Sign of the Times

It seems that Brad Johnson has not abandoned his campaign for secretary of state after all.  Well, not entirely anyway. A Brad Johnson yard sign appeared this week.

But there’s one small problem.

The sign reads “re-elect Johnson for Secretary of State.”  Johnson is not the secretary of state, Linda McCulloch is.

Montanans voted Johnson out of office four years ago after having had enough of his bad ideas.  Learning that he has battled alcoholism for many years, has had a few DUIs, and has been in and out of rehab recently didn’t help. (In 2008, he even campaigned from a rehab facility toward the end of the race). Notably, in the article reporting on his announcement for office, Johnson was unable to state a single reason why the current SOS, Linda McCulloch, should be replaced. So his candidacy is not very credible.

To be sure, Johnson may not be intentionally trying to deceive the voters.  Rather, it may just be that since he has failed to raise campaign funds, hosing the cobwebs off the signs from his failed 2008 campaign was all he could muster.  Not a good sign he’ll be holding elected office anytime soon.

Re-elect Brad Johnson


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  1. If my memory is correct Brad Johnson has lost more elections then he has won, but I know alot of people that have done that, but Brad Johnson is one of those kinda of Republicans that held a gasp government job most of his career as an extension agent, for Prudue University in Indiana. If my memory is correct. And his last election campaign was for the PSC back in 2010 and he lost the primary to Bill Gallaher cause of his drinking and driving. He also had a profile on match dot com and went through a divorce which should be great to the family values folks.

    • Didn’t he apply to be the Commissioner of Political Practices too? Seems to me this guy should take the message: Montanans don’t want him in politics.

  2. Here’s the profile. Do yourself a favor and keep a barfbag ready…

  3. Seems to me the sign is accurate. He has been Secretary of State and wants to be re-elected.

    Slow news day, Cowgirls?

  4. One can always cast a vote for the Libertarian candidate Roger Roots.

  5. Aware and Not Stupid | September 25, 2012 6:44 AM at 6:44 AM |

    Farmboy, you’re spot on, however, this race is about NAME RECOGNITION. Period! For better or worse Johnson has that…..Linda McCullough has more money than ol’ BJ, she’s got to cut lose soon and get out there, this year in Montana politics is going to be a huge GOP sweep and if we’re not careful Johnson is going to ride coattails back into office and that would be tragic. BTW, he was seen at a Rehberg fundraiser a couple weeks ago with a big ol’ bourbon in hand and they’ve got some young kid driving him everywhere he goes. He’s a trainwreck waiting to happen…..AGAIN!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 25, 2012 7:10 AM at 7:10 AM |

      Sorry, Beware I’m Stoopid, but I don’t TRUST a man that don’t drink! Is you or ISN’T you a real Montanan? Where you from, boy? Man UP and belly UP to the bar, lightweight! You could take a lesson from Drunks for Denny. Drinkin’ is who we are. It’s part of our culture. Part of our HISTORY! Maybe you’d be more comfortable in a fern bar in caliFORneeya somewhere’s!

      You see, Stoopid, Montana is a hardscrabble land. Unless you’ve inherited your money like Dopey Reeburp and stevey daines, we work HARD! And when one works hard, one DRINKS hard too! That’s just the way it is.

      So, save all your moralizing bullshit for the fern bar crowd. REAL Montanans don’t GIVE a shit if a fella drinks.

  6. I’ll drink to that!

  7. Being a native born Texan with a heritage rich in cattle, horses, cowmen and women I find the “Cowgirl blog” to be incredibly insulting to cowgirls. It should change its name to something more fitting such as Politics for Potheads or Fanciful Hallucinations of the Real World or Moronic Politics. As for Brad Johnson, former Secretary of State, he hasn’t had a drink in years. He is a distinguished gentleman, and the state of Montana made a mistake when they didn’t reelect him. He knows that job backwards and forwards and took the job very seriously. The job is to preserve the integrity of elections. How in the world can you take Linda seriously when she says there is no voter fraud in Montana. It’s her job now to ensure that there never is, but she isn’t taking steps to prevent voter fraud now or in the future. And guess what. Voter fraud does exist. It happens in Montana. It’s made headlines in other states. Brad Johnson had straight forward, easy to understand plans to do the job. Apparently, Montana isn’t interested in hiring people that work.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 18, 2012 5:07 AM at 5:07 AM |

      ” Voter fraud does exist. It happens in Montana.” cody, the texassian

      Yippers! Everthin’ really IS bigger in texass, inCLUDING bullshit! Come ONE, Code, how bout a leetle evidence of voter fraud here in Montana, or ANYWHERE, dude! Are you a simpleton? If not, pony up your evidence! Otherwise, folks ’round these parts are gonna get the wrong impression of you! You texassians aren’t into facts much, are ya?

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 18, 2012 7:41 AM at 7:41 AM |

        Oh geez, I’m sorry, cody. You say you’re from texass? Well, I probably SHOULD have tried to make things even SIMPLER for you. So, in an effort to help you understand, I’ll try again making it as simple as I possibly can! Hope this helps.

        Voter suppression is REAL! It is a real tactic dreamed up and employed by rightwing racists to prevent people who lean democratic from voting. And voter suppression can EASILY be backed up by facts! (p.s. Voter suppression has a looong history in the U.S. You’d know this unless of course you’re a product of the texass edyoocayshunill system! Then, it’s highly unlike that you don’t know shit from shinola!)

        Voter fraud it a myth. It does not exist. Hence, there are NO facts to back it up. It is simply a technique used to gin up outrage among the inbred simpleton secessionist crowd. It is a technique designed by the billioniare racist dudes to help attempt to implement their racist voter suppression methods.

        But fraud DOES exist in Montana. On that we agree! For you see, LOTS of fatassed, inbred, lardbutted outta stater morons MOVE here to Montana, and then immediately CLAIM to be REAL Montanans! Need proof? Well, how bout for starters Birther Bob, Gen. Robert E. Skees, Sarah Palin Welch, Pastord Bulbdim, etc. etc. ETC.! In other words, cody, the list of these buffoonish frauds who CLAIM to speak for Montana is pretty much endless! They’re comin’ outta the Pubbie woodwork and from under every rock they can find!

        So, in conclusion, cody, study the above before posting next time and you WON’T look like our state weed, the Noxious Dickweed!

        (hope this helps)

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