob who introduced a bill in the Montana legislature in 2011 that would have made divorce illegal unless the couple had gone through state-mandated marital therapy.

So his tweet, actually, is nothing out of the ordinary.


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  1. Seems like two questions that would be easy to answer.

  2. Ingemar Johansson | September 6, 2012 9:14 AM at 9:14 AM |

    Forget the college transcripts.

    We got a picture of him with Karl Marx.

    • Ingy Jo, it looks like the Dems forgot a few other things:

      Atheists bummed by Democrats’ God flip
      God has returned to the Democratic Party platform, a move some atheists say is a step backward in tolerance for nonbelievers.

      “We’re disappointed,” Teresa MacBain, spokeswoman for American Atheists, told POLITICO. “What appeared to be a bold move by the Democrats to be inclusive has been pulled away. It sends a mixed message. Many, many people who are nonbelievers fall in the lines of the Democrats.”

      The party was criticized for removing “God” and “Jerusalem” from its platform. It reversed the decision earlier Wednesday to reflect President Barack Obama’s views.

      Republicans, not to mention some Democrats, had criticized the party for removing the language. GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan told Fox News on Wednesday morning that Democrats had “purged” the language from the platform.

      “It’s not in keeping with our founding documents, our founding vision,” Ryan said. “I’d guess you’d have to ask the Obama administration why they purged all this language from their platform.”

      But Lauren Anderson Youngblood, spokeswoman for the Secular Coalition for America, told POLITICO that America’s founding fathers wanted separation of church and state.

      “This is one of our core founding principles — the idea of separating religion and government,” she said.

      Other atheists were equally critical of the reversal.

      “Belief in God is a personal choice and there’s no reason to include reference to one faith or one system of belief in a platform designed to represent a large, far-from-monolithic party,” Hemant Mehta, aka Friendly Atheist, wrote on his Patheos blog. “What a mess.”

      • Oh my!!!! The Dems seeming to have forgotten that people of faith vote, those pesky rascals booed the very mention of God:

        • Ingemar Johansson | September 6, 2012 9:51 AM at 9:51 AM |

          Wheels are coming off.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 11:59 AM at 11:59 AM |

            Right you are! Off christoFASCism! Look, Ingy, ONLY the Pubbies are crass enough to make Christianity stink! But by GOD you guys did’er! Great job, browny!

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 12:17 PM at 12:17 PM |

              Now might be a good time to paraphrase a true saint, Ghandi:

              “I like your Christ, but your fundiwackmentalist reetarded Teatarded christofascist peckerwooded Southern Batshit followers of Christ are INBRED MORONS!”

              That was a paraphras of course, and I updated it for Mahatma free of charge since he is no longer here to do it himself!

              You see, Ingy, as I TRIED to explain to lil’ ricky, something un-friggin’-PRECEDENTED has happened in the country! Something amazing! Something GREAT! NEVER, as in NEVER before has a group of slimey shizerbag psuedo christians managed to ANGER Americans so thoroughly that a MAJOR party has had ENUFF of their bullshit to call them OUT at a convention and reBUFF their stupid redneck asses!

              And you wanna know sumthing? I’M LUVIN’ IT! It’s about TIME that these inbred, ignernt, Southern Batshit racist fat lazy peckerwooded trailer trash braindead crackers JOINED the twenty-first century and STOPPED their institutionalized HATRED and RACISM!

              That’s all.

              What say you, Ingy? Is that cogent or what?

          • Ingemar, you are correct. There are many people of the Christian faith in the Democrat party. This change really made the Kennedy-type-Democrats upset.

            Larry “Tourette’s Syndrome” Ranger and others like him believe that citizens should only believe in government and the only allowable religion is atheism.

            Here is a quandry for you, Larry TS Ranger: Since God does not believe in atheists do they exist?!

          • Worse than that, it appears the Dems have to make stuff up just to have a convention:

            CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We heard a number of dubious or misleading claims on the first night of the Democratic National Convention:

            The keynote speaker and others claimed the Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, would raise taxes on the “middle class.” He has promised he won’t. Democrats base their claim on a study that doesn’t necessarily lead to that conclusion.
            The keynote speaker, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, also said there have been 4.5 million “new jobs” under Obama. The fact is the economy has regained only 4 million of the 4.3 million jobs lost since Obama took office.
            Castro also insisted Romney and Ryan would “gut” Pell Grants for lower-income college students. Actually, the Ryan budget calls only for “limiting the growth” of spending for the program, and Ryan has said the maximum grant of $5,550 would not be decreased.
            A Democratic governor said Romney “left his state 47th out of 50 in job growth.” Actually, Massachusetts went from 50th in job creation during Romney’s first year to 28th in his final year.
            Two advocates of equal-pay legislation said women make 77 cents for every dollar men earn. That’s true on average, but the gap for women doing the same work as men is much less, and not entirely or even mostly the result of job discrimination.
            A union president accused Romney of seeking “a government bailout” for “his company.” Not really. In fact, Romney negotiated a favorable but routine settlement with bank regulators on behalf of a former company, the one he had left to form his own Bain Capital firm. No taxpayer funds were involved.
            Multiple speakers repeated a claim that the Ryan/Romney Medicare plan would cost seniors $6,400 a year. That’s a figure that applied to Ryan’s 2011 budget plan, but his current proposal (the one Romney embraces) is far more generous. The Congressional Budget Office says it “may” lead to higher costs for beneficiaries, but it can’t estimate how much.
            In prepared remarks released to reporters, Rep. James Clyburn engaged in partisan myth-making with the claim “Democrats created Social Security” while Republicans “cursed the darkness.” History records strong bipartisan support in both House and Senate for the measure President Roosevelt signed in 1935.

  3. Just because someone asks a question does not mean that they suspect something. Oh wait, this must be the “satire” part of the Cowgirl’s blog.

    One could ask if the Cowgirls are really paid by the Montana Democratic Party to run this blog. I suspect the answer is no, but it would make for a nice rumor.

    • She can’t possibly be paid by the Democratic party, she doesn’t forcibly control the ideas that are posted/passed here … like when the party was passing the amendment to the Democratic platform … I just want to know if Cowgirl looks like the caricature on the title page to the blog :) … I bet she does.

  4. Indictments for W and the Dick, Cheney are in the hopper: perfect October surprise! Urge Congress to extradite these war criminals to the Hague.

    • I don’t think that prosecuting Bush and Cheney will fill the hole in your soul that hate burned there … but good luck and keep on cooking.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 1:12 PM at 1:12 PM |

        ANOTHER GIFT FROM GOD for you, little fella! I mean, LOOK at the size of this gift! God must really, really LOVE us! GET IN HER BELLY!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 1:14 PM at 1:14 PM |

        Hey, d, it’s OK to hate evil, dude. It’s what we true christians do! You should TRY it some time!

        • I wouldn’t presume to say what you should hate there, tough guy … but I think that Christians are told not hate anyone or anything.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 1:38 PM at 1:38 PM |

            Tough guy? Me? No. The Lord is my shepherd and I fear no DIPSHITS!

            btw, I’m thinkin’ that maybe you MISSED Proverbs 8:13. In fact, I’m THINKIN’ that you’re an uneducated MORON!

            Wanna play Bible quotes again?

            13“The fear of the LORD is to hate evil;
            Pride and arrogance and the evil way
            And the perverted mouth, I hate.

            • Thanks, but I’ll pass … and I wasn’t quoting the Bible before, and I wouldn’t last long if I tried.

              I’m trying to say something along the lines of “hate the sin, not the sinner” … you can hate evil, but it’s a concept … it’s a temptation that you can hate. Hating Bush and Cheney isn’t Christian ergo you’re not being a good Christian if you hate those men … I feel stupid having to tell you this, since your such a Biblical student.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 3:58 PM at 3:58 PM |

                Ya don’t get’ta make it UP as you go, cupcake. Show me some Biblical justification for your nonsense. The ONLY place I see “hate the sin but not the sinner” is from rightwing Southern Batshit backwoods preacher hacks talking about homosexuality. And I KNOW that that is exactly where you heard it! Right? Admit it now, for lying is breaking a Commandment!

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 4:01 PM at 4:01 PM |

                  My favorite Peckerwood Preacher! A true Southern Batshit crazy inbred cracker from Crackerville, Ark! Go Brian!


                • I’m not making this up as I go along, but I don’t have that quote from the Bible either … it’s implied from the Bible though.

                  Separately, what’s wrong with “hate the sin and not the sinner”? It’s constructive and inspiring than the vile spew that I’ve come to expect from you, Larry … I mean it’s a nice generous expression … even if it’s an interpretation from the Bible. Also, it’s not exactly an uncommon expression/lesson derived from the Bible. It’s been in enough sermons to become a cliche.

                  • The revised Christo-Fascist Sermon On The Mount. And Jesus said: “Your poverty disgusts me. Get a job, you losers.”

                    Color: blue on sand.

                    • uhhh What? … where is this coming from?

                      but as long as you bring it up, I wish, like everyone, that Obama didn’t fail ridiculously during his term. I wish that there were jobs for more people … but if we can agree to get rid of Obama, we can improve upon the situation for the poor and/or unemployed. … and also stop the f’n catestrophic hemoraging country-killing debt.

                      BTW Jesus wouldn’t speak so crassly to or about the people who serve him.

                    • The debt forces a cheaper dollar so that the Arms Dealer to the World can sell advanced weapons to the Saudis as they sell their old stuff to Iran, Syria, and worse.

                      Give it up, earth hater.

                    • I’m sorry but, are you stating an axiom of evil [that just came to me :) ] … so crushing debt is good, according to you – according to me?

                      I love the earth. I don’t like Iran or Syria. I don’t want to see Iran and Syria get weapons, which they’ll use on their own people.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 7, 2012 12:04 PM at 12:04 PM |

                      Oh, d, you’re just SO pround!………..
                      profoundly STOOPID!

                      You are being homeskuled as we speak, aren’t you? You and lil’ ricky post here as a homework assignment. If not, you dudes are in SERIOUS mental shape! Retardation comes to mind.

                      For the record, d, highest grade level achieved. Home skule, right?

                      For the record, list ONE accomplishment in your life! I know it’s hard, but even at fourteen you’ve done sumthin’, right? Protested at the abortion clinic? Pray at the pole?? Went to a Downpour concert?

                      What, little dude? What?


                    • We know when Larry has exhausted all of his talking points, when he goes to the shameful dulard personal attacks. You’ve got nothing, Larry.

    • Just as soon as President Obama closes GITMO…

  5. Barack Obama graduated from Punahoe H.S. in Hawaii. When Hawaii was a state. How can he be an foreign exchange student from Hawaii?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 12:24 PM at 12:24 PM |

      Please, don’t confuse Tiny Tommy. The man looks retarded.

    • This has nothing to do with his birth certificate, therefore it is not a “birther” issue.

      First you must meet Barry Soetoro. Stanley Ann Dunham’s (Barack’s Mom) second husband was an Indonesian man with the last name of Soetoro. He adopted young Barry when they all lived in Indonesia.

      According to a classmate at Columbia, Barry was accepted and enrolled as a foreign student. We may never know because those records have been locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 1:39 PM at 1:39 PM |

    Are there really no inbreds out there who are not morons? This latest batch are just too easy!

  7. Birtherism is just a variety of racism, an when it comes dirty from party leadership, well let’s just say they are desperate to shift attention elsewhere.

  8. Idaho Republican frightened for his party: Idaho Statesman.

  9. All stock indices at new highs follow last nights DNC addresses: NYT.

  10. Agreed, Larry. After last night it became obvious that BHO was not going to get another term. Clinton was being more than a bit passive agressive!

    The policies of Romney/Ryan will be good for business, Wall Street, and stockholders. A Romney/Ryan presidency is being embraced by Wall Street. “After all, the chief business of the American people is business.” -Calvin Coolidge

    • You write like someone who is up to his areolae in debt and hope that holy war will allow you to charge it off. Typical earth hater: rape now, pay never.

    • Rick, that would actually make sense if Wall Street had boomed following the speech by Ryan or Rmoney.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 3:49 PM at 3:49 PM |

      Hey, lil’ ricky, from surplus to shit!



      I’m beginning to think that you’re not quite all there! You STILL can’t answer the question. What was your highest grade level achieved? You’re outta your league here, mr. talking point! And it’s painfully obvious! There are some real educated folks here, and you’re not one of them!

      • Larry Tourette’s Syndrome Ranger, aren’t Bill Clinton’s serial indiscretions which lead to his impeachment and Teddy’s Chappaquiddick incident more indicitive of the the war on women from the left? Speaking of treating women with respect, when are John Edwards and Al Gore going to speak at the Democrat National Convention?

  11. More good news for the President:

    The 92% of AIG the government owned after the massive cash infusion raised the ire of more than a few Americans, and still does. But here’s the thing — it turns out the Treasury’s investment has been performing pretty darn well these days. Motley Fool

  12. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 6, 2012 6:51 PM at 6:51 PM |

    WHAT THE HELL? What happened to the speeches? They aren’t televising the speeches at

    Anybody able to hear Scwheitzer? What a bunch-o-shit!

  13. There is nothing tighter than Rick Dow’s mind.

  14. The college transcripts issue isn’t the same as birtherism. It’s thought that because of the Bakke decision (Supreme Court), Obama probably listed his birthplace as Kenya to get admission into college despite being a self-admitted druggie in high school.

    Here’s the data, with the dude who wrote it saying specifically he beleives obama was born in hawaii –

    Bakke decision and Obama

  15. Ingemar Johansson | September 6, 2012 8:38 PM at 8:38 PM |

    Anybody check?

    Is it raining in Charlotte yet?

  16. Anybody who supports Ryan/Romney is either one of the 1% or dumber than a post.

    • Anybody who supports Obama is either receiving entitlements or dumber than a post.

      • That was likely one of the most ignorant statements made in a comment on this blog in a long time. Since I am not “receiving entitlements”, you are calling me “dumber than a post”, and I take a great deal of exception to that. You, sir, are an idiot.

        • Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment are INSURANCE Policies all of us making 110,000 or less per year pay into. The Real FREE LOADERS are those making over 250,000 and abusing the tax code for their own benefit.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 10, 2012 3:50 PM at 3:50 PM |

            Well OK then. If Mittens says it settled, it’s settled! Mittens has a sure fire method to END the debate over abortion…..bhwhahahahaha!

            What a friggin’ BUFFOON these Pubbies asshats are!


          • That’s crazy! If you’re making over 250k, your paying a huge amount of taxes … and you’re begruding them not paying more … you should be grateful that they’re paying for the majority of the governmental services that they receive little benefit from. … I can’t fathom how you could come up with these crack-head things to say.

            • D, I have sympathy for you simply because it’s obvious that you’re in way over your head here. Go to this website, and read all 4 pages, please. Learn something before you call someone else a crackhead. For instance, 40% of federal revenue comes from payroll taxes, which just as Lynn said are paid by those earning less than $110,000. That pays for Medicare (Hand Human Services, the largest expenditure of the Federal government, if you ignore black money discretionary defense spending) and Social Security, the second largest expenditure of the Federal government (if you ignore black money discretionary defense spending.) Notice, we pay those, but people making over $225,000/yr still get to claim benefit from them.

              What should be obvious to you, but isn’t, is that the people who really pay the lion’s share of their income for the benefit of all, including the rich, are the middle income workers, those of us making between $35,000 personal and $100,000 family income a year. We pay a comparatively high percentage of income tax and a higher percentage of payroll tax.

              Your ignorant caterwauling would have people like me, and presumably you, put a higher burden on those without the ability to pay so that the richer above us can get the same benefits without the pesky obligation of paying for them.

              D, you have passion, but you are pig-ignorant. You might want to educate yourself just a little.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 11, 2012 3:38 PM at 3:38 PM |

                You have the patience of Job!

              • Wow … well Thank you? for having the patience to talk about this with someone that isn’t drunk on the Koolaid that you sell.

                The personal income tax is the greatest percentage of the tax revenue … that’s from your study. And I hope that we can agree that this is disproportionately from higher earning individuals.

                Payroll taxes are also a percentage of income, even if it is a fixed percentage up to $108k. So the wealthier are paying more than the middle income. … and BTW, your not suggesting that if you make 250k you’re not paying this right? Just checking. They are paying the 108k rate on their income.

                Medicare and Social Security are (supposed to be) programs which you pay into for a life time and receive the money/benefits from when you need it, when you’re old. The rich are not getting any greater benefit, they’re getting what they put in.

                You say, “We pay a comparatively high percentage of income tax and a higher percentage of payroll tax.” … um, that’s not true. In fact it’s the opposite. Romney might pay 13% tax on his investment income, which is taxed for the second time, but that’s not the >250k income group. Average tax rate for all income groups 11.1% rate. The top 5% is 20.5% rate. Lower quartile (25% – 50%) is average 5.6% rate.

                The top income brackets are not getting any benefit from welfare, or medicaid, or housing bailouts, or entitlements … which are consumed by the bottom income brackets … who by the way pay no taxes.

                The rich pay a disproportionate amount of the tax revenue … one rich guy could pay 100 times or more, the tax dollars received from one middle income guy … suggesting that they are “free loaders” is nuts.

                If you wanted to argue that the rich should be obligated to pay a greater share, since they have benefited from the freedom of this country, or some other nonsense socialist bunk, that would at least be an argument … rather than this self-serving shell game with the tax revenue figures.

        • Don’t get your panties in a twist. It was obviously just a counter to the previous post … and so since I’m not a 1 percenter, I must be as dumb as a post … which I take exception to.

      • D, good one. Remember they can dish it out but they can’t take it.

        • You are absolutely right, Irwin. I simply cannot stomach the fear, willful ignorance and complete stupidity of people like you and “D”.

          • Come on Kenny … I’ve come to expect more from you.

            Fear? What are we scared of … aside from worse unemployment, more debt, and growing entitlements?

            Willful ignorance? How exactly does that work? Not agreeing with you is a natural order of things when your that wrong.

            Complete stupidity? I get this from Larry when his arguements start sinking.

            • Uhhhmmm, unemployment is going down. More debt? Are you deeper in debt? If so, it’s your own choice. You’re not paying more to reduce the national debt, are you? Your taxes are lower under Obama, so if you’re deeper in debt, it’s your own damned fault. I’ve already pointed out to you that you know nothing of ‘entitlements’, so you might want to shut up about them at this point.

              I wouldn’t call you willfully ignorant, because you really aren’t that smart. Pig-fucking-ignorant? Absolutely, yes you are. I guess that mean you’re kinda stupid. (See what I did there? I used “you’re” correctly. Try it sometime.)

              • Unemployment is the worst average and longest running over 8% in the history of the country. Obama nightmare #1. If the rate went down it’s partly because people are dropping off of the roles … and of course when the Obama depression was at it’s worst unemployment was >10% … saying that it’s better than 10%, so it’s ok, makes me want to puke.

                I have very little personal debt. What I’m talking about the catastrophic country killing debt of the USA, 16 trillion and climbing. If I’m not paying it down now, I will be, and so will our kids, and their kids.

                You know nothing about ‘entitlements’. I want fewer ‘entitlements’ the way that I’m defining it … which is no Obamacare, etc. I’ll respectfully reject that tax breaks are entitlements, because you say it.

                You’re stupid. … the name calling isn’t really as satisfying as I hoped.

                Sorry for the grammatical mistakes. I’ll work on that. Thanks for the friendly criticism.

  17. What the hell are these idiots thinking. Cue the demise of the Republican party folks. And to think there are Republican elected officials coming on here to defend this garbage. Incredible.

  18. As our Commander-in-Chief said, “I AM the President’ and GM is alive and Osama Bin Laden is dead (is OBL doing better now than he was four years ago, huh? Any comments ‘Dubya’ and Karl Rove?).

    • It’s a nice little slogan … with the damage and debt that Obama has inflicted on the USA, were going to need more than a cute slogan to get out of trouble. … and as much as I’m glad that OBL is dead, it’s not going to change the >8% unemployment rate.

      • Romney etch-a-sketch? More like Slinky cascading down stairs: Maddow.

      • The “damage and debt” inflicted on the US has a hell of a lot more to do with Reagan’s “trickle down” than it does with any president since Reagan. If you had two brain cells to rub together, you would know that. It is also important to note that if the damn Congressional Republicans were do concerned about the >8% unemployment, they would not have blocked the Jobs Act. Once again, you are proving that you are an idiot.

        • Huh?!? … if you’re going to call me an idiot I’m going to instist that you make some sense.

          The damage and debt is all on Obama, tonto. If you wanted to argue that it was unavoidable or that he tried his best or some othe BS like that, that’s fine … I mean it’s wrong and has damaged the country for generations, but at least it’s an arguement that makes sense.

          And you and the rest of the brain trust are constantly whining that it was the blocked Jobs Act, or some other Republican obstruction … blah blah blah … you have to work within the system that is in place. Which is another reason Obama sucks … he can’t work within the system with people that disagree with him. You remind me of the crying kid on the playground that quits when starts losing. … And the congress wasn’t majority Republican in 2008 when the reign of terror started.

          You’re an idiot.

          • I find it interesting that President Obama has been in office for less than four years and yet he has damaged this country for generations.

            I get it… you are a racist, bigoted, Faux News watching, Tea party flag waving moron, incapable of reasoned thought. It is a waste of time arguing with you because you are a waste of oxygen.

            If you do not understand how Reagan’s trickle down economics directly led to the Banking Industry causing the recession of 2007, you are not smart enough to discuss the current economy (or whether Spot can jump for that matter).

            • Yes. 4 years. And in 4 years he put on 5 trillion in debt. And our kids are going to be paying that down.

              Racist? Where’s this coming from? ‘Cause I don’t want Obama in office? That’s not racist. … but you throwing the race card at me is pathetic. You don’t have anything of substance, so you start calling names.

              Waste of oxygen … ouch. That’s just mean. :)

              You making this direct relationship from Reagan to today and the Obama nightmare, is crazy and stupid. Are there any other influences to the current recession, other than the 30 year old successful economic policies?

              Democrats installed regulations to encourage home ownership with banks, which led to many irresponsible people to get into mortgages where they could not support the note, which ultimately led to mass defaults, which caused normally stable mortgage backed securities to rapidly devalue, and major banks with huge MBS positions came into a liquidity crisis, and then bank failures. … this had to do with the 2007 banking crisis more than the tax policy from 30 years ago … hope you can follow this genius

              Not sure about Spot, and if he can jump.

              • Refusing to pay down the national debt and blaming others for pushing it onto his kids? ~Six Trillion dollars.

                Supporting the failed Bush financial policies of ‘costless war’ and unfunded mandates, while pig-ignorantly refusing to attribute those ideologies to St. Reagan? ~ 3 Trillion dollars.

                Ignoring the fact that tax cuts for the rich (trickle down) haven’t worked to recover economy in 30+ years? ~ 2 Trillion dollars.

                Sarcastically calling someone “genius” and forgetting to use a period? – Priceless.

                You are pig-fucking-ignorant, D.

                • You’re a real grammar hound, huh? Well that’s not a bad thing, I guess. However, that refinement hasn’t also made you right, or remotely civil but … I’ll make an effort to include a period at the end of a point.

                  Not sure where to go with your cute VISA commercial.

                  Who failed to pay down the debt? And you wanted to pay down 6 trillion? That’s a lot. It’s also pretty rich considering Obama added 6 trillion, let alone paid any debt off.

                  Bush’s defense spending was huge, but I don’t think the answer is for Obama to double Bush’s spending in half the time.

                  You’re saying that “the tax cuts haven’t worked to recover economy [sic] in 30+ years”. What’s this?!? We have been in recession since 1980?!? … oh wait, no, it’s just been since Obama has been in office … wow, well, this is awkward. Maybe back off of a claim that spans 30+ years.

                  I’ll try to remember the period at the end of my sentence. I can only hope to try to live up to your example Rob.

  19. Stilling polling, the President currently enjoying +6 bounce while his closest contender lost ground since their failed convention: Reuters.

  20. Rasmussen giving the President +8 convention bounce:

    This is the president’s biggest lead over Romney among Likely Voters since March 17. The president has made significant gains among voters aged 40-64. Rasmussen


  21. The GOP dogs of war look more like a pack of cur diving in the dumpsters behind the Golden Corrals of Romneyville feeding on their own aborted young.

    Dionne: Republican disarray and Dem solidarity key to Obama election win. WaPo

  22. Gary Johnson a viable conservative: McClatchyDC

  23. Willard fundraising in free fall, Obama surging:

    Obama outraised Romney $114 million to $111.6 million in August: WaPo</blockquote.

  24. ACA polling at all time high among likely voters: @RasmussenPoll.

    • I wasn’t sure what to expect when I followed the link, but this turned out to be a nice surprise … 50% of the country favors the repeal of Obamacare … that’s great news!! An all time high of 44% isn’t something I would brag about. There’s more hope than I had previously thought … and I’ll hope that dropping down to 50% is just a temporary blip.

      Thanks for the link Larry, I’m going to be following this more closely now.

    • That is a misrepresentation. The question the poll is based on is misleading. It gives the person that choice – repeal or support. It doesn’t give the reader the choice “modify”. When “Keep and modify” is a choice, the majority of those polled favor keep and modify.

      The problem with polls is that you have to actually read the way the poll was conducted to find the true meaning. “D” is obviously incapable of doing that.

      • Maybe they should poll ObamaCare after this sentence.

        • posting a video of a completely wingnut Republican Candidate does not help your argument, Ingy… just saying.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 10, 2012 3:23 PM at 3:23 PM |

            Here’s the one he MEANT to post! You’re welcome in advance, Ingy.

          • Posting that video was rather tacky.

            Here’s the transcript.

            “We’re going to be gifted with a healthcare plan we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don’t, which puportedly covers at least 10 million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a congress that didn’t read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a president who smokes, with funding (laughing & applause) same sentence – with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, for which we will be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted* social security and medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese and (laughing & applause) and financed by a country that’s broke.”

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 10, 2012 4:07 PM at 4:07 PM |

              Ingy, I THINK you missed the punch line! Here, I’ll post it for you.

              “And in SPITE of all this, the Pubbie plan is STILL get sick and die quickly”!

              Thunderous applause and laughter erupt throughout the audience, many of whom have no health care at all!

              • Um no, Larry. Everyone pay for your own healthcare.

                • If the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers was really christian St. Pete’s and the other hospitals in the religion bidness would treat patients just out of love.

                • That’s funny as hell, D. You can’t seem to tell the difference between paying for health care and paying for health insurance.

                  Tell you what. If you want everyone to pay for their own healthcare, than let’s start with federal employees, specifically the Congress (good idea) and US military personnel (extremely bad idea.) Of course, since the standing military is dictated by the Constitution and is all volunteer, given the obvious risk of injury and the enormous cost of treatment, we’d have to pay soldiers several hundred thousand dollars a year to encourage enlistment. What, that isn’t what you want? (It’s called a Reductio ad Absurdem argument. It shows the absurd consequences of your dictate. Educate yourself, D.)

                  Or, what you really meant is that everyone should have to pay for their own health insurance. After all, every single human in this country will need health care, either by accident or illness. And only the very rich can afford it out of pocket. Denying that to everyone else because they can’t afford insurance is exactly the Republicant program of ‘get sick and die quick’. If you really want everyone to have to pay for their own insurance, then you should be a *HUGE* fan of Obamcare. Because that’s exactly what it dictates.

                  • The military I would make an exception for. Especially the combat military. If you risk your life in combat for this country then I will support you at a minimum for the wounds that you suffered. But, everyone else in the country does not get this benefit.

                    Everyone else needs to pay for their healthcare. I’m not saying they need to pay the out-of-pocket rates … everyone should pay the normal insurance rates that I pay now. I want competitive insurance companies. I do not want one government run system. I do not want to be pooled with millions of people who will not pay, so that my premiums are spread out to cover everyone. Healthcare quality will crash. Service will crash. And this nightmare has already played out in front of us several times before in countries all over the world. (I also want the chance to reduce my rate if my health is better but this may be another debate.)

                    • What you want is exactly what the ACA calls for. Educate yourself, you ignorant moron.

                    • No it’s not. Educate yourself, you ignorant moron.

                    • So D, please explain to those of us less educated than you, what exactly is the difference between what you’ve described and what’s in the ACA?

                    • Okay people, let me educate you. Just so you know D is my boyfriend. First of all the Va or military health care is not free to all! If you have money you will have to pay something, so there that is. And the quality is not that great either. I know this because both my parents are/were patients of the VA. As for Obama Care or ACA…this program is so stupid and if you actual knew anything about it you would know that. Obama care requires that each state sets up a state funded pool of people who do not elect to take health care with their employer or who are unemployed and refuses to pay for health care. You can get a policy for health right now for $130 a month. Not perfect but better than what you get with Obama care. The truth is people just don’t want to pay for health care; they want me and my boss to pay for it with our premiums. It’s a fact. As more people are un-insurance and doctors and hospitals have to recoup their costs they raise their prices therefore, so does the insurance companies. Okay back to the crappy Obamacare system. So the state comes up with a system that basically boils down to the people being put in a pool that dedicates which emergency room they can go to even if it’s an emergency, they would still have to go to a free hospital. So how is this better for them? And the main problem with this is how this is being funded…by my boss and the expense of the elderly. If an employee is not insured through the company policy that she pays 70% of, then she is then taxed for each employee. Medicare is reduced, so people who have worked their whole life and paying into a system that will now give them limited benefits and reduced resources of doctors because they don’t want to deal with the Medicare system. And all of this is for people who are capable and able to work to pay for health insurance but don’t so they can drive a better car. And at the end of the day, they may or may not need the insurance. But I can guarantee you that the elderly on Medicare actually do need to health care. This is nothing more than a way for government to tax us once more and give us nothing return. Have you read the bill? Or do you just let the media tell you what to think about Obama care? Please!

                    • j, you don’t get the option of telling people what they must spend their money on, unless you choose to vote for politicians who can. Obamacare exactly requires that people pay for their own health insurance, or pass that burden onto the rest of us and get charged for it. You are calling for exactly what Obamacare requires, and you think the rest of us are uninformed?

                      Your boytoy tries that as well. He tells me that I don’t know what is clearly verifiable. You do the same. Since neither of you actually identify yourselves, how is anyone else to know that you and D aren’t the same person? Frankly, I think you are. And it is the cheapest of manipulation to claim that your ‘girlfriend-ship’ matters one fricking iota to the discussion. Though I do laugh at the idea that D is his own girl-toy …

          • Making up different polls, with different results doesn’t help your arguement Kenny. Just sayin’

            • I didn’t “make up” different polls, I simply pointed out where the poll you quoted was flawed. If you are too stupid to tell the different, there is no hope what so ever for you. You better crawl back under that slimy rock and stop making conservatives look like ignorant idiots.

              • Slimy rock … sheesh.

                Sorry that I’m making you respond with valid points.

                When you “point out” that you think a poll is flawed, and don’t support it with anything other than your opinion (which I suggest is less rock solid than the pollsters Rasmussen) … you’re making stuff up. Sorry.

                • Logic is a more sound foundation than ‘polling’ That’s what Kenneth Kailey used. You come up with accusations that are slimy and call them ‘valid points’. They aren’t. You are pig-ignorant. Educate yourself.

                  • Wow, is this the verdict from the crazy court?

                    I’m sorry, but I’m going to need more than Kenny’s say so … I’m not saying that polls are rock solid, but there is some kind of objectivity implied … with Kenny’s logic, not so much.

                    I try to let you guys classify my points as valid.

                    You’re pig-ignorant. Educate yourself.

                  • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 12, 2012 7:15 PM at 7:15 PM |

                    Hey, Kockh brothers, I HOPE like hell you’re paying this guy MERIT pay!


                    You ain’t a’gonna make much with THIS shit, simpleton!

                    I really, really get a kick outta the reetards that show up here and try to debate. It’s fun to see just HOW stoopid they really are! Thanks for doing that, d. It provides my humor for the day!


      • Whatever … I’m just reading the results. And 50% of people want to repeal it … and that’s exactly what I want to happen too. No modification. Tear the whole thing out.

  25. Obama support firming:

    Swing State Daily Tracking: #Obama 46%, #Romney 45% RT @RasmussenPoll

  26. CNN poll finds Gary Johnson’s inclusion, along with the Green Party’s candidate Jill Stein, hurts Republican candidate Mitt Romney more than it does President Barack Obama.

  27. Visibly horrified at his party’s struggling nominee, Willard Romney, Sen. McCain tweeted, “Just watched an excellent and moving stmt by Sec. Clinton- just the right message and tone.”

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