Pssst….Tim Fox, Your Ideology is Showing

This week, the GOP candidate for attorney general admitted that he’s deliberately avoiding speaking in public about where he stands.  If voters find out what he believes, he’ll be “attacked” for it, he told political podcaster Kevin Hamm.  When a candidate believes this is his best strategy, you know his views stray pretty far afield from those that would appeal to main street voters.

You can read the story on Hamm on Wry here. 

As Intelligent Discontent points out, Fox isn’t just avoiding media interviews–he’s also ducked six candidate forums.  Fox’s entire campaign is based around television ads bought by the insurance industry and cigarette companies who have been found guilty of harming Montana consumers.  This is how Fox likes it.  This way, no one can ask him tough questions about what he really believes.

Though he’s tried to hide his positions, we do have some clues that Fox is a hard-right ideologue.  Fox supports forced birth for rape victims.  But 75 percent of the public do not, polls show.  He’s also worked as an attorney for notoriously anti-gay groups, as From Eternity to Here recently uncovered.

Montanans have a right to know what Tim Fox is hiding before they vote.  If Tim Fox isn’t willing to talk to voters about what he believes, then he doesn’t belong in elected office.


4 Comments on "Pssst….Tim Fox, Your Ideology is Showing"

  1. Fox’s behavior highlights a real problem with the modern republican party. If he comes out as a birther, he’ll lose independent voters. But if he claims he’s not a birther, he’ll alienate his TEA Party base. If he admits he believes the earth is 4,000 years old, he’ll become a national laughingstock, but if he says he supports science, the loses the religious right.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 18, 2012 9:36 PM at 9:36 PM |

    Tiny tim is a Marky Ratco appointeee! That’s really all you need to know about the dude. Ratco SCOURED Montana and beyond for the most venal, the most corrupt, the most sleaziest, cheesiest, weaseliest shizerbags around so’s he could promote is agenda of sticking it to Montana! Dereg anyone??

    Tiny tim should be laffed off the political stage, as should Mermaid Munchkin Man lil’ ricky! That’s ALL we need is more dereg type policies!

  3. Aware and Not Stupid | October 20, 2012 10:26 AM at 10:26 AM |

    Fox doesn’t NEED to talk to the press, his poll numbers are ahead enough that it would be a foolish move on his part to give his opponent any name recognition or reason to attack him. This race is in the bag and Tin Fox is the next Montana Attorney General, it’s not rocket science Cowpie, it’s called brilliant political stratedgy and you know it.

    • “It’s not rocket science Cowpie…..” Apparently not grammar either, “Aware and Not Stupid” (such an appropriate name, by the way). Neither AG candidate is very impressive to me. Fox doesn’t NEED to talk to the press, but it sure would be nice to know his positions on issues. Bucy’s positions are inconsistent. This election’s ballot presents us with a host of bad choices.

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