Foxy Fact Check

The Washington DC group known as the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) is spending $700,000 of corporate cash to try to defeat Pam Bucy.  But they couldn’t find a source to back up the lies they are spewing forth in their TV ads.  So, they simply made one up.  They cite a Great Falls Journal article (there’s no such newspaper) as evidence that “Pam Bucy favors job-killing Obamacare.” Here’s the screenshot:

Also, there is nothing in any paper, real or imagined, supporting the idea that Bucy “favors Obamacare.”  The only time Bucy has opined on any matter related to healthcare reform was when she opposed Montana’s joining of a lawsuit against the Act, on grounds that it would have been a waste of taxpayer money (which it would).


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  1. Bucy got the endorsement of the Billings Gazette today. They write:

    “Bucy’s general election opponent, Tim Fox, is making his second bid for the attorney general’s office. A Hardin native, he has been an attorney in Montana for many years, but he lacks Bucy’s depth of experience in felony criminal prosecution, legislative work and administering a department with 900 employees.”


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