Size Matters: Whose is Bigger, Bullock’s or Hill’s?

Take a look at the photo here.

Clearly, Rick Hill’s lectern was taller than Steve Bullock’s, as has been much discussed. That’s a bad thing for Hill because he is a tiny man and does not want to appear diminished next to Bullock who is above six feet tall.

Certainly the Helena Independent Record, the newspaper which sponsored the debate, did not intentionally give Hill a bigger lectern. If somebody at the IR had done that, Randy Rickman, the conservative Republican publisher, would have already fired the person.

Most likely it was dumb luck that the debate facility (a middle school) did not have two identical lecterns. Hill got the bigger one.

But part of it is not luck at all. During pre-debate walk-through, a good campaign staff would have noticed this discrepancy and corrected it. Clearly Hill’s team of green campaign staffers dropped the ball.

This is campaigning 101. You have to check these things out ahead of time, sweat the details.

It’s sort of like a presidential debate in 2000, when Al Gore never tested the debate lighting with his make up on. Result? When the debate started, he looked to TV viewers like he was trying to impersonate somebody from another racial designation. His skin was dark orange–he looked like a wannabe Bill Richardson, not Al Gore.

Democrats should be emboldened. Hill is running an amateur shop, and we will probably see further screwups.

Posted: September 21, 2012 at 6:33 am

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27 thoughts on “Size Matters: Whose is Bigger, Bullock’s or Hill’s?

  1. Mizoola Democrap

    Too bad you didn’t show Bullock reading from his notes from his “hidden” notebook (which was against debate rules).

    1. Queen City Dem

      Too bad Rick Hills staffers were too incompetent to learn that the rules did allow notes. Don’t try to lie Will

      1. larry kurtz

        bullock has enough of a cushion to withstand some heat from the left on marriage equality and cannabis rights.

        1. larry kurtz

          not even close: lizard has more brains in his middle fingers than Deschamps has in his entire closet.

            1. larry kurtz

              Erecting an erect middle finger of ice to climb in Missoula to compete with its counterpart east of the divide might be just the ticket, Rob.

  2. Dave

    If you mean poll number and favor ability ratings, bullock. See todays billings gazette poll results. Analysts were “surprised by hill’s negatives.” I wasn’t.

      1. Ingemar Johansson

        625 “likely voters” 30% listed as “independents”.

        When has an (I) candidate gotten more than 8% of the vote?

        1. Havre Voter

          Most people who self identify as independents are actually republicans who are too embarrassed to admit it in public.

        2. James Conner

          Most self-identified independents are actually closet partisans. Pollsters smoke out their partisan leanings by asking whether they tend to lean Democratic or Republican. After that screen is applied, the number of truly independent voters drops to around 10 percent. Truly independent voters tend to be low information voters and ditherers.

          You can probably allocate two-thirds of the independents to the candidates on a proportional basis and not be too far off.

          1. Kenneth Kailey

            Care to back that assertion with fact, James. As one of those 10% independant voters, I take a great deal of exception to much of what you just wrote. I could hardly be called “low information” or “ditherer”.

          2. Dave Skinner

            James the Brainiac strikes again…
            Low information ditherers. That’s classic and accurate. And Ken, you DO have leanings.

        3. James Conner

          In the poll, “Independent” means not affiliated with any political party, i.e., independent of political parties. The 11 September PPP poll reported four percent favoring the Libertarian candidate (Vandevender) and four percent favoring the Indpendent candidate (Coate). To make matters more confusing, the voters opting for Vandevender and Coate could well have self-identified as Republicans or Democrats. reports polls and provides links to the reports from the polling organizations.

  3. Brigham

    When he said medical marijuana was the “largest law enforcement issue” it was probably just a matter of perspective.

  4. Dave Skinner

    As for the primary topic of this discussion, sure as heckfire the podiums are not identical and the difference is striking. For those low-information ditherers, the taller, gooder looking one might be their preference.

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