Momentum Continues for Gillan: New Congressional Ad Up

The momentum continues for Kim Gillan’s congressional campaign tonight. In addition to winning the second consecutive debate, Gillan also has a new ad up.  Here it is:


Daines meanwhile is having a harder and harder time hiding the fact that he’s marching lock-step with Paul Ryan while he’s  schmoozing in DC.  He even held an event with the TEA partier to troll for lobbyist cash.   Here’s the screenshot of the invite.

But back in Montana he’s trying to cover up his unpopular stances that will hurt Montanans — ending Medicare’s guaranteed benefits and slashing Pell grants.

He’s trying to distract voters from these key issue by running attack ads lying about Kim’s position on gun rights.  Of course, Daines piece of crap ad offers no sources–and how could he? Gillan has supported many gun  bills over the years and has been endorsed by the NRA in her legislative races.


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  1. LOL you say Kim Gillan won the debate? She is a horrible public speaker and debater, and last night certainly validated my opinion. Not only was she incredibly awkward the whole time, she kept stopping and restarting her answers, and definitely kept making the moderator think she was done speaking and he would try and move on. Nope, just a Kim Gillan brain fart.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure she literally said last night “I know the numbers I just can’t think of them right now”. HAHA I don’t care who you are, never ever say that in a publicized debate.

    Also, how can you say she won when she gave so much ammo to the Republicans? She called tax hikes “revenue enhancers” (drawing laughs from the crowd) and said she “doesn’t know what a job creator is”. Seriously? THIS is our candidate for US House that’s supposed to beat the Republicans?

    I’m as liberal as the next guy, but we really screwed up if we thought Kim Gillan would be able to beat a guy like Daines, who even though I don’t agree with him on policy, has some pretty damn good public speaking skills. It sounds like you guys here at MT Cowgirl must personally know Kim or something since you get all sore whenever she’s fails and the media picks up on it. Next time you see her, tell her to step up her game, for the good of all of us.

    • In a nutshell: State Senator Gillan focused on her empathy for most things great and small as a woman legislator while Daines repeatedly recited his hatred for all things Obama and gubmint.

    • Gillan clearly won the debate. Only a biased listener would see it differently.

  2. I too thought Gillan came out ahead in this debate. You can tell she actually cares about Montanans and is not just repeating the insurance companies’ talking points like Daines.

    • Neither one ventured beyond party talking points. There was no winner here. On the other hand regarding Romney – Obama, Andrew Sullivan writes:

      10.08 pm. Romney has somehow managed to turn healthcare into a fantasy decision between grim rationing bureaucrats versus patients and hospitals. It’s an amazingly good performance, given the facts and arguments he has to deploy. In response, Obama is stuttering, detailed, wonkish, ineffective.

      10.06 pm. I find myself bored silly by Obama…

      Perhaps Gillan needs to Romneyize her debate tactics.

  3. Daines’ firm took $15.1M from US:

    Bozeman-based RightNow, a maker of customer service software, last year counted among its customers more than 170 agencies — from the U.S. Air Force to the Departments of Transportation and Agriculture. Prior to its acquisition earlier this year by Oracle Corp, public sector and higher education customers accounted for an increasing share of RightNow’s revenue, regulatory filings show. Missoulian

  4. Daines was the VP of Asian Affairs, he didnt take anything from the United States Federal Government…

    not only that but the nature of the technology Rightnow sells is designed to make online searches faster and easier, the medicaire website alone recieves millions of inquiries daily, that would otherwise have to be answered by technicians. paid technicians. Steve acually saved the government time and money.

    with quotes like “i dont know what a job creator looks like” and “it’s not a tax it’s a revenue enhancer” you would have to be a partisan hack to think Gillan Won the debate….

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 8, 2012 3:49 PM at 3:49 PM |

      Um, I listened to the debate, and Mini Mitt (stevey boy) is the MASTER of the rightwing talking point. The dude didn’t say shit! But to be fair, I was NOT real impressed with Kim’s answers either. I thought the debate was pretty sad. You see, now candidates are afraid to say anything EXCEPT bullshit, and it shows.

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