GOP Candidate is Accused of Sexual Assault

Hides from reporter, and has his mother answer the tough questions

A former University of Montana student has come forward to say that she was sexually assaulted four years ago, when she was a student, by Nicholas Schwaderer, who is now a GOP candidate for the Montana state legislature.  The accuser, Laura Williams, says she had thirteen drinks on her birthday and was sexually assaulted in her drunken semi-conscious state.

Schwaderer denies the allegations and notes that the police conducted an investigation and that no charges were filed.  He has also threatened a defamation suit against anybody making “slanderous statements” against him.

It’s a little murky, from today’s explosive Missoulian story, whether the University or the DA’s office ever fully or sufficiently conducted an investigation into the woman’s allegations.  Also unclear is what type of physical evidence exists.  The woman seems to imply there is, or was, documentation of bruises and other injuries, but the article refers specifically only to a bloody nose, that Schwaderer says occurred when they accidentally butted heads during a consensual encounter.  No charges were ever filed by prosecutors and the Missoula DA Fred Van Valkenberg says the case wasn’t charged because it “lacked proof.”  This should concern us because assaults often occur without leaving a physical trace.  Sometimes, the victim’s testimony is all we have.

Also, the woman says that she approached Will Deschamps, the Montana GOP chair, telling him that that Schwaderer was bad news and should be discouraged from running. Deschamp basically told her to scram.

The last thing UM needs right now is a rape allegation that was not taken as seriously and professionally as possible by the University administration.  But it seems, at a minimum, that the Dean of Students looked into the matter and found enough to suspend the student registration of Schwaderer.  Right now, the Dean of Students will not comment on the case because it involves private sexual and medical affairs of a former student.  But the student herself seems to be waiving that privilege, so perhaps more facts will come to light in the future.

Also, while Schwaderer is entitled to the presumption of innocence here,  there is one thing that we have all learned definitively about him from reading the Missoulian piece: Schwaderer, as a candidate, is not yet ready for prime time.  As the article recounts, when the Missoulian reporter called Schwaderer to get his response to these allegations, he handed the phone to his mother to respond on his behalf.  She, in turn, had a lawyer send an email to a reporter.

When legislators cast votes, they are not allowed to have their mother with them in the chamber to help them out, nor their lawyers, nor their guardian angel, nor their favorite teddy bear.  The legislature is for adults. And while it’s fine to live with your mom, you can’t have her stand in for you when a reporter calls to ask you whether or not you sexually assaulted somebody.  Nor can you have your lawyer answer.  You are running for office.  You must directly answer these questions.

So perhaps Schwaderer should be looking for a different line of work, something other than politics.

As for his background and qualifications for office, Schwaderer lists among his previous jobs a stint at the Montana Policy Institute, where he says he “learned how to scrutinize policy.”  For those of you that are not familiar with the MPI, it is a right-wing think tank based in Bozeman that publishes the Montana Watchdog.   As to his philosophical beliefs, he says in an audio statement on his campaign website that he believes that “in a truly free society, the government will not be the avenue of first resort for problems that can be solved by family, friendship and community.”

And, a tipster informed me today that Schwaderer has been an active comment blogger on the Missoulian blog called Missoula Red Tape.

And here is an excerpt of a comment he recently blogged, in a discussion about HIV and discrimination against lesbians and gays:

I’m a “closet libertarian”, so you can guess where I personally stand on the issue. That said I don’t see the relevance of “debating” the origins of HIV, how clean a colon is or where we’re intended to have sex.

That said, I’ve seen some pretty scary vaginas.. And as for “intended to have sex”- even us straight blokes won’t object to the occasional blowy, yeah? ;)

By “blowy” I assume he means blowjob.

Well, he’s gonna get another kind of blowied: blowied out, as in, he’s gonna get his ass kicked in his race for the legislature.  My guess is that the GOP will not spend a dime on him, and that the Dems, consequently, will pick up a seat that would usually go Republican.




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  1. Question: What do Nicholas Schwaderer and Dustin Hurst have in common?

    Answer: They both get paid to lie for the Koch brothers.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 30, 2012 10:22 PM at 10:22 PM |

    HEY, just another example of Pubbie diversity! Inside their Big Tent, they’ve got Birthers, Birchers, inbreds, Jaysus Jumpers, Confederidiots, morons, reetards, Teatards and racists. Why NOT rapists?! LOTS of room in their big tent. I don’t see a problem here. As long as the dude finds JAYsus between now and the election, he’ll do just fine!

    You see, the GIST of the problem is that IF one has morals to begin with, they WON’T be a fully functoning Pubbie! Therefore, the limited number of qualified candidates run the risk of just this sort of thing. It’s BEST if they avoid controversy and prosecution until AFTER they’re done serving. Is there really no Big Kockh money available to silence the accuser? It seems that that would be a sound investment ’bout now! How ’bout it, Deshat? Have you no influence?

  3. On his website, he says he’s: “Wrapping up a Law Degree in Plymouth, England (focus in International, Maritime and Admiralty Law).”

    Practicing those law specialties usually requires working in a coastal city. So why is he running for the Montana legislature?

    Incidentally, having someone else, even his mother, talk to the press probably is a smart thing to do in this situation. In the meantime, I’m withholding judgment. We are all entitled to the presumption of innocence. We have allegations, but no arrest, and certainly no indictment.

  4. Dude says the woman’s nose was bleeding from when “their heads accidentally butted during a consensual encounter.”

    Yeah, that happens to me all the time pretty much…totally.

  5. I’m officially with James on this, but given the Missoulian threw the bus at this story, there’s some there there. Or maybe there was plenty of there there then, but the powers that be didn’t want to deal with the UM rape cult problem quite yet.
    I would, beyond a doubt, want to know the truth before voting, no matter the issues.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 1, 2012 6:30 AM at 6:30 AM |

    BRING BACK THE CAT HOUSES! You see, all this holy roller bullshit has BACKfired on the Pubbies. What we need is a return to he good ol’ days of bordellos when nearly every big city in Montana HAD a place where a young dude could go let off a little steam, a riding academy so to speak where a young dude could earn his spurs! Heck, U of M would still have a reputable football program, the Pubbies would still have candidates with morals intact, and Montana would have a new taxable industry! It’s a win win!

    Where’s sandy welch stand on this issue? Heck, she’s a real self-professed Montana. Does she or does she NOT understand Montana’s culture, history, and traditions? Does she REALLY understand that bordellos are who we are? Bordellos are US! She must, right, ’cause she’s a REAL Montanan!


    It say it’s time, time to return to our roots! Time for some Montana values. Time for Helena to act! Time to FIX the problem of young dudes goin’ astray!

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 1, 2012 6:34 AM at 6:34 AM |

    IS IT POSSIBLE? Is it possible that there’s a Pubbie out there DUMBER than our very own Dopey Reeburp? I report, you decide. Too funny.

  8. Christine Johnson, is the Democrat, in this race. 7087 River Run Road, Huson, MT 59846

  9. Meet the future of the Montana GOP folks. Jeff Laszloffy’s daughter is also running for the legislature–a 19-year-old. It’s like the Hitler youth club.

  10. classic, when you click on his “reading list” on his website you come up with a blank error page. and also “Worked my way to University”? it doesn’t seem to me between the Missoulian article and his website that he graduated with a degree. And now he is getting a maritime and “Admiralty” law degree from England? (hmmm, wonder if he stands with his fellow Repub Rick Hill on the ditch bill with all of this maritime background……)

  11. President Barack Obama | October 1, 2012 12:17 PM at 12:17 PM |

    Interesting that the Missoulian would quote an unverified online comment from Missoula Red Tape. After all, one can pretend to be whoever they wish when commenting online. There’s no email verification on a whole host of blogs, including Missoula Red Tape.

    • So you’re saying the Missoulian is part of a conspiracy to frame Schwaderer with douchey blog comments? Please.

      • President Barack Obama | October 1, 2012 1:17 PM at 1:17 PM |

        I very much doubt that he was being impersonated and I’m not sticking up for him AT ALL. I’m just curious whether the Missoulian made any attempt at verifying the comment was actually made by Schwaderer. What concerns me is that it will likely continue to become common practice to print online comments and I’d expect that the Missoulian would develop some kind of standard for verification. Futher, had Schwaderer been impersonated at a relatively unpopular blog, it’s unlikely he would have come across the impersonation…thus making it unlikely for him to file a complaint until the comment made it into a print story…at which point it’s too late.

        Again, not advocating that the comment wasn’t his. I’m just advocating for standards at the Missoulian.

    • Good point, it could have easily been Austin James or Dustin Hurst posting it, they might have been sharing a computer and he forgot to log out. I really hope the missoulian double checked that.

  12. Is there a complaint on file with the Missoulian from Mr. Schwaderer from the time the comment was posted noting that someone had impersonated him? No? Hmmm.

    • This may be believable had he complained that he was being impersonated, but I’m guessing no such complaint exists. And since this is the Missoulian’s own blog, they would have the complaint, if it existed.

  13. After reviewing the Missoulian’s story, and pondering the matter overnight, I’ve concluded that I did not express sufficient skepticism in my post above.

    I’m surprised the Missoulian published the story. Were I the editor, I would have spiked it.

    Four years ago, a young woman, “extremely drunk” by her own admission, was driven home by an ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Schwaderer. The next day, she accused Schwaderer of taking indecent liberties with her. Local authorities investigated the matter, but the county attorney, citing insufficient evidence, declined to prosecute.

    Now Schwaderer is running for the legislature — and her former accuser is renewing her accusations because, she says, he’s not fit for the job because of what she alleges he did to her.

    Is the young woman coming forward to do a public service? Or, is she conducting a vendetta against Schwaderer? She may believe she’s doing a public service, but to me it appears that she’s angry and intent on hurting Schwaderer by renewing, a week before voting starts, accusations that four years ago were not strong enough to justify prosecuting Schwaderer for a crime.

    The issue here is not Schwaderer’s politics. The issue is his rights — and his rights are exactly the same as the rights of each and every other person: innocent until proven guilty.

    The Missoulian will argue that it covered itself by quoting Schwaderer and his attorney, thus providing balance. But just publishing the woman’s allegations gave them credibility — people will think that a newspaper wouldn’t publish something unless it were true — yet the only thing new from four years ago was Schwaderer’s candidacy for the legislature. At this point, my conclusion is that the story was a hit job masquerading as a news story.

    Schwaderer has a right to be peeved.

  14. With all due regard James, the issue here isnt the rights of the ‘dude bro’ here. He is still innocent of criminal charges until proven guilty James. The court of public opinion does not work that way though and that doesn’t mean the information regarding the accusations is not relevant to the election. I think it speaks to his character to hold office and it is newsworthy. He is a candidate for public office and there is a police report & victim out there accusing him of rape. Just because the prosecutor determined there was not enough evidence to file charges does not mean the public shouldnt know about it. Im not too surprised they published the story but I think it probably has more to do with the ongoing treatment of rape cases drama with the university, police, county, fed govt etc. which is the larger backdrop for the story. Otherwise i suspect the ‘dude bro’ might have been able to skate by without it being published.

    • An angry young woman who couldn’t get a sexual assault charge filed against Schwaderer four years ago is now trying to convict him in the court of public opinion by repeating just before the election the same allegations that could be proved four years ago. That goes to her character, not Schwaderer’s.

      The Missoulian is practicing supermarket tabloid “journalism.” It’s shameful.

      • James, you’re a standup guy. Thank you.

        • Yeah, I agree with James, this is court of public opinion, not unlike the Trayvon Martin mess. Why she waited four years, never mind they were ex-boyf and girlf (they broke up for a reason).
          Never mind that heck haveth no fury liketh a woman scorneth. This is he-said-she-said at its worst. And since I’m not a sexist pig, I know that women and men are equals — including the hurt they can (and too often will) inflict upon the opposite sex.
          The question of character is not limited to one sex or one person here.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 1, 2012 6:09 PM at 6:09 PM |

            Dave, I’ve noticed that the comments of you and Craig and Ingy are getting more and more pathetic all the time. And that started me thinkin’. You see, I’m kinda short on funds, and I AM available to write comments for the highest bidder. SO, just who is PAYING you dudes?

            You see, for an adequate recompense, I would gladly use my meager talents to write for and to bolster the rightwing side. (since you dudes are not up to it) Please let your bosses know that I am available and will work for a fair market fee.

            Thank you in advance. You see, when it comes to free enterprise, I too like to eat!

          • Dude bro is a politician now, getting tried in the court of public opinion is exactly what an election is.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 1, 2012 6:01 PM at 6:01 PM |

          NOT A BLOWIE?!!! Um, Craig, need I remind you that it was YOU Pubbies that STARTED all this character counts shit with the blue dress AND a blowie??? You DO remember the blowie heard round the world, doncha? Hell, Billy got a blowie from a CONSENTING 21 yr. old! Good ON ya, Billy! I mean, what old dude would turn DOWN a blowie from a Monica? None that I know!

          But THIS is much more serious than a blowie form an intern. This dude is guilty of a rapie! Big, BIG difference, dude. I mean, even though the chick was passed out, ONLY a shizerbag Pubbie would do sumhtin’ like what he did! Rapie v. blowie. BIG difference, so big that I think that even YOU can see it, Craig. I mean, who the hell HASN’T seen a chick passed out? But the difference is that MOST of us wouldn’t RAPE her!

          It’s all about character, Craig. Remember character? And this little dipshit did it to himself. He gave HIMSELF a blowie with his actions, and now he blew it! The dude has the character of shizer! And it shows.

          What’s good for the Pubbies is good for the Dems!


          Put THAT in your Pubbie pipe and blowie! Can you Pubbies REALLY not field a candidate that didn’t boink a passed out chick? Sad, so sad what’s happened to the party of Lincoln and TR.

          Hope this helps.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 1, 2012 6:14 PM at 6:14 PM |

            p.s. I can’t WAIT FOR Wadinher to go to Helena and start advocating for, wait for it!….wait for it!….wait for it!…FAMILY VALUES!


            Poor, poor pathetic Mr. Wadinher. Do you dudes REALLY think that he will be believed?

            Pubbies, dumb as dog shit and TWICE as fun!

          • Larry, I have avoided you since our last blowout. I thought we got past that. If you want to make it personal ONCE AGAIN I will bury your ass this time. Your choice Pouge M who said Gillan was a great disappointment.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 1, 2012 6:39 PM at 6:39 PM |

              Huh? Personal? BURY ME, BABY! I can take it! Sorry that you find the TRVTH so offensive! Let’s see what you got. SHOW the world what a slimeball I am!

              • All they have to do is look as to why they ran you out of the Chester schools on a rail.

                • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 1, 2012 7:08 PM at 7:08 PM |

                  Ouch! I’ve been found out. How will I EVER live it down?


                  Sorry, Craig, but I alREADY admitted that I was an asshole. You’ll have to do better than that, amigo!

                  Good luck!

                  • So in addition to improper conduct towards a student, hasn’t there been at least one domestic violence complaint against you, slimeball?

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 1, 2012 7:15 PM at 7:15 PM |

                      Probably more than that! What’s your point?
                      Geez, Craig, your desperation is showing, dude. Geez, Craigy, you done BURIED me, dude!

                      Pathetic. You really ARE a typical Pubbie, Craigy. And that’s real sad!

                    • Larry, I must confessed I failed as you have done all the work yourself. As you requested:

                      SHOW the world what a slimeball I am!

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 1, 2012 7:26 PM at 7:26 PM |

                      Craig, your attempts at defamation are as PATHETIC as your attempts to justify rightwing bullshit. In other words, NOT VERY! I truly expected better of you. You sadden me with your inadequacy as a worthy opponent. Please do regroup and try harder next time.

                      In the meantime, may I quote Olberman’s special comment? It pretty much summarizes my view of your attempts as libel. Enjoy.



                      too funny, expoNENTIALLY funny! Sorry that I’m unable to take your seriously, craig. They you can judge a man by his enemies, and I have YET to see you rise to the level of enemy! Annoyance, maybe, kinda like a boil on my ass! But enemy, no. Sorry.

                    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 1, 2012 7:27 PM at 7:27 PM |

                      Ooops! Should read, “they SAY you can judge a man by his enemies”.

      • “…that could be proved four years…”

        Insert “not” between “could” and “be.”

        • She didn’t wait four years to bring this out James she went to the police at the time. It’s been brought out again now because the guy is running for office now and is a public figure just because the da food there was not enough evidence to get a conviction does not mean there was no smoke here, particularly when considering the now well known issues with the Missoula county and rape cases. By your standards oj should be immune from criticism for nicoles death because he was not convicted?

      • Yes James and she is willing to put her name next to the allegations and put herself at issue. You seem to think that indicates low character on her part? Please explain.

  15. agreed. she has come forward, perhaps, because she was never able to get justice. ultimately, what we have is an allegation by this woman, and no direct response from the person she has accused.
    we are entitled to draw. an inference from this, as well as from the fact that the missoula county justice system and university justice system both have histories of incompetence and indifference where sexual assaults are at issue.

  16. Slick Willy Clinton | October 8, 2012 8:17 AM at 8:17 AM |

    Heck, old Schwaderer sounds like a guy I could party with!
    “The accuser, Laura Williams, says she had thirteen drinks on her birthday and was sexually assaulted in her drunken semi-conscious state.”
    Hmm.. wonder if anyone knows how I could contact little Laura – maybe I could comfort her a little. Wonder if she like cigars? ; )

  17. This ‘kid’ got elected, so HD14 gets what they deserve,, and
    he’s already got HALF a dozen draft
    bills to kick out, while other mature
    veteran GOP legislators have one or two…this ‘kid’ is a real ‘gem’..

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