Rick Hill Measuring Drapes?

From whispers I’ve heard, it sounds likely that Rick Hill has already enlisted Scott Mendenhall to run his transition operation, in the event Hill wins the election.

Mendenhall is a right-winger from Clancy, and served several terms in the legislature before being termed out a few years ago.  If the rumor is true, then Hill has chosen, as his chief advisor to begin a potential Hill administration, a man who believes that a woman who is raped and impregnated should be required by law to give birth to the rapist’s child.

And Hill shares this belief, by the way, even if the anti-choice Helena IR hasn’t given it much coverage (and don’t hold your breath).  So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he would enlist an anti-abortion zealot to begin assembling a gubernatorial administration, moot though that assignment may be.

Mendenhall has long been the darling of the religious right and is a fiery speaker at anti-choice events.  He says that conservative Christians must fight against “the extreme liberal left,” which he claims seeks to “undermine traditional family values.”  He also claims that women’s constitutional right to medical privacy is a “direct violation” of why America was founded. Mendenhall was an early endorser of the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Montana.

Mendenhall and his wife own an ultrasound business in Helena and Butte.  During the last session, Mendenhall sent his wife to testify in favor of a bill which would force women to undergo vaginal probe ultrasounds before they were allowed to terminate the pregnancy.

The last time, by the way, that Rick Hill was involved in a transition was in 2001, when he led Judy Martz’s transition policy team for economic development.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 3, 2012 8:02 AM at 8:02 AM |

    Sigh. Any of you out there old enough to remember when you didn’t even know or CARE what the other fella thought about religion? Now, we have dinks like this mendacioushall dude wearing JAYSUS on his sleeve! What a moron! Weak, weak minded individual. Therefore a PERFECT addition to mermaid man’s traditional family warrior club!

    Pubbies, STILL dumber than dogshit!

  2. WTF, Cowgirls? If you are so sure that your boy will win this race, why are you wasting time on speculating about who Hill’s staff will be and trying to discredit him?

  3. If Mendenall is doing the cabinet screenings we’ll have Dan mcGee running the Health Department, Derek Skees running transportation, an Arch Coal running the DEQ on contract. Look forward to Blue Cross and Mary Caferro partnering up to privatize Medicaid and disability services.

  4. Bullock shares the CowGirl’s belief that Hill will win the Governor’s race and just released a picture of his transition team. Here is the link: http://movingquote.unitedvanlines.com/?page=Page+1&kid=GOG0038173470&usid=0c162a32-072e-4adb-97de-6f89d6c32e2b

    In their first press release, Bullock’s transition just announced a money savings plan involving discount in office moves from the State Capital to Alzada.

  5. Cowgirlisnotagirl | October 3, 2012 9:10 PM at 9:10 PM |

    Mr. Cowgirl: Pro Life does not mean that Mr. Mendenhall “believes that a woman who is raped and impregnated should be required by law to give birth to the rapist’s child”-considering that only 1% of women who get abortions are raped. Your idea of “family values” is ridiculous. Additionally, a baby’s heart begins to beat at 5 weeks 2 days, (yours did, and will until the day you die), for a women to ignore this fact in contemplating an abortion is foolish.

    I think it’s safe to say your shakin’ in your boot a little because there’s about to be a big change come November:)

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 3, 2012 9:19 PM at 9:19 PM |

      Can Mr. Mendacioushall have an abortion?


      Maybe the dude is trying to find his inner woman! Ever think about that? Maybe he is a woman TRAPPED in a man’s body! He looks like he might be! ‘Cause if not, why is he so concerned about the health issues of women? He’s got his head where it don’t belong, up his ass and IN the affairs of others where it don’t belong!

    • Please site the sources for your claims.

    • You think this blogger must be a man because…??? Women are supposed to stay out of politics? Because you think women should stick to washing dishes? Because you are a sexist?? Gag.

    • Shorter sexist commentor “It’s okay to force women to have the rapists baby because there are more babies who are born to women who have not been raped.” You make no sense sir, and your entire comment reeks of your anti-woman bias.

    • Look just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you can go around posting their name on blog comments in an attempt to manipulate google results.

  6. are you saying that Mendenhall supports abortion rights in cases of rape and incest?

  7. The REAL issue is, which color will Hill choose for his drapes? This decision will have about as much bearing on Mendenhall’s ability to competently create a team to represent Hill’s stated mission for Montana as his personal beliefs. This is a Montana Governor’s race, not a Supreme Court hearing for Roe.
    – Pro-choice and Pro-Hill

    • Dear “Neigh,”

      The wheels are spinning, but the hamster’s already dead here. Thanks for confirming for us that the rumors about Mendenhall are true though. Bwahahahahaha!

    • The Governor will be key to vetoing or signing all bills. From anti-choice to anti-gay, secession, the gold standard, nullification, you name it. These are decisions a governor makes. If you think otherwise, take a civics class before you set up Hill’s cabinet.

      • At the risk of beating the dead hamster with a civics book…thankfully, this year we can vote against 120 and for Hill at the same time, while encouraging appointments that pay attention to the outcome.

        • Well, at least we know from fake comments like this that the GOP knows that it’s war on women is a giant liability. Rick Hill believes that rape victims must be forced to bear the rapists pregnancy and that puts him and his crew well outside the mainstream.

  8. Randy Rickman is

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