The Foul 57

Republican candidates across the county have tried to distance themselves from Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., who believes that rape victims should be forced to give birth and said that victims of “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

That’s been much more difficult for GOPers in Montana.

A whopping 57 candidates for the Montana legislature actually voted for an amendment to the Montana Constitution to ban abortion, under all circumstances, with no exception for rape or incest.  Sen. Debby Barrett (R-Dillon) was one of them, as democratic challenger Richard Turner of Dillan smartly points out in a mail piece (pictured).

The forced birth for rape victims amendment  cleared the house and the senate with 96 votes. All Republicans voted for it except Lila Evans.  However, because it takes a 2/3 vote of 150 legislators to amend the constitution,  the amendment failed by only four votes.

Below the fold is the list of current legislative candidates who voted in favor of forced births for victims of rape and incest.  Check it out to see if your legislator is on it–I’ve alphabetized the list by town.

Shamefully, Jonathan Windy Boy and Gene Vuckovich also made the list. To be sure, there are many more GOP candidates for legislature who share these beliefs but weren’t in the 2011 session–like Scott Sales. There are also many more Republican legislators who voted for this but aren’t up for re-election this year.

 Rick Hill, Steve Daines, and Tim Fox all support Akin’s position.  Rehberg was an early major donor to Akin.

Gene Vuckovich D Senate District 43 Anaconda
Scott M. Reichner R House District 09 Bigfork
Elsie Arntzen R Senate District 27 Billings
Douglas (Doug) Kary R House District 48 Billings
Cary Smith R House District 55 Billings
Jonathan Windy Boy D Senate District 16 Box Elder
Tom Burnett R House District 63 Bozeman
Gordon (Gordy) Vance R House District 67 Bozeman
Ted Washburn R House District 69 Bozeman
Rob Cook R House District 27 Brady
Roy Hollandsworth R House District 28 Brady
Lee Randall R House District 39 Broadus
Ryan Osmundson R House District 29 Buffalo
Sterling Small R House District 41 Busby
Max Yates R House District 74 Butte
Christy Clark R House District 17 Choteau
Duane Ankney R House District 43 Colstrip
Jerry O’Neil R House District 03 Columbia Falls
Austin Knudsen R House District 36 Culbertson
Janna Taylor R Senate District 06 Dayton
Debby Barrett R Senate District 36 Dillon
Jeffrey Welborn R House District 72 Dillon
Steve Gibson R House District 78 East Helena
Mike Cuffe R House District 02 Eureka
Edward Greef R House District 90 Florence
Matthew M. Rosendale, Sr R Senate District 19 Glendive
Jesse O’Hara R House District 18 Great Falls
Steve Fitzpatrick R House District 20 Great Falls
Brian Hoven R House District 24 Great Falls
Cleve Loney R House District 25 Great Falls
Pat Connell R House District 87 Hamilton
Ron Ehli R House District 88 Hamilton
Kris Hansen R House District 33 Havre
Wendy Warburton R House District 34 Havre
Liz Bangerter R House District 80 Helena
Mike Miller R House District 84 Helmville
Taylor Brown R Senate District 22 Huntley
Jonathan McNiven R House District 44 Huntley
Joanne G. Blyton R House District 59 Joliet
Bruce Tutvedt R Senate District 03 Kalispell
Keith Regier R House District 05 Kalispell
Randy Brodehl R House District 07 Kalispell
Steve Lavin R House District 08 Kalispell
Krayton Kerns R House District 58 Laurel
Gerald (Jerry) Bennett R House District 01 Libby
Dan Skattum R House District 62 Livingston
Champ Edmunds R House District 100 Missoula
Bill Harris R House District 30 Mosby
David Howard R House District 60 Park City
Daniel R. Salomon R House District 12 Ronan
Joe Read R House District 15 Ronan
Tom Berry R House District 45 Roundup
John Brenden R Senate District 18 Scobey
Mark Blasdel R House District 10 Somers
Pat Ingraham R House District 13 Thompson Falls
Kelly Flynn R House District 68 Townsend
Rick Ripley R Senate District 09 Wolf Creek



21 Comments on "The Foul 57"

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2012 7:31 AM at 7:31 AM |

    Problem is that most people don’t understand just how crazy evil these sick, perverted, twisted Pubbies bastards really are unTIL they get their craziness passed. And then it’s too late.

    A little background worth a read. How ’bout joint custody with the rapist, and visitation rights? Great idea, huh?

    Sick, sick, perverted bastards these Pubbbies!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2012 7:43 AM at 7:43 AM |

      And ladies,

      Teach, your girl children well
      Their mother’s hell is surely near by
      And feed them on your dreams
      The ones they pick
      They’ll surely grow by.

      Don’t ever let them ask you why
      You simply stood by
      And let their dreams die
      ‘Cause you know they love you.

  2. Rick Santorum now says his top priority is putting down gay people–even over abortion.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2012 8:04 AM at 8:04 AM |

    The Family Policy Institute?? A bunch of evil, sick, twisted, perverted, wacko, christofascists PROSTITUTING the words of Jesus for political gain! So full of hate! America’s own Talibanegicals!

    I would consider them dangerous, but I have too much faith in America, and alREADY you see what they’ve done to Christianity. They are destroying it!

    But you see, THIS is what happens when legitimate mainstream religions allow the nazi snake handlers to freely operate with no pushback. Christianity itself is the loser. And that’s real sad. For you see, there is much to learn and appreciate from our diverse mixture of all the world’s religions that exist in this country. There is much good to be gleaned. And the hatred from these fundiwackos leaves a bad taste for ALL religion in Americans mouths!

  4. Guess what the new anti-abortion bill is gonna’ be next session: Spousal consent.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2012 8:17 AM at 8:17 AM |

      Butte gal, I like you, I really do. But you see, you just don’t get it!

      It AIN’T your body, lady! It’s GOD’S body! It belongs to G-O-D! And if you knew anything about the Bible, you’d understand that God put M-E-N in charge! Remember what you’re MADE outta! That’s a good place to start! (You guys are kinda like a nice afterthought, a companion. That’s all.)

      You see, women have gotten just a little too uppity for God. You’ve forgotten the natural order of things. So now, he’s puttin’ things right! He’s blessed all these godly men to get things back on track! Get it? GOT it!

      So, IF a woman is raped, she MUST get permission from her rapist before she gets an abortion. Yes, that little raped bean inside her is a person in god’s own image, and therefore, subject to god’s law, or as it is termed, natural law as divined by natural men, men being the operative word here. It’s nature! And ya just can’t fight mother nature!

      So, I hope this helps your understand. I hope it does, but I know that you women have a hard time understanding natural law because of your inherent insufficiencies. That’s why I try to help. It’s my duty as a godly man! Wow! I can see nature from my front porch!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 17, 2012 10:12 AM at 10:12 AM |

        HERE’S what I’m talkin’ about, Butte Gal! Oh sure, he’s SEEMS like a Mooreon, and he is! But he’s a GODLY Mooreon! And he’s quite right. You see, after this horrific disaster befell our country (the election of a darky), sumthin’ happened. We’re ALL texassians now! We’re ALL slaves to the Dark One! We’re ALL screwed!

        I think that this godly man articulates our situation quite well. All we need to do is put GOD back into our country, and we’ll get back to the natural order of things! It’s black and white! Simple really. Need an answer? Well, simply open UP the greatest law book ever sold, the good ol’ Buybull! Seek and you shall find that a fool and his money are soon parted!

  5. It’s worth mentioning that –LR 120, the parental notification measure on the ballot, contains no exception for rape or incest.

  6. Methinks Cowgirl talks about abortion and “choice” so as to distract from her party’s losing stance on the real issues of our time.

    • And what issue is that? More importantly, since you are obviously a Republican agent, what would your party do about “the real issues of our time”?

      Personally, I think the greatest issue facing the US right now is Corporatism and the Republicants are the agents of that movement. That is not to say that Democrats also buy into the incorporation of American Politics and Economy, but the charge is being primarily led by the Republicants.

      • It’s republicans who force this to be an issue– they are the ones who introduced a record number of anti abortion bills last session. Not a single dem brought a single abortion bill.

        • Piggybacking off of HV’s comment,

          All the Republicants do is talk about the “real issues”. Evidence:

          Rehberg’s and Daines’ blather about jobs and the economy. Yet the Republicants left Washington having killed Bipartisan job bills, and can’t even find time to pass the Farm Bill. All Rehberg seems truly interested in is saving statues and handing prime Montana real estate over to Homeland Security.

          Debby Barrett ran on protecting and promoting good jobs for Beaverhead County, and then introduced a bill that would restrict fishing access when sports tourism is that county’s second largest industry.

          Tom Burnett runs on his ‘business acumen’ and yet only seems concerned that poor children are being turned into entitled moochers. They should dumpster dive and be ready to go hungry.

          The Lie Monkey Koopman talks about how we need fiscal responsibility and job creation from the PSC, but like Eric Cartman as hall monitor (RESPECT MY AUTHORITAY!) all his campaign is about is meeting attendance.

          These are not serious people. Their talk of “real issues” is just lie after lie.

  7. Had to laugh like hell:

    And at the Staggering Ox, Dan Campbell, 51, a chemist who moved home from Denver to care for his elderly parents, found Tester’s appearance to be wanting as well. Campbell, who is leaning toward voting for Obama and Rehberg, said he wanted more details about how the two parties would work together on real solutions for the economy, and instead Tester “didn’t say a damn thing.”Seattle Times

  8. Hell freezes over:

    The Gazette editorial board recommends Tester as the candidate best able to work across the aisle and get important things done for Montana and the country.

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