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Montana state Senator Larry Jent is miffed at me because I drew attention to his anti-birth control vote in the legislature last week.  On Jent’s Facebook page he claims that the GOP bill he’s supporting

“did not even mention contraception…It seems that cowgirls lie as well as Karl Rove”

Here’s the screenshot:

In fact, the bill gives the legislature specific authority over what’s covered or not in state worker health plans.  The entire discussion in committee made this clear. In this video, you can hear the committee staffer specifically assuring the legislators that yes, this would give them the authority to remove:


“contraception other things that could be very don’t know, health and wellness for women.”


We will give Mr. Jent the benefit of the doubt and assume that he simply misunderstood the bill, and did not know what he was truly voting for. A general rule of thumb for Democrats in the upcoming legislature should be: when wing-nuts propose something, it is most likely a bill that is designed to advance right-wing ideology, not make things better for Montana citizens.  The bill in this case was proposed by Dave Lewis. While not a wing-nut in every sense, on abortion and birth control he is way out there (right, Dave?).


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  1. My two cents. Jent has his undies in a bunch because Montanans voted Bullock as the dems candidate for Gov instead of him. He therefore is joining with the GOP to make Governor Bullock’s job as difficult as possible. And he doesn’t mind throwing women under the bus along the way. Shame on you Jent.

  2. The above Facebook post is a classic example of why one should never use Facebook under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

  3. The spelling and punctuation alone point to a cognitive difficulty of some kind.

  4. Point to consider for Larry: if the only people to defend your vote are Bob Fanning and Tom McGillvray, you might be on the wrong side. This applies to cannabis to- you supported a Jeff Essmann bill for chrissakes.

  5. Stupid Lawyer tricks. If it isn’t specifically mentioned, then surely it must not be at play (even though it was specifically mentioned in the posted video.)

    Since he will no doubt read this, please allow me a personal response:

    Hi, Larry. Rob here. I’m one of your constituents, here in Bozeman’s NE neighborhood. I voted for you twice, and congratulations on your wins. It’s too bad that you use the position you have as my state Senator to insult my values and intelligence. Let me show what I mean, Larry.
    You think that a website that calls you out for a bad committee vote can be likened to the tactics of Karl Rove. You think that raising the specter of a political boogey-man will cover your ass for what was a clearly a bad vote on a bad bill. Uh, no.
    Just as you seem unaware of the clear comments made before your committee, you appear equally unaware that Bozeman residents, your constituents, are the most educated in the state. We are also the most egalitarian in that education, women equaling men. We tend to be better connected and certainly more discerning about evidence of chicanery, especially when it is presented clearly in a video posted at a website. The Cowgirl’s post was not Rovian, something else we tend to be very aware of and discerning about. It was very clear that you screwed up. You voted in a manner that could challenge women’s access to healthcare, just as you’ve voted to remove access to needed health care for medical cannabis users. Those votes are not in keeping with the Democratic principles that we sent you to Helena to support. Face it, Pal, you’re screwing us over, and we don’t tend to like that much.

    Blaming a website for pointing out that you are screwing us over is an insult to those of us who voted for you. It’s the kiss after the screwing. At some time, somehow, you forgot who sent you to the Capital, and the fact that you work for us, not websites that will be nice to you. Considering that, you might want to keep in mind that your career as an elected Democrat from the Gallatin Valley is over. Perhaps, being termed out, you don’t really care. But if that’s the case, don’t insult us further by blaming the spotlight for the betrayal we see from you.

    I will continue to work at sending good Democrats to the state Congress, more than ever in the hope that they repair some of the damage that you, yes, you Larry Jent, have done. I wish you well in the next legislative session. I sincerely hope that you will remember who you work for, and that you quit blaming us for your actions through Rovian paranoia.

    Best of luck from a former supporter,

  6. Well said Rob! Thanks for this. The next session is going to be important, and we’ll have better success if democrats are a team!

  7. Dave, Lewis, Helena not Billings | September 26, 2012 1:39 PM at 1:39 PM |

    The bill in question was aimed at the governor’s health clinics and the desire to have legislative review of these types of future policy changes. Cowgirl is right when she says I am way out there on Life issues. And proud of it.

    • Meter Maid on Crack | September 26, 2012 2:03 PM at 2:03 PM |

      Sen. Lewis — Tell us more about letting the legislature “review” whether or not a woman can access birth control.

      • Here’s what you need to know. The Republican legislators last session launched a massive culture war to distract the press from the fact that they had no jobs agenda. Looks like they are laying the ground work for that to happen again.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 26, 2012 2:33 PM at 2:33 PM |

      Dave, having one’s head up one’s own ass is REALLY nothing to be proud of, dude. Sorry to inform you, but you have NO right, NONE, to insert your arrogant ass into a woman’s private health issues. Geez. I shouldn’t have to point this out to you.

  8. Methinks this gent may protest too much.

  9. Just watched the video and read the bill draft- this gives legislators the power to make all decisions regarding which health insurance benefits state employees get or do not get. I also noticed there was no discussion of taking away Viagra coverage for males. If there had been perhaps Jent would have voted no.

  10. Mr. Jent, DINO, is too nice.

  11. I grew skeptical about Jent years ago, when he blew off requests for support of our common-sense, win/win bison bill. Unlike, say, Brady Wiseman, who not only sponsored the first incarnation of that bill, but gave us possibly the best advice I’ve ever heard about politicians, when he said “don’t trust ANY of us!”.

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