Former Republican Leader, State ALEC Chair Jailed

The former House Republican Minority Whip of the Montana Legislature, Dennis Himmelberger, is in jail.

The Billings Gazette reported today that Himmelberger was sentenced to jail for contempt of court after he refused to refund the rental security deposit of a 93-year-old tenant.

The elderly woman’s family took the case to small claims court. After it was revealed that his lease contained an illegal provision,  Himmelberger had at first agreed to pay the woman $2,200 in a settlement.  However, he later refused to pay.  When Himmelberger showed up in court without the payment and any of the financial records the court required him to produce…well, he was sentenced to jail for contempt.

Himmelberger is the former Montana state chair of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council.  ALEC, as Cowgirl readers well know, is the out-of-state corporate-funded organization that brings global corporations and state politicians together behind closed doors to try to rewrite state laws.  ALEC was found to be behind several of the worst bills brought forward by Montana Republicans in the last legislative session. 

Posted: September 7, 2012 at 12:37 pm

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94 thoughts on “Former Republican Leader, State ALEC Chair Jailed

    1. Nathan Hunter

      Party has nothing o do with it. With Anthony Weiner and moral giants like John Edwards, I don’t think throwing stones and blaming a party for a holes is very intelligent. Are all dems cheating womanizing lying a holes? Hmmm?

      1. Michael Heynz

        Yeh, right. Want to compare oranges to apples? Why not go google for a comparison to this *10* year list of Republican child molesters, rapists, frauds, thieves, everything under the sun.
        I’ve searched for a comparison to weigh the two groups and there simply isn’t one. Go google it yourself. There are democratic criminals, but Republicans have a CULTURE of criminal activity that is HORRIFIC. I suggest keeping all children away from all republicans lest they be bagged and tagged by the most corrupt party in modern history

    2. Nathan Hunter

      With Anthony Weiner and moral giants like John Edwards, I don’t think throwing stones and blaming a party for a holes is very intelligent. Are all dems Ofbthis character too?

  1. Dan T.

    Himmelberger was just doing what Republicans do best–sticking it to seniors for every penny they can. Look at the Romney plan to end Medicare as we know it–that will cost every senior in MT TEN TIMES what this jerk Himmelberger attempted to do to this senior.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    HEY, he’s just another Pubbie clint eastwood. “Go ahead, 92 yr. old lady, make my day”!

    And guess what? SHE DID! Guess she was feelin’ lucky!


    Hey, Hummerburger, better shave off that beard before you go in the big house! You know what they say bout beards in prison!


    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      I don’t think that even SOAP ON A ROPE will save him with that beard! Who knows? He just might come out a changed man! He MIGHT just understand gay marriage after all after his “experiences” bonding with mintorees in the crow bar hotel! HEY, life happens……..IN SPADES in the hoosegow!


      Pubbies, they like the crime but don’t like the time! And you know what I say to that. TUFF NOOGIES!


      Pubbies. Always good for a free laff!

            1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

              Me SPUDS are boilin’! Not really, my loins are diseased!

              Hey, Hopey Changey, PLEASE all you prayer warriors save your imprecatory prayers for someone who CARES!….and believes! Last time you morons prayed outside my house I was constipated for a week! And that ain’t very christian of you. You should FORGIVE me! For I admit that I’m a sinner! You morons don’t!

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    p.s. Seems that Hummerburger BRAGGED about not paying taxes for two years. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

    Like my old pal Billy says, “When the age is in the wit is out”!


    Get it? When the age is in the wit is out! (I resemble that remark!)

    1. Grandma Jeanie

      Really? Do you have a link to this? I had heard that Himmelberger was on Rick Hill’s er…short list..for Lt. Gov.

      1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

        Just the word on the streets. He apparently ADMITTED that he had not paid his taxes for two years from what I heard. I have no link, but I will search. Maybe it’s true, maybe it isn’t.

        1. Grandma Jeanie

          I’d believe it if there was a link. If not, I’m going to have to disregard it like I do anything else with no proof.

  4. Farmboy

    I remember one time several years ago when this guy was on Voices of Montana with David Berg, or as it was called back then Berg in the Morning. He would not answer a question on the state budget as done by Judy Martz. Btw what ever happened to his buddy David Berg?

  5. Drifter

    Contempt of court; contempt of the Governor; contempt of the President; contempt of liberals; contempt of women; contempt of people who way taxes…the man reeks of contempt. A word of advice for you slumlords out there: You are subject to the Montana Landlord and Tenant Act. Read it and weep…or have someone read it to you.

  6. Observer

    Just another day in the life of a top Montana GOP-er. Nothing to see here folks. Move along, move along.

  7. Tragic City

    Keep it classy Rep. Himmelberger, cheating a 92-year-old woman out of her $600 rental deposit. Way to slum-lord it up. This guy also owns Himmelberger Brewing Company in Billings, so you may want to get your beer fix elsewhere.

  8. Hi-Liner

    What’s next, taking candy from a baby? Pushing old ladies in front of moving buses? This guy is a piece of work.

  9. Nathan Hunter

    This was my grandmother and this guy is a loser. However, there are as many loser libs as there are cons and being an A hole is not party specific. Personally Obama is a joke as far as I am concerned.

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Source please….


      If ya wanna post here, you’d better bring some FACTS in hand, dude! Are we simply supposed to take your WORD that there are as many loser libs? You’re kinda talkin’ out your rectum there, fella.

        1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

          Poor Mittens could go to Nam ’cause he was a “minister of religion”!! Yeah RIGHT!

          Things start getting REAL weird when folks think that they are gods! Happens every time! Time for a Koloboscopy! Time to shove that ol’ camera right up Mitten’s pooper to see just how weird this dude is!

  10. larry kurtz

    LK, the stories of GOP subterfuge keep writing themselves:

    1865-1967: 29 laws passed in the US restricting voting. 2011-2012: 25 laws restricting voting were passed.” Source


  11. Ben Tully

    It’s really worth reading the Gazette comments to this article. There are a couple of commenters who defend this guy over and over saying the same comment–what a “nice guy” Himmelberger is and what “great contributions” he’s made to the world of brewing. Really terrible defense.

      1. lisa o'conner

        What’s the full story? This guy does seem like a real jerk. From the comments on the Gazette website “defending” Himmelberger, it sounds like his refusing deposits was standard operating procedure for this guy.

  12. Nathan Hunter

    Ok, you asked. 1. Corzine and MF Global hiding or losing millions of dollars.

    Local Cleveland politicians serving 28 years for corruption with construction deals. FBI full investigation .

    Under Kennethn Starr 15 people convicted of more than over 40 crimes.

    LOL yes, Illinois cannot elect a Democratic without being convicted.

    Oh Kwame Patrick of Detroit busted for Tax evasion and Fraud.

    Here is a winner for you. Anthony
    Weiner tweets pictures to an underaged girl . Excellent.

    Oh what is in your pants? Oh. Secret classified documents.

    Lets not forge about your VP candidate whom was such a man of high moral character. John Edwards!

    Now, I sourced some losers for you. And they were from legit cases and courts of law. Your lack of knowledge is only part of the problem. It’s your attitude of superiority that reflects typical liberals.

    Here is a list of things under Clinton.

    1. Kenneth Kailey

      Ben, you are an idiot. Most of the people who comment here (with the possible exception of the nutcase rightwingers that have started commenting here recently) are from Montana. Further, not everyone that comments here are either liberal/left/Democrats. I have made it clear since I started posting here years ago that I am not a Democrat or a left leaning person. The only reason that I support some of the Democrats today is that the party I voted for decades have lost their damn minds. When rationality, morality, and reason return to the party of Lincoln, I will start voting “R” again.

      As far as Gary Johnson is concerned, I will be surprised if he gets more than 10% of the vote in November. Moreover, the vote he will probably pull is likely to hurt the Republicans more than the Democrats.

        1. Nathan Hunter

          Yeah, and that was why I did say specifically we can’t judge one party on the basis of one jerk. People in power can and do often abuse it. Lastly, Montana is doing well comparatively though and Himmelberger is pretty slick. Seriously, he was very smart on using the courts. He likely fooled everyone. You know what he did? He actually hugged my Grandmother and said he would send the check, instead he sent her a bill for a fraudulent cleaning company! My grandma was letting a cat sleep in her garage on a warm blanket and she would plug it in , the blanket was electric, so it would be warm. Dennis would unplug it!

          1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

            A REAL LIVE WING DING WINGER! Natey old boy, PUUUHLEEEEZE enlighten us as to just WHAT the wingnuts have done for the country! You see, Natey, conservative means STOOPID! That’s all. Sorry to be so blunt.

            What is it about nutiness, OOPS, I mean consveratism that you like? Be specific now. Any New Deals from conservatives??? Conservatives are losers.

            1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

              BTW, Natey, the last legislative session was about as “conservative” as it gets. Anything you liked about it? Be specific now.

            2. Nathan Hunter

              John Kasich has turned Ohio around in many positive ways. Go look at what he did . Look at what Nitch Daniels did in Indiana and Wisconsin, they have improved dramatically. Here are the top run states. Most are conservative ones.

              Larry you are a condescending person and full of yourself so I will not waste much time on you. Others can see you how you do I ate everything here. I am not in Montana but my family is.

          2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

            “Yeah, and that was why I did say specifically we can’t judge one party on the basis of one jerk.”

            At this point I really must ask just how old you are and what is your education level? For you see, the Pubbies are insane! And that ain’t just me sayin’ it. It’s former PUBBIES!

            Hence, I suspect that you are quite young and have led a very, very sheltered existence up to this point. For you have NO sense of history! HEY, there actually WAS a country before the fat boy Flush Blimpaugh came on the scene, dude.

            1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

              Here, Natey, I’ll make is as SIMPLE for you as I can. Get your google on, dude.

              WHERE is the great rightwing art and literature from history? They great authors, poets, artists, etc? Can you do it, Nate? Aynus Rant maybe? Who? Who? Who? Jesus? And the Bible?

              Hint. THERE ARE NONE! Rightwinger are morons! Always have been. And you’d know this if you had ANY inkling of history, dude.

              You lose already.

                1. Nathan Hunter

                  Is it just me or are you blind to all the things I have posted here. I don’t really build my confidence up by posting on a blog. Your comment about a sheltered existence. Is interesting. Where exactly have you lived your entire life yourself? And what is your occupation.? You post so much you must be retired?

                    1. Nathan Hunter

                      I am not going to some YouTube video. I am and gave demonstrated things based on facts. You have not. You simply filled space with vague and non specific statements similar to that of a 19 year old coming home from college thinking he is smart.

                    2. Rick Dow

                      Nathan Hunter don’t be defensive. This is Larry Court Jester Ranger. He is actually quite amusing. When he tries to intimidate you, take it as a compliment. That means he can’t debate you, therefore you are a threat to his cloistered world views.

              1. Nathan Hunter

                Artsists and historians? Just pull your head out of your ass and get some air. CA is full artists and liberals and WOW, CA is going into te toilet financially. You see, liberals like you make silly non fact bases arguments but pretend to be smart. Illinois is way left and IT is in the toilet financially. I am sorry Larry, but the world is bigger then the little pond you live in.

                Honestly, They don’t create jobs. BTW who do you work for? Do you work for an artist?

                Artists though depend upon the market forces of supply and demand, and the Artist must compete with others. There are many BROKE artists and usually the work is more valuable after they after they die.

                1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                  WOOOSH! Right over you head AGAIN, Natey! Name ONE, just ONE, only ONE great rightwing author or dramatist from history! And sadly, oh so sadly, you couldn’t DO it!

                  For there are none! You see, little fella, being conservative means being an intellectual midget! And great writers are NOT intellectual midgets! BTW, it has NOTHING to do with how much money they make! MOST of the great writers throughout history were dead BROKE! Unless of course they had benefactors!

                  Once again we’re treated to your farting as argument. This is sad. WHERE is the nazi Mark Twain? John Steinbeck? Ernest Hemmingway? Huh? Huh? Huh? Aynus Rant maybe?…..bwhahahahahahahahahahhahahaaaa!

                  Give it another try.

              2. Nathan Hunter

                Larry, here are two. William Faulkner was a conservative. He won the nobel prize in literature.

                Here is another nobel prize winner. Friederich Hayek. He was a major economist and intellectual.


                The greatest of conservative authors may surprise you but Thomas Jefferson was conservative. He did not feel the federal government should be anywhere near the size it is now. You support a government which is expanding its power and reach into our lives. You feel this is necessary for freedom. What does Jefferson say?

                In fact, read this quote,”Liberty has never come from Government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it.”

                CHILD PLEASE, wake up out of your blind stooper. I posted merely to tell you, artists are great, and writers are important, and influential, but they are not what will turn our country around. Artists depend on those who have a life that allows them to appreciate art. Conservatives have and do contribute art, but you just wouldn’t know it or ackno

                So, here you are telling me there are not ‘conservative’ writers when the founding father WAS conservative. Here he directly contradicts YOUR own ideology by saying government should be limited. YOU said there were not great historians or writers, but your ignorance proves your foolishness.

                1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                  You really are cute, cupcake. Now come on, cupcake, you REALLY must tell us a little about yourself. You’re fifteen years old, right sweetie? Education level please.

                  And I’m just SURE that you support all of bush’s wars. But like a good little conservative, you want OTHERS to go.

                  Where’d you serve, cupcake? You’re obviously a litte nothing man.

                  BTW, Jefferson was an author?? bwhhahahhaaa! You see, cutie pie, Jefferson would have found you pathetic! He was ver much a scientist, and YOU and your pals are creationists! Flat earthers!

                  For the record, the founding FATHERS of the conservative movement found guys like you reprensible! Both Goldwater and Buckley toward the end of their lives found guys like you to be ignorant inbreds!

                  You lose again, cupcake.

                  BTW, little fella, conservatives have NEVER supported the arts! They have ENDLESLLY attempted to de-fund the arts! Fifteen years old. Gotta be!

                  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                    BTW, cupcake, THESE two guys were authors? You’re a very funny little man, there, natey. One more time for the record if you will, WHO were the great fascist authors fof LITERATURE?


                    Yes, I’m laffing at you again.

                  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                    Here, cupcake, I’ll make it as SIMPLE as I can, possibly as SIMPLE as you are, little fella! We’re gonna play a game like word association. I’ll say a word, and YOU give me the rightwing fascist equivalent! Is that simple enough for a simpleton like you? Guess we’ll see!

                    BTW, cupcake, ALL of the words I’m gonna mentiona are ALL taught in EVERY public school! You’d BETTER come up with some nazi equivalents, right?
                    bwahahahahhahahha! Oops. Sorry for laffing at you. NOT!

                    1. Inherit the Wind
                    2. Death of a Salesman
                    3. The Crucible
                    4. To Kill a Mockingbird
                    5. Grapes of Wrath
                    6. Farenheight 451
                    7. Guernica, the painting. (hanging in the UN)
                    8. The Civil Rights Movement
                    9.The Beatles!
                    10. Huckkeberry Finn

                    Ok, cupcake, that’s a start. Now give me you nazi equivalent to ALL those mentioned above. And start with a rightwing equivalent to the Beatles. THAT outter be good! Or list ANY popular rightwing musical group from the sixties!

                    Then tell me just WHO are the rightwing equivalents of:

                    Woody Guthrie
                    Mark Twain
                    Martin Luther King Jr.
                    Will Rodgers

                    The country has a FAR different history than you imagine, little fella!

                    THIS is your america!


                2. larry kurtz

                  Jefferson was a Liberal and believed the emerging US would never enjoy the fruits of the Enlightenment because of its ties to Federalism which he saw as stifling.

                  1. Nathan Hunter

                    Jefferson believed in the limiting of the federal government. That is today’s conservative movement. Jefferson did believe in the rights of individuals which. Both parties value. Rights, come from our creator, and not from government. Liberals today expand government. Liberals today are for progressive taxation, but Jefferson and our founding fathers believed taxation was not for the welfare state to expand. Prove me wrong. Jefferson wrote in checks and balances to keep the government separate from our communities. Now government is telling us have lemonade stands w/o 600 dollar license. Loll . Again, you waste your time with All your posts I ignore now lol.

                    1. Rob Kailey

                      I used to be amused by conservo-teapeeps who scream about the Constitution and then ignore it as if the country was founded on the Declaration of Independence and just the Bill of Rights. It just isn’t funny anymore.

                      Nathan, are you aware that when the Constitution was written, Jefferson was in France? Yeah, that would be the parts concerning enumerated powers and giving the Congress the right to tax? Doesn’t it faze you even a little that the Preamble to the Constitution spells out how our rights are established by “We The People” and the Constitution we agree to live by, and not Yahweh, Allah, Odin or any other invisible sky being?

                      No one can ‘prove you wrong’, because your entire view is a fantasy existing in your own head.

                    2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                      WHY aren’t you in AfGHANistan, natey, defending “freedumb”? Go away, dipshit. You’re outta your league here, little fella. And it’s painfully obivous!

                      We call your type CHICKENHAWKS!

                      SQUAWK! SQUAWK!

  13. James

    You people make me sick. This is just another biased media outlet financed by George Soros and implemented by the left in the United States and the local Democrat Party. It also includes the labor unions, government (public) schools and universities! The leftist’s have tried to take over every government bureaucracy that exists including the courts and this judge had a personal beef against Dennis.

    1. Nathan Hunter

      See m pst below aes but this guy was and s a jerk. Velda s my grandmother. He avoided paying and tried to scare her. Also, he has delayed for two years waiting for her to pass on. The judge was not the same judge from before and never ven saw him before the hearing. You dont know he facts, I do on personal level.

  14. larry kurtz

    Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee and heir to the supporters of the failed Ron Paul campaign, is now being included in national canvassing: it looks very bad for members of the party in opposition.

  15. Nathan Hunter

    Well Ben, my point was that each party has jerks in it but he thought he would question my statement and then proceeded to comment that I was talking about things which came out of my ass. He said to source and so I did. Apparently , you or others who post here think your party’s feces don’t stink or that you can cast ALL of one party because of one person. However, I am bit more educated and aware to make such ignorant judgements. People often can and will abuse power. It is in my opinion that each party is capable of great corruption. I just find conservatives more productive financially. See Ohio and Wisconsin in how they turned the restates around financially, go and look. They have balanced the budget and have increased employment because the government ther had strong leadership. Now, Ohio has 490 million in rainy day fund and it’s credit rating improved. Montana is doing well bc Gov Is spending wisely and well, being conservative or at least moderate. Look at Illinois or CA and see how liberal states are run with sizeable tax bases. So, I simply don’t talk out of my rectum.

  16. Nathan Hunter

    James, this woman is my Grandmother. You only see the tip of he iceberg. I am conservative but this guy is a grade A jerk OFF. There was a lst of approximately 10 or 12 things which my aunt, Anderson Desmul, had to bring against his guy and before those could be brought agaisnst him the judge hit him on the first item. I am not kidding. He is slime and sad to say he was a republican like me.

  17. Aware and Not Stupid

    One would think this would be the END of his political career and it should be, but then again, take a look at ol’ Brad Johnson, he’s on his way back into public office! Kinda’ disgusting if you ask me. Why didn’t Dennis just give Grama back her money and call it good! I agree with Nathan on this one!

    1. Kenneth Kailey

      Brad Johnson is hardly “on his way back into public office”. Johnson will lose horribly, in part, because of his past.

      This is definitely the end of the line for Himmelburger. Johnson should have realised that his political career is over too, but Johnson will never be accounted one of the great thinkers of our time.

  18. Aware and Not Stupid

    Kenneth, I couldn’t agree with you more, when the good Lord was passing out Brains Johnson thought he said ‘trains’ and he said “I’ll take a slow one”…..that being said, I think there is going to be a huge GOP sweep this fall in the elections that’s to say Obama won’t get 40% of the vote here and folks will stay and vote down ticket if history tells us anything, that being said, the 2nd tier, Johnson, Welch, Fox, Skeester all fall into place. It’s sad but name recognition is HUGE in those 2nd tier races and unless the D’s and McCullough get the message out about what a mental giant Johnson Isn’t, and what kind of shape he left the office in last time around, he’s back in and the taxpayers and voters of this great state are screwed. Brad Johnson couldn’t pour pee out of a boot with the directions written on the heel but you mark my words, the boob will get re-elected and he truly believes he’s the aire-apparent to the Governor’s Chair in 2016! Scary thought isn’t it, I’d even vote for Larry the Ranger if Johnson was running against him!

    1. Kenneth Kailey

      I guess I have more faith in the Montana voters than you do. I predict Johnson will go down in flames as will Skees. I think Monica Lindeen, Denise Juneau and Linda McCullah will win easily. The only two races that I think will be close will be Fox/Bucy and Bullock/Hill – and in both cases, I think the Democrat will win. Daines is the only race I think will go to the Republicans and even then, I think it is going to be close.

      The downticket races are more of a toss up. I think it likely (though by no means sure) that the Republicans will retain both houses of the State Legislature but I also believe that their majority will be smaller than in 2010. I believe that the State will go Romney but again, I don’t believe that it will be by a large majority. I also think that Gary Johnson will eat into the votes for Romney as there is a large Libertarian presence in Montana.

      At this point, those are my predictions for what they are worth. In my local races, I think Turner will lose to Barrett (though the margin will be narrower than it has been in the past for the Democrat running for that office and I think Duffy will get slaughtered by Jeff Welborne.

      Remember that Essman, Skees and many others gave Montana Republicans a black eye with the voters here in Montana. While I still believe the state is over-all conservative, as long as Montana Republicans continue to drive the nutcase train, they will continue to lose votes to the Dems.

        1. Kenneth Kailey

          Sorry, forgot that one. I predict Tester will win by at least 5 points. His work for veterans will appeal to the moderates of both parties and no matter how much out of state PAC money floods the airwaves between now and the election, us Vets know who has our backs.

          1. Ingemar Johansson

            I wonder how this will “appeal to moderates”.

            Quote IBD: “Military: The administration thanks the troops for their service by failing to comply with a law requiring that it help soldiers deployed overseas cast ballots in their home states.

            The administration has taken various states to court to block voter ID laws on the grounds it will disenfranchise voters. But it has no qualms about the disenfranchisement of military voters overseas through its failure to comply with and enforce the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, passed by Congress in 2009 and signed into law by President Barack Obama.”

                  1. Kenneth Kailey

                    Ingy, really? You post what amounts to an urban myth? I didn’t need Lynn’s links. I read the Republican claims at the time and did my own checking (though thanks for posting the links, Lynn).

                    Ingy, you are getting less and less coherent as the election gets closer.

  19. marion

    After reading the article, I think Gene Jarussi is my new hero. “Hand over your wallet sir.” LOVE it!

  20. Aware and Not Stupid

    Keep in mind the Constitution Party has players at the table too and those votes hurt Republicans. They could cost Rehberg this race, the last poll I saw had Rehberg up by 2 but that a few weeks ago,

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      The Constistupid Party? Oh, you mean Jonny Martoon and the Bible beaters who want a theocracy? bwhahahahahahahahaa!

      NEVER was that such a collection of assholes!

  21. marion

    What is it with Republicans taking advantage of little old ladies? First Scott Sales rips off his mother-in-law, and now this?? If they are willing to treat the people in their lives this way, I shudder at how they will treat those of us that are Montana taxpayers….sadly, I think I know.

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