GOP Candidate Threatens “Republican blood will flow in the streets”

A Bozeman TEA Party candidate for public service commission is threatening that “Republican blood will flow in the streets” if party leaders don’t stop rank-and-file Republicans from speaking out against him.

In an email circulated by Roger Koopman this week to GOP party leaders, Koopman expressed his outrage that three Republican legislators have endorsed John Vincent, Koompan’s democratic opponent for PSC.  Koopman writes:

I would like to call upon the executive board to take immediate action to stop any further hemoraging[sic], by publicly censuring Jesse O’Hara.  Otherwise, we have not seen the end of this.  It will not end until Republican blood is flowing in the streets. I can assure you I will certainly not tolerate any more of this.  Not for a minuite. [sic]


Koopman is referring to quotes from Rep. Jesse O’Hara (R-Great Falls) that appeared in a flier supporting his opponent.  The flyer is entitled “The Real Roger Koopman! Quotes from Repulbican State Rep. Jesse O’Hara, Great Falls.” It includes the following quotes:

“I would have to rank Koopman as one of the most ineffective and divisive people I have ever been around.”

“In one of our committee meetings we had to restrain him from beating up one of the people testifying.”

“If people want a commissioner who will keep things stirred up so that nobody works together, and everybody is often fighting, and things are in chaos, Roger Koopman is your man.”

Jesse O’Hara, Gary MacLaren, and Walt McNutt have all publicly endorsed John Vincent for PSC.  Another prominent Republican, Bob Brown has given Vincent money.  And word on the street is that both Alan Olson and Harry Klock — the chairs of the Senate and House energy committees that oversee the PSC — have privately told Republicans that they’ll be voting for Vincent because Koopman is, according to one of them, “another Brad Molnar, only worse.”

This is not the first time Koopman has declared war on the Republican establishment.  He’s a former legislator who was the Derek Skees of his day.

In an opinion piece entitled “Is the conservative mandate derailed before leaving the station?”, Koopman expressed outrage over the lack of leadership bones thrown to the GOP’s hard-right ideologues.  Koopman believed that the TEA Party delivered the GOP a “a powerful conservative mandate” in the November elections and owed the TEA Party some payback.  In the past, Koopman has put out a conservative purity test for state legislators.  He’s also had a half dozen PACs operating in past cycles to support primary challenges against Republican candidates who don’t meet his hard right standards.

Koopman’s entire email to Bowen Greenwood, the Executive Director of the state Republican Party, can be read below. The ad Koopman mentions is the above flyer:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Roger Koopman <>
Date: Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 7:10 PM
Subject: O’Hara attacks Republican for PSC
To: Bowen Greenwood <>



I would appreciate you forwarding this character assassination Vincent (by Rep. Jesse O’Hara) to the state board.  Needless to say, O’Hara’s statement about me wanting to “beat up” a committee witness is an absurd, boldfaced lie.  I never even got angry as a legislator, let alone threaten violence! He might as well have said I had sprouted three heads with horns, and had fathered 50 illegitimate kids in southeast Asia….

Bowen, this is getting WAYYYYYY out of hand in a big hurry.  Vincent has another ad schedued in the dailies for Wednesday.  This treachery threatens to tear our entire party apart.

I would like to call upon the executive board to take immediate action to stop any further hemoraging[sic], by publicly censuring Jesse O’Hara.  Otherwise, we have not seen the end of this.  It will not end until Republican blood is flowing in the streets. I can assure you I will certainly not tolerate any more of this.  Not for a minuite[sic].  I am being defamed, and both my political and professional/business life destroyed.

The state party needs to step in.  And long term, we need to establish some poilicies[sic] and official sanctions for this kind of despicable behavior.  In the meantime, everything must be done to stop this from continuing.

Please pass this email along, together with the infamous Vincent-O’Hara ad. I hope there is no further hesitancy in taking firm action.  Thank you.



Posted: October 13, 2012 at 11:05 am

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44 thoughts on “GOP Candidate Threatens “Republican blood will flow in the streets”

  1. Gallowsframeguy

    The chickens come home to roost for former Rep. Koopman. You cannot spreads the seeds of division and hatred for years without having to deal with the resulting crop. Reasonable Republicans (a declining breed that would be “none” if Koopman had his way) see through Koopman’s smiles to see the despot beneath the surface.

  2. lisa o'conner

    Koopman used to keep a potted tree on his desk on the House Floor of the Montana legislature. He called it the “Liberty Tree” and would dramatically pace around pulling leaves off it whenever a bill passed that wasn’t extremist enough for his liking.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    Glad to see Walt McNutt doing so. He is a good man. He is unafraid to take on the kookmans in his party. Any real Republicans in the party need to step up as these guys have done.

    1. Paul S.

      BWahahahahahaha! Looks like this guy has also called for censure against the Montana Supreme Court. Probably Rob your blog is on this list Koopman keeps of what he calls “hate bloggers” I guess the question to ask is, who HASN’T he called for censure against?

  4. Rob Kailey

    I’ve been looking for links but online newspaper archives are not what they could be. Still …

    Back in 2007-2008, Koopman decided not to run for Governor (bummer), and announced that he would run for a third term in HD70 … Except that he never filed the paperwork to run. There was much discussion at that point that A) Koopman was being shut down by his own party due to his antics, B) Koopman had lost the support of the local party wingnuts like Sales and Sinrud, and C) Koopman’s own wingnut supporters were advocating that a representative must live in the district s/he represents. Roger does not live in HD70, not by many miles. (This last is somewhat important to me given that here in HD64, Tom Woods(D) who lives in the district is running against a Republican who lives in Belgrade.) Still, Koopman’s failure to run was a bit of a surprise, a happy one no doubts.

    Then, in 2010, Koopman got caught with his anti-government hands in the government cookie jar. I didn’t blog it, but Montana Cowgirl did, at Left in the West.

    And finally, who could forget Roger’s blatant abuse of poor poor plants. He kept a plant on his desk that he called “The Liberty Tree”. When the legislature would pass something he called “un-democratic” or “anti-Freedom” (like the State Budget!) he would pull leaves from the plant. When the legislature did things that Roger liked, like condemn the Patriot Act, he would claim that “The Tree of liberty” was blooming. What did this dipstick do, super glue the leaves back on?

    I like John Vincent, and I don’t know what he ever did such that Koopman has a crusade to challenge him in any position he holds. But, if I’m being truthful, I kinda want to see Koopman win. If people thought that the struggle between Kavulla and Molner was entertainingly epic, just wait until Travis gets his hands on the Lie Monkey.

    1. Kenneth Kailey

      the most telling issue for Koopman was his well reported support for the “6,000 year old earth” belief. How could anyone that honestly believes the that the earth is 6,000 years old sit on a board that monitors and deals with such things as mining, energy and resource management. He is an idiot and I do NOT want to see him on the panel even if it would give Travis fits of apoplexy.

      1. James Conner

        Not to worry. I’m sure some young earthers, perhaps even RK, will assure us that fossil fuels were created pre-aged or the functional equivalent thereof.

        If somehow RK wins, the PSC’s name can be shortened to Public Commission.

  5. Dan T.

    Koopman wants “censure” for anyone who speaks against him, but when he spoke against his fellow republicans, ran mailers against them, held press conferences, had 10 different PACs to get them unelected etc —that was perfectly okay I guess.

  6. Dave Skinner

    I’m sorry to say this, but even though J O Hara is a RINO, Koopman has worked assidiously to wreck plenty of real Republicans. He has never figured when to declare victory and back off, and therefore hurt the GOP brand. That he now asks a double-standard be implemented merely affirms his lack of awareness.
    What a shame.

    1. Rob Kailey

      Perhaps you could tell us what is a “real” Republican, and why Roger Koopman is not? The “double standard” you write of seems merely “Republican” to most of us who are not.

    2. Jan Thomas

      I believe I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the GOP litmus test.

      1-Love of conspiracy theories
      2-Hatred of women
      3-Belief that poor people are lazy and stupid.

      Oh, and a belief that circumstances are always different when the Republican takes government money, gets government contracts, or breaks the law.

      1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

        Jan, good list. But you accidentally left OUT the most important Pubbie trait. And that is, get yourself a QUIVERfull of little inbred reetards! Without a full quiver, you’ll never meet JAYsus!

        You see, the BIGGEST Pubbie fear is that women will be ALLOWED to control their own fertility! And that’s a big no no in Pubbie land!

        Oh sure, it’s insane. But so are they! For insanity is NOT allowing women to control their own fertility! Women should NOT be in charge of reproduction, for they’re too weak. MEN need to take charge of that. Oh, and GOD! And GOD says poop OUT as many of them little inbred arrows as you can! It’s one of God’s laws that the Inbreds for JAYsus always refer to!

  7. Aware and Not Stupid

    I hope folks are smart enough to understand that Koopman is NOT a Republican, never has been. Why in the world he runs on the party ticket is beyond any common sense anyone would have, he’s no more a Republican than John Bohlinger is, so why don’t these folks run as who they really are and stop trying to deceive the public with labels and party stands that they don’t support.

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers


      He’s YOUR boy, Beware I’m Stoopid!

      … they ALL are! You OWN them, dude! Don’t try to weasel OUT of your responsibilities! Makes you look like an ignernt WHINER!

      There IS no longer a Pubbie Party exCEPT for the inbreds and racist fundiwackmentalists! You’re ALL Pastor Bulbdims now!


      Hope this helps.

    2. Jan Thomas

      Koopman is running on the republican ticket. By what measure are you saying he is not a republican? He was a republican legislator for years!

  8. Aware and Not Stupid

    Larry the only real difference between you and Kookman is to the best of my knowledge he doesn’t have a filthy mouth, other than that you’re as goofy as he is. Neither one of you have ever had two brain cells that ever got together to make a reasonable statement on anything.

    Kookman was the guy who tried to throw Sen. Dave Lewis under the bus and find one of his nuts job right winger friends to take Dave on in a primary and we know what that got him! Dave’s still a Senator and ol’ Roger is whisteling through his britches trying to get elected to the PSC!

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Now THAT’S the spirit, Beware! Let your inner Biden out! That is what REAL debate is all about! But you just happen to be wrong. Here, allow me.

      You see, in the Dem Party, we accept ALL our folks! I can’t remember ONE Dem that was so wacky that we wanted to kick them out!

      That does NOT happen with you Pubbies! You guys really DO have a big tent, a bit WACKO tent!

      If you’all were serious, you’d rid the party of Birther Bob, Wendy Wharpedburpin’, and all the OTHER moore’ons! But you don’t. In fact, you don’t even CENSOR them!

      Good GOD, man! Look at the latest by this idiot David Howard who’s calling for a “civil war” if O’Bama is elected! You dudes eat that shit UP with a spoon, for it rallies the inbred base!…..and you know it.

      You guys have LESS nuts than the NEWSpapers in this state! And that’s real sad, Beware.

          1. Craig Moore

            Gosh, I can’t believe you are that dense. Have you not read B-birds and their attacks on Tester and Obama?

          2. Craig Moore

            In addition to B-birds there was Markos Moulitsas who took health bites from Tester:

            Not only will I do absolutely nothing to help his reelection bid, but I will take every opportunity I get to remind people that he is so morally bankrupt that he’ll try to score political points off the backs of innocent kids who want to go to college or serve their country in the military

            And there was Montana Democratic National Committeewoman Jean Lemire Dahlman who said about Tester:

            I think he’s alienated his base in the progressive Democrat circles and he’s going to definitely have a lot of explaining to do

              1. Craig Moore

                HV, did you read the question? B-birds, MM, and Jean Lemire Dahlman are only 3 examples of the important Dem Who. There are more.

  9. Grandma Jeanie

    Yet more evidence that the Republican Party is still embroiled in the establishment vs TEA Party fight, which means the polarization and wackiness from the 2011 legislature is going to be back with a vengeance.

    Can you imagine the rampage Koopman is going to go on if he loses this race?

  10. Yvette

    Roger Koopman has an anger management problem. He is a lunatic on wheels and is not fit to hold public office. Every action he took, bill he sponsored, and vote he took was motivated by revenge or the desire to punish someone–women, the poor, members of his own party.

  11. R.W.

    Bowen did forward this to the state board. Is that because he’s supporting Koopman on this? That’s the question,


    It’s in fact very difficult in this full of activity life to listen news on Television, so I simply use world wide web for that reason, and take the hottest news.

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