GOP Candidate Told School Children that the Earth is 4,000 Years Old

Is Now Running for State’s Top Energy Post; Says His Critics are Bigoted

Bases Beliefs on “Scientific Investigation”

I was reminded today about an amusing yet distressing incident in 2006, when Roger Koopman told a crowd of school children in Bozeman that the earth is between 4,000 and 6,000 years old.

Koopman was then a state legislator.   He is now running for the Montana Public Service Commission, which has regulatory authority over many of Montana’s energy and climate policies, and other policy areas that are supposed to be informed by science.

An Associated Press reporter recorded the incident, which was instigated by Brian Schweitzer, the Governor.  Schweitzer was speaking to the assembly of elementary school children about global warming and energy policy, and saw Koopman in the crowd, so he decided to have some fun.  As was reported at the time:

Speaking to a crowd of school children, parents and teachers in Bozeman on Friday about global warming, Schweitzer asked how many in the crowd thought the Earth was hundreds of millions of years old. Most of the children in the audience raised their hands.

He then asked how many believed the planet was less than a million years old. At least two people, including Koopman, who was in the crowd, raised their hands.

During an interview later with the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Schweitzer noted Koopman‘s response. He said some people believe the planet is only 4,000 to 6,000 years old, despite geological evidence to the contrary.

Schweitzer said he needs support from a state Legislature that will help move Montana‘s agenda forward, ”not people who think the Earth is 4,000 years old.”

Koopman called the comments insulting.

In a later interview, Koopman said that the criticism was “bigoted” and that his belief as to the age of the planet earth “is not based on his faith but on his scientific investigations.”  It would be nice to see Jon Vincent, Koopman’s opponent for the PSC seat, remind voters that Roger Koopman is a half sandwich shy of a picnic.

Then again, it shouldn’t really surprise anybody that the GOP’s nominee for this office would hold such beliefs.  The Montana GOP is highly concerned with religious doctrine.  Here is a series of tweets made last week by the director of the state Republican Party:



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  1. Global warming is a myth used by the Demorats to support their job killing agenda. A new radio program speaks the truth!

  2. Any politician adhering to a young earth belief is not fit for any sort of public office . In almost all cases it shows a willingness to disregard the empirical in favor of a philosophical dogma. To them, what we typically agree is the “truth” is irrelevant. How can we expect a public representative to interprate the Montana around them and make decisions based on that interpretation when they intellectually overwhelmed by fourth grade science? It’s a deal breaker .

    But the real sin is, it cheapens Montana. The country of southwest Montana he has sought to represent is intermountain

  3. Valleys of block and fault. With ranges millions of years old and billion year old rock. Millions of years of life and ten thousand years of human activity. It’s a hell of a lot more interesting than koopman’s theory: Poof! Magic!

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 14, 2012 8:05 AM at 8:05 AM |

    People, people, PEOPLE! You just don’t get it, DO you! You see, you ARE bigots! Kookman is just expressing the law, GOD’S law! Lex Rex, baby! The law is king. GOD’S law is King! It’s all there, in the greatest law book ever written, the BIBLE!

    You see, there are two ways of looking at the world. The right way and the wrong way. The good way and the evil way. God’s way and Satan’s way. The Holy way and the most foul secular way! The way that leads to heaven and the heathen way that leads straight to HELL!

    We all must choose the path we want to go. Do you want to beleive God, or do you want to believe those evil scientists and all their evil science designed to lead the righteeous asstray? Do you accept God, or science? Do you have faith, or doubt? Well, KOOKMAN has made his choice! He does NOT want to go asstray! So, his entire world view is Theocentric! He can ONLY view the world through God! And God tol’ him plenty!

    Sure, it’s goofy as hell, but then again EVERY thing the Fundis believe is pure horseshit! But HEY, it’s what they believe! If they want to believe all that horseshit, who are we to make FUN of them for doing so? That makes us bigots!

    But the PROBLEM we run into is that when they turn this Theocentric nonsense to OTHER areas other than science, THEN the problems arise! When they start imposing that horseshit nonsense to EVERY aspect of our lives, we must object. And that is exactly what they do!

    Kookman is unfit for office, as is ANYONE who views the world through Theocentric baloney, for we are NOT a theocracy! And the Talibanegicals have a very hard time accepting that! If you truly believe that the earth is four thousand years old, then you are simply an ignorant asshole, and thereby unFIT to hold public office!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 14, 2012 8:46 AM at 8:46 AM |

      Real sounds of the human anus captured on tape!

      God created the human anus for a purpose, HIS purpose, so please try not to laugh.

      The human anus, as with ALL of God’s creation, is a thing of beauty, for God created it. It’s by His hand that we have this marvelous creation. It did NOT evolve. He created the human anus full blown in all its Glory! Hence, if we view the world through the human anus, we are viewing God’s work. It’s truly a wonder to behold, the world viewed through the human anus. Almost divine! In fact, when I hear Mr. Kookman speak, I can’t help but see God’s handiwork in a human anus!

    • This fool wants to be put in charge of real things, yet he is standing up and saying that true things are not true. That’s not a “religious issue,” that’s a learning disability.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 14, 2012 10:54 AM at 10:54 AM |

        Actually, there’s a term for what he believes. It’s calle anocentric. He TALKS out his ass, and views the WORLD out his ass too! Lotta that going around now days. It’s the new Dark Ages. No WONDER the Ayrabs are laffing their asses off at Murca, for they might just have to save civilization AGAIN as they did during the Dark Ages! And this is real sad, for it didn’t have to be this way.

        And what’s doubly sad is that this horseshit is being taught to children as fact! That’s scary, for teaching children that they can’t handle the TRVTH is child abuse, and NOT conducive to democracy! Horseshit has NO place in public schools! Keep it in the wacko schools! That’s where it belongs!

  5. Koopman’s evidence must be pretty awesome evidence if it refutes 4,499,994,000 years of the Earth’s 4,500,000,000-year history. What could that evidence possibly be, unless there was a 13th apostle with a camcorder we don’t know about.

  6. I love how he says he bases his beliefs on “scientific evidence.” Perhaps he also bases his belief that the moon is made of green cheese on his anecdotal conversations with the dairy industry. Koopman and Tom Burnett must have been in the same homeschool science class together back in the day.

  7. Yep… this was the article I was talking about. Once I read that, there was never any chance that I would ever support the Lie Monkey in anything.

  8. The earth isn’t 4,000 years old. It is a lie to say so. But it is a psychiatric disorder to actually believe it.

  9. There are plenty of religious people who understand science and get that the biblical creation timeline is a metaphor, not literal.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 14, 2012 1:54 PM at 1:54 PM |

      Jan, the Talibanegicals claim to have a membership of sixty million in this country, if you believe them. That AIN’T a small number. And then, throw in the fascist catholics, and that makes quite a large voting block. In fact, there are LOTS of ex-catholics who have joined the ranks of the wackos.

  10. Jan,

    Unlike a lot of non-Christians, I do not believe that all Christians are idiots or nutcases. I am a firm believer in the idea that spirituality is an important part of life. In fact, it is my own spirituality that has helped me through some rather rough times.

    That said, the current nutcase, ultra religious, fanatical Christian movement in the US scares the living hell out of me. We are not all that far removed from the Inquisition and burning witches at the stake. The idea that this form of fanatical Christianity is inserting itself into politics should be a red flag for Christians and Non-Christians alike. The idea that these ultra fanatical beliefs are being taught in schools should cause an outcry the likes of which slavery caused in the 1800’s.

    There are three posts on Stonekettle station that should be read by everyone that deminstrate my point –

    As long as we enable things like this by quiet disregard, we are part of the problem. It is beholden to each and every one of us to condemn this fanaticism – especially when it occurs in the name of our own belief system – or we are allowing by inaction these people to change the very fabric of our society to something regressive, and not to point to fine a point on it… dangerous.

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 14, 2012 2:26 PM at 2:26 PM |

    They just can’t help themselves. These Pubbies are some real moore’ons! Inbred, racist, and ignernt.

  12. This is a bigoted post, cowgirl. How dare you make fun of a persons’s religous beliefs you ought to be ashamed of yourself. One day you will be judged, is all that I will say.

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