Johnson Defends Illegal Bonuses

The Billings Gazette has endorsed Linda McCulloch for Secretary of State this week.  The endorsement isn’t suprising.  McCulloch has done a great job in the office.

What is suprising is that Brad Johnson is still trying to defend his sullied record.

Johnson looted the SOS office by handing out giant bonuses to his political staff on his last day in office (also his first day in rehab for alcoholism), which is against the law.  Johnson appeared in the same Gazette story admitting that he accepted the finding that the bonuses were illegal “at face value.”

The Gazette writes:

But when McCulloch took office, she found that Johnson had promised about $58,000 in bonuses to nine of his appointed staff members who no longer worked for the office — bonuses that he directed to be paid after McCulloch took office. The bonuses were not paid after a state attorney advised her that payment would be illegal.

Johnson said in a recent interview that he did nothing wrong.


You can read the rest of the Gazette’s endorsement of McCulloch here.  The Gazette also endorsed Monica Lindeen and Pam Bucy this week.


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  1. Aware and Not Stupid | October 1, 2012 12:07 AM at 12:07 AM |

    I think it’s safe to say the looting went deeper than that Cowpie. Anybody looked in to how much time Stan Ulman (One of Leo Giacametto’s cronies) put in at the SOS office for the pay he received? Word on the street has it that Ulman is on his way back ‘in’ if Johnson pulls this off….

    • Was this one of the infamous Johnson half-timers? I remember BJ himself wasn’t able to make it in the office a fair amount. That wouldn’t surprise me a bit of he brought back his former staffers.

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