Montana GOP Takes Aim at Birth Control

The birth control debate has now made its way into the Montana Legislature.  Predictably, the GOP is now trying to deny it to women.  An interim committee of the Montana legislature is trying to deny birth control to women who are state employees.

The 2011 Montana Legislature saw a record number of anti-women bills, globally. Now the target de jour seems to be female state employees.

Under current law, the decisions about what benefits state employees should receive under their insurance plans are made by an advisory committee of employees, unions, lawmakers, and health benefits experts hired by the state.   In this video, you can hear the committee staffer assuring the legislators that yes, this would give them the authority to remove:

“contraception other things that could be very don’t know, health and wellness for women.”

Sen. Lewis explained the bill was perfectly appropriate because “there’s discussions of women’s health and those things” in the legislature related to Medicaid.

Here’s the video:


The bill passed out of interim committee, and will be up for consideration in the 2013 legislature. The current bill draft number is LCsa03.

The bill draft was supported by Joanne Blyton (R-Red Lodge), Ron Arthun (R-Wilsall), Pat Ingraham (R-Thompson Falls), and (shockingly)Larry Jent (D-Bozeman). Democrats Kathy Swanson, Bryce Bennett, and Kendall Van Dyk all voted no.

Had Jent not voted with the Republicans, the measure would have died.  Since Jent lost the primary against Steve Bullock, he seems to be making going off-shift somewhat of a habit.  Earlier this week, he appeared in a radio ad admitting that his support for an unpopular bill that gutted the voter-passed Montana Marijuana Act was intended to repeal the will of the voters.



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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 22, 2012 7:26 AM at 7:26 AM |

    GET JENT AN EMPTY CHAIR! The dumbass has gone full frontal Eastwood on us! Hey, Jent, I here that Tenessee is missing an idiot, dude, and they want you back. Go home, moron!

  2. Dear Sen. Jent – If you are so opposed to birth control, don’t use it. Stop trying to force your views on the rest of us. Same with cannabis – if you don’t want to use it when or if you get cancer – and I hope you never do – then that’s your choice. Please try to at least think what it might be like to be someone other than yourself. Try thinking of your constituents for once.

  3. Wow! I thought Rebulicans didn’t like state employees. Do they want them to start reproducing?

  4. Not that it will matter for another 2 years, but we can much guarantee that Larry Jent is *done* as a Democrat in Gallatin county, and the state of Montana.

  5. Once again, men in government are attempting to dictate what health care women can receive. Tell me, would this committee considering taking Viagra away from men’s choices from their health care choices?

    I pay state taxes, I am a woman, and I want my tax dollars spent to help provide women with contraception. Who is representing my point of view? You can bet this constituent will be watching bills like this very closely.

    It is a LOT cheaper to provide free contraception than to pay for a pregnancy. Oops, I know, let’s not allow state benefits pay for children born to single women. Now that’ll save a lot of money.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 22, 2012 2:50 PM at 2:50 PM |

      You’d better hope that we don’t get tim fox as AG! You see, Marky Ratco SCOURED Montana, he literally looked under every ROCK in Montana, to find the most venal, the most scurvy, the most CHEESEY, sleazey, slimey shizerbags he could FIND to fill his posts with! And he done’er! He found lil’ ricky hill. He found simonich. And he found tim fox! (among others)

      THESE dudes are the cheesiest of the cheesy! They got more cheese than Wisconsin! We are staring right in the face of a return to marc ratco montana! And that’s a real scary thought! A Ratco redux! A Enron encore! Big Kockh revival! Dereg anyone???

      And fox as AG would be devastating for women! Not to mention the state!

      You see, I think that the Big Kockhs are taking this one very personally. They don’t LIKE to be told “no” on nuthin’! Hence, they’re gonna show us rubes here in Montana what happens when you play with a Big Kockh!

      One time years ago, a very prominent magazine quoted some big wig industry guy somewhere who said, “forget about Montana. It has a big red X through it”, implying that Montana was off limits to the corporate land rapers. And THAT angered the Big Kockhs mighitily! Hence, they present to us the Judy Mars of AG candidates, tim fox! He has absolutely NO qualifications to recommend him, NO desire to do right by Montana, he’ll DO anything for a Big Kockh, he’s PERFECT!

      Be afraid, very afraid. There will be nothing left of Montana if the inbreds and the Big Kockhs have their way. We’ll be West Virginia overnight!

  6. Dave, Lewis, Helena not Billings | September 22, 2012 7:06 PM at 7:06 PM |

    The point of the bill is to allow the legislature to be involved in issues such as direct provision of services like health clinics. The staff brought up contraception in an apparent effort to kill the bill. Contraception is not a target nor will it be for the employee health plan.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 22, 2012 8:10 PM at 8:10 PM |

      Is this Hairy Dave, the lesiglator? Hi, Dave. Lk from GF here. Dave, if I remember correctly you had a run in with a highlift jack a few years back. I remember reading that article at the time because we’ve ALL had a run in with a highlift jack at one time or another. They are a very, very dangerous piece of equipment. I felt bad for you. I won’t relate my close calls.

      What kind of health insurance did you have at the time? What was the total bill? Was it that hated gubmint health care provided by the state? And Dave, why can’t we ALL have similar health care, especially those of us who have extremely dangerous occupations?

      You see, Dave, as a former budget director, you’re a numbers guy. And I maintain that the absolulte SINGLE best thing that could possibly happen to small businesses to relieve them of their responsiblity to provide health insurance to their employees by establishing SINGLE PAYER for the entire state!

      Dave, you we’re extremely lucky, amigo, in one sense in that you had health insurance. Sure, it’s tough to lose an eye. But THINK for a moment about all the poor bastards out there who suffer medical emergencies and have NO health insurance!

      Your call, buddy. Are you a Christian or are you a hypocrite? Let’s get some state sponsored single payer for ALL our residents! SOME of us follow you guys quite closely and know you pretty well.

    • Not nice to malign staff for providing information about the draft bill to the committee. Cowardly and unprofessional. If the bill could impact contraceptives then, yes, contraceptives are a target of the bill.

    • Yeah right, there were a record number of bills against women last session. This is despicable.

    • Your responce dosen’t fit into the ‘war on women” narrative. Heaven forbid that we all look at both sides here and come to a conclusion all could live with.

    • Yeah, in sure it has nothing to do with the war on women ‘snark’. Your pathetic defense only proves you k ow the war on women makes I unpopular wih women voters

  7. Dave, Lewis, Helena not Billings | September 22, 2012 8:29 PM at 8:29 PM |

    Yes, LK, it is the one and only. Remember, in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

  8. Aware and Not Stupid | September 22, 2012 10:40 PM at 10:40 PM |

    Dave is one smart dude, one eye or two, he’s a fine man who walks the walk Larry and if my memory serves me correctly he IS a Christian and not the least bit ashamed of it, that’s what makes him the fine man he is! BTW, why is it my responsibility as a taxpayer to foot the bill to help slaugher the unborn? Just wonderin’….

  9. Being Christian has little to do with being a fine man. Remember that more people have been killed in the name of Christ than by any other means. All those deaths can be attributed to “fine Christian men”.

  10. Aware and Not Stupid | September 23, 2012 4:48 PM at 4:48 PM |

    Genuine Christian principles guide who a man is and what he does. Straw burns easily.

  11. All them Gawd-fearin’ mutants think about is sex — other people havin’ sex — what a bunch of degenerates! I know a lot of people who would make damned fine posterboys for abortion rights.

  12. Seems lak all them fine Gawd-fearin’ folks think about is sex — and other people doin’ the big nasty at that…what a bunch of degenerates.

  13. Shame on you Larry Jent! You don’t think public employees deserve the same rights as other women? What’s next, women in the military? The national guard, firefighters? Teachers.

  14. Its frightening to me that Jent thought he could win the democratic nomination for Governor with views like this. I’d expect something like this from the GOP neanderthals in the legislature, but to have a democrat cast the deciding vote is disgusting.

  15. Jent is becoming more of an embarrassment to the dems every day. Thank you to Kathy Swanson, Bryce Bennett, and Kendall Van Dyk!

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