Viva Rick Hill

A new campaign ad parody is making the rounds on email this week. The spoof mocks the resemblance of Rick Hill’s new campaign ad to the Viva Viagra commercial.

Here’s the ad spoof:

And here’s the Viagra commercial:

Hill’s ad is reminiscent of the retired insurance executive’s attempt to embarrass himself by riding a motorcycle into a Missoula hotel filled with blue hairs gathered for the GOP state convention.  However, since the hotel does not allow people to ride motorcycles through its halls and ballrooms, Hill and the Montana GOP were prevented from suffering this humiliation.

By appearing on a motorcycle in the ad, Hill probably thought he would finally (if somewhat desperately) going to get a chance to make himself look hip and cool instead of aged–and perhaps win some younger voters.

But mimicking a Viagra ad will not work for this purpose. The Viagra ad is targeted at an older audience.  It’s message to older men is that Viagra will make them feel young when they are not.   And so, the only reaction Hill’s ad has inspired in young people is parody ads like this.



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  1. The extent to which you have to set up the straw man before knocking it down is more humerous to watch than the topic you are attempting to lampoon. Next time, note that effective humor usually dies not require multiple exhibits. If you have to connect all the dots, it usually means it is not funny.

  2. Whichever staffer convinced Rick Hill that he would look cool on his motorcycle has done the candidate a profound disservice and should be fired immediately.

  3. liberials beaware. you going to loose badly in a month. it is ok we conservatives will welcome you back in. your vision was wrong. it is ok to be wrong some of the time. Mitt will be president, Rick will be Gov, johnson will be SOS, Denny will be the Senator, Daines will be the rep. and so on.

    • oh goodie, the original author of Obama care – Massachusetts style, someone who will cheat on his wife with a cocktail waitress, a guy who thinks it’s okay to drive from Bozeman to Helena WASTED drunk, where do I start with Denny, and lastly someone who bemoans government waste and yet has taken millions in federal $ for his firm. quite the slate there, YEA RIGHT!! (oh and, it should be “liberals” “be ware” “lose.” But you probably don’t believe in public funding of education for things like spelling, reading, writing or arithmetic)

  4. Sure, the original was hokey, with the bike obviously sped up, but sheesh…

    How can it be that a cheesy paste job, by some “Mike Smith” guy, who joined You Tube on Sunday, is all you can find for a topic?

  5. This is what happens when your candidate is a joke.

  6. Interesting that Rick Hill chose to rent a Harley for this ad instead of driving the BMW with the extra low seat he actually owns.

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 9, 2012 12:59 PM at 12:59 PM |

    Warning: If your interest in voting for Mermaid Man lasts longer than four hours, see a doctor immediately…… a PSCHY doctor!


    God that’s a funny commercial!

  8. my two cents on Hill’s ad. Lots of flashy photography to distract from the lack of substance. Just what will Hill do to create jobs? He doesn’t say. ALso, its just dripping with mid-life crises angst. Not the image I’d want if I”d left my wife and kids at home and hooked up with a Sip N Dip mermaid.

  9. Rick Hill’s comment that “marijuana” is Montana’a largest law enforcement challenge means he is intellectually unfit to be governor.

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