Legislator Admits Medical Marijuana Bill Was “Defacto Repeal” of Voter Intent in New Ad

Medical marijuana advocates today released a new radio ad in support of IR-124.  The ad urges voters to overturn Senate Bill 423 by ballot initiative at the polls this November.  SB 423 was passed by the Senate in 2011, and effectively repealed and destroyed a voter approved medical pot regime that was put in place in 2004 (also by ballot).

The ad features a statement by Sen.Larry Jent (D-Bozeman), who was caught on tape admitting that the Legislature’s final vote in the 2011 session was actually intended to functionally repeal (rather than fix) the state medical marijuana law adopted by voters.  “And it worked,” Jent concludes.  Oops.

Jent is not up for re-election this year but will be term limited out after the 2015 next session.  He had previously campaigned in the democratic gubernatorial primary but dropped out after it became clear he had no support against the popular Steve Bullock.

You can hear the ad here: No on IR-124 Ad

As you can see from the photo above, it looks like Jent may already be using some kind of illicit substance.

Legislators had claimed during the 2011 session that repealing the citizen initiative was not the intent of SB 423.  So Jent’s comments are very disappointing.   And polling has shown that Montana voters strongly oppose a repeal of the Medical Marijuana Act–62% oppose repeal while only 20% support it. The initiative passed with over 66% of the vote in 2004.

During the 2011 session, the Governor called SB 423 “unconstitutional on its face,” and issued an amendatory veto to fix the parts he considered legally defective.  The legislature rejected his changes, overriding Schweitzer’s amendatory veto and demonstrating they had the votes to override an outright veto of the bill as a whole.

Now, Montanans have a chance to decide for themselves whether they like what the legislature did.  A “no” vote on IR-124 is a vote to reject the Bat Crap Crazy legislature’s bill and allow sick people to use pot.  (An easy way to keep track of all of the initiatives and referenda on the ballot this fall is to vote no on everything but I-166, the initiative that says corporations aren’t people.)

Patients for Reform – Not Repeal today began airing the 30-second spot on the Northern Broadcasting Network, during the Aaron Flint show, and the group hopes to continue airing the ad on a daily basis through the election as fundraising allows.

Here’s the script of the ad: “Same Old Story”

Same old story. Politicians ignore the will of the people.The federal government attacks Montana’s sovereignty. And our gun rights. Fed up? Vote against IR-124 this November. It’s simple. Voters passed a ballot measure. The politicians repealed it.Here’s Democrat Larry Jent: This was meant to be a de facto repeal, and it worked. And, uh, that’s why we did it that way.

Repeal? What about respect for the voters?


Politicians said no to you. Now say no to them. No on IR-124.

[Paid for by Patients for Reform, Not Repeal. Sarah Baugh, Treasurer]



22 Comments on "Legislator Admits Medical Marijuana Bill Was “Defacto Repeal” of Voter Intent in New Ad"

  1. DOH! What a dope. No wonder this guy couldn’t get his statewide campaign off the ground. Perhaps he could resign from the legislature too.

  2. I called SB423 a defacto repeal from the very beginning. I had always said that I wouldn’t wish my pain on anyone. Now I would.

  3. Jent intended the bill to be a repeal. He teamed up with religious fundamentalist pastor Sen. Rowlie Hutton of havre (Wendy Warburton’s pastor) to write a joint oped calling for prohibition. I’ll try to find the link and post it.

  4. Sen. Rowlie Hutton resigned, thankfully, and moved out of state like James Knox. Unfortunately, Knox moved but didn’t resign, so the tax payers are still paying for his government health insurance.

  5. It’s disgusting that our elected representatives would so blatantly ignore and then undermine the wishes of the people. This makes a mockery of our election process and significantly harms our most vulnerable citizens. Please send these corporate shills disguised as public servants back to the dark corners they crawled out of. Call them out. If they want to be elected don’t let them sweep this issue under the rug. Make them declare publicly which side of the fence they are standing on.

  6. Jent’s heart may be in the wrong place, but he deserves our thanks for demonstrating the political ineptitude that made this ad possible ; )

  7. Love the ad. Heard it twice already this morning.

  8. The odds that Jent will resign are basically nil. On many issues, he’s been a good Democrat, but he certainly has a bug up his ass about medicinal cannabis. He’s termed out in 2014. After she wins HD 63, Franke Wilmer will be termed out of the House in 2014. See where I’m going with this …?

  9. So next session will be his last? If so Cowgirl you may want to correct this post.

  10. Recall the Missoula jury: RT ‏@MTnorml

    Do you think a similar jury nullification law could make it through the next legislature in Montana? Reason

  11. Which Montana city wants to pass a resolution to support ending the so-called “war on drugs?”

  12. AG candidates: opinions, please?

  13. likely fiduciary, my guess.

  14. Wow this got 97 Facebook likes!? Either that’s some serious grassroots organizing power or it looks like SB 423 is going down. Or both! I’m definitely voting no.

    • Wonder when the trolls are going to start showing up to beg us to “please, please think of the children.” like they did during the hearings on 161 and 423. Only a matter of time I suppose.

  15. So ready to vote NO…

  16. In all fairness, this is a man who puts toothpaste back into the tube for a hobby.

  17. I think is horrible when Colorado has just it legalized by the voters for all.. I am moving out of this state never to return. I am giving up this state and not coming back or through till this bill is back or to Colorado and Oregon Standards. We spend way to much money in the system. For one person in the prison system is close $65,000 a year for just marijuana period and you wonder why this state is 47th poorest state. Well Republicans you are the 10 most poorest states period. 8 richest states are Democrat and are doing healthy cause they don’t spend their money on marijuana people in prison. Pulled California out of debt… now I leave Thursday for Colorado or New Mexico.. you will be losing all the doctoring i did here in the last few years..and tell you its lots.. but there is good doctors everywhere.. you just shot yourself in the foot.. your loss totally ..My gain cause i get the freedom that is due me and processed by the voters. Thank you Montana for making me a criminal.

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