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Tim Fox, the Montana Republican lunatic who is running for attorney general despite having never done anything other than defend drunk drivers and call for rape victims to have the rapists’ babies, has just gotten some national Republican donors to buy $700,000 of TV advertising on his behalf.

This is the post-Citizens United world. Welcome to it.  Obviously, the money is anonymous so we can’t with certainty say who it’s from. The money comes from RSLC, a Republican front group for Energy companies, pharmaceutical companies, timber companies, the Koch brothers, abortion opponents and the like.

What is unfortunate is that out-of-state wealthy progressives are not taking more of an interest in this race. Why would someone from Los Angeles or Chicago or Minnesota care about who the Montana attorney general is? Because the AG is one of five members of the state land board (the others being the Governor, State School Superintendent, State Insurance Commissioner and Secretary of State) which makes all decisions about the tens of millions of acres of land that the State owns.  Montana lands are places that all Americans enjoy, and that need proper stewardship. The idea of three or four right-wing lunatics having a majority opinion on land use is frightening. These are folks, mind you, whose Party platform used to call for the privatization of national parks. And there are Montana state GOP legislators who have described global warming as something to be encouraged.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 18, 2012 12:30 PM at 12:30 PM |

    THIS is what happens when Pubbie wackos rule! The Big Kockhs get what they want. ALL of it! There is to be NOTHING held in common for the common good or the common recreation, for common wealth sounds TOO much like COMMUNISM wealth! Be aware, very aware!

  2. The money that came in for Fox in the primary from the RSLC was from Atria AKA Philip Morris (remember the tobacco lawsuit?), Pharma, Walgreens and Endo Pharmaceuticals. This is direct corporate cash, at its worst, supporting a candidate who they know won’t stand up for consumers.

  3. Tim Fox has made a career as a criminal defense lawyer, getting scumbags off easy. Is it any wonder then that corporate criminals rally to his cause?

  4. Big PHarma is intent on buying this election, and we know why. They are terrified of what will happen when the voters reject IR-124 and strike down the medical marijuana bill.

  5. Hey – at least we have advance notice that Big Pharma is buying the AG and looking to completely kill medical cannabis huh? (Please note dripping sarcasm)

    I hope we have a good turn out at the voter booth to kill SB423 before it kills and imprisons more Montanans.

    Seriously……Vote NO on IR-124

    • Amen, this is a joke folks . It’s ridiculous that out-of-state groups can swoop in and buy our elections and we aren’t even allowed to know who they are! Well we aren’t stupid. Vote no on Tim Fox and no on IR-124

  6. OH! Here we go, the donors to this ad, topped off by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Chuck Johnson writes;

    “The top five national donors to the Republican State Leadership Committee in the 2012 cycle are Blue Cross/Blue Shield, $2.4 million; Reynolds American (a tobacco company-formerly RJ Reynolds), $705,000; Devon Energy, $600,000; Altria Group (the parent company of Philip Morris and other tobacco companies), $489,399; and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, $475,399, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington nonpartisan, nonprofit group.”

  7. Well, this is quite the group. It sux that they’d try to buy an Attorney General seat. It sux that it’s even legal for them to do so. Think of the consumer protection and anti-trust functions that a Phillip Morris AG would cause problems for Montanans.

  8. We can help show that Pam Bucy has support from actual Montanans. Send her $10 on her ActBlue Page. Here’s the link Takes like 15 seconds.

  9. Just watched Tester’s new ad about how Montana is not for sale. Sadly, that doesn’t mean our elections can’t be bought. In an open seat like these where no one has heard of either candidate, in an amount exceeding what either raised themselves, this is a killer.

    • I would not be surprised in the least, be afraid friends. The Supreme court race will most certainly be bought by Jason Preist’s group.

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