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  1. Steve Bullock is a bigger man.

  2. Haha. Hill totally turns around and books outa there when Bullock stands up.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 18, 2012 7:26 PM at 7:26 PM |

    STICK WITH MERMAIDS, DUFUS!…..or maybe your ex-wife!

  4. Bullock has come across as an ackward dufus in each debate. Looks like Kalispell was no difference.

  5. This was pathetic and proves the Bullock is not fit to lead. Trying to use bullying tactics is not what we need or want in a Governor.

    Just imagine if his opponent had been a 5’2″ woman – would he try to use his bigger size to his advantage and to threaten just because he didn’t like what was being said against him?

    Any woman seeing this and voting for Bullock is insane.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 18, 2012 9:31 PM at 9:31 PM |

      “Any woman seeing this and voting for Bullock is insane.”

      Thas right. Any woman who KNOWS that Mermanid Munchkin’ Man TOLD his wife to get lost when she showed up in the Sip and Dip with kids in tow should really be mad at Bullock! I mean, Mermaid Munchkin Man is all about family values and respecting women, right?…………Seems that lil’ ricky was a leetle more interested in MERMAID tail than family values THAT night!


      Too funny, ZooDumb!

      • Larry, my butt ranger friend, once again you fail to address the issue.

        Where did someone mention family values?

        I just mentioned bullying and you immediately go off on a straw man tangent – not too unusual for you when you have no solid data to present.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 19, 2012 7:14 AM at 7:14 AM |

          No, ZooDumb, you got nothing but a dumb rightwing fundi talking point! And one that you don’t use very well! JUST because Bullock stood up and confronted Mermaid Munchkin Man who was getting in his face, he’s a threat to women? Too funny, ZooDumb. Get off the AFR channel, dufus, for your two brain cells are shrinking!

          Look, it’s like this, ZooDumb. Any woman who thinks the Pubbies are their friends is NOT real bright to begin with! They have NOT been paying attention. And you know that but you still play dumb!

        • So let’s get this straight. You concern troll that Bullock would have bullied a woman in an alternate universe and conclude that women shouldn’t vote for him. Right? And then, when Larry disagrees with you about how women should vote, you call him a “butt ranger”? As I’m certain you’re aware that’s one of the more derogatory terms used by homophobes and sexists alike to demean men and GBLT males. Hypocrite much?

          I am impressed, though, ZooDem. That is some kinda high quality stupid right there.

  6. Any woman not voting for Bullock is insane : )

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 19, 2012 7:27 AM at 7:27 AM |

    Rick hill, Montana’s OWN Bunga Bunga Boy!
    Hey, ricky, bunga bunga! bhwhahahahahaa!


    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 19, 2012 7:50 AM at 7:50 AM |

      p.s. JUST because one has one’s HEAD up one’s ass does NOT make one a gynecologist! Just HOW many women want Joe Walsh and Mermaid Munchkin Man making their personal health care decisions FOR them? Only the very stoopid one’s I would think.

      Again, there are only TWO types of Pubbies!

      Very rich ones and very STOOPID ones!

      Any woman voting Pubbie falls in the second category.

  8. Of 14 comments prior on this thread, 6 are from Mr. Kralj. Is this some kind of new disorder? Like Trollettes or something?
    Back to the thread, I could barely keep from laughing when Bullock did his Big Bird versus Chickenhawk routine with Rick Hill. I myself couldn’t resist the temptation if I were Bullock, but it was pretty bad theater.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 19, 2012 9:15 PM at 9:15 PM |

      Dave, Libel Man has apparently LFFT the building after embarrassing himself in front of the entire state! SO, it’s now up to you to defend the Mooreons in your party, mr. ex-democrat! Can you do it? Are you UP to it?

      Start with Mermaid Munchkin Man’s remarks on abortion! MMM has ALWAYS been a shizerbag from the gitgo! But the truly amazing thing is that he doesn’t care who knows it! He treats the state as he did his ex-wife! He don’t GIVE a shit who knows he’s an asshole, he’s just gonna stay right there with his mermaid!

      And that says a lot about his character, or lack thereof, doncha think?

      You see, I asked ol’ ricky a question here in GF when he first got elected to congress. His answer was pathetic, as were all his answers that day. Finally, MMM said that if we didn’t like the way he voted on things, we could simply vote for someone else next time! He didn’t give a shit what his constituents thought at all. That’s the real ricky! Wife, constituents, it just don’t matter! Once a shizerbag, ALWAYS a shizerbag!

  9. Bullock was a disaster in the first debate and despite help from a debate coach his team flew in from out of state he has continued to underwhelm viewers in the following meet ups with Rick Hill.

    Bullock’s posturing in this debate clip only shows him as coming across somewhere between being creepy and being a bully.

  10. Anyone who watches this clip will clearly see that it is Rick Hill who comes over and gets in Bullock’s space and in his face!

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