Rehberg Strikes with Repeated Robocalls

We all know robocalls are illegal in Montana.  The problem is, the press rarely cares.  Neither does Congressman Dennis Rehberg, who’s resorted to asking his daughter to do his dirty work for him.  Katie Rehberg left this message on a tipster’s home phone three times.  Another robocall is making the rounds from Crossroads GPS, Karl Rove’s secretive organization that has spent millions of dollars on false ads attacking Jon Tester.  They must be getting desperate…


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  1. I have doubts that robocalls help the candidate behind them. Most likely, they annoy voters, possibly enough that some vote for the other guy in retaliation.

  2. I hate robocalls–even from candidates I support. They are not as bad as the “improve your credit card rate” calls that originate in Canada (and, so, apparently do not have to respect the Do Not Call list of the FCC.), though. Those guys are the worst.

  3. I know someone who works for a Repub campaign. Not Rehberg, but they share an office sometimes. The way those calls work is if someone doesn’t pick up there is a recorded voicemail for the machine. I mean, has anyone actually gotten a robocall from Katie where her recorded voice started talking to them?

  4. To be fair, I just got a robocall from Planned Parenthood of Billings. I’m a supporter of PP, but both sides are doing these things.

    • The law allows organizations to robocall their own members, but it does not allow them to randomly spam the entire state.

      • Since when have the rethugs thought Rules were for them? How many times has Denny been called out on Franking? He still does whatever he wants

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 23, 2012 7:50 PM at 7:50 PM |

    But, but, but! Pope Nazi the First ain’t a’gonna LIKE his Holy Roman Kiddy Diddlers talkin’ this way!

  6. Ah yes, I do believe opening day was this past weekend…..’tas a time for all the assholes to make their calls.

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 23, 2012 9:14 PM at 9:14 PM |

    WHAT the???? Bibi’s Bitch, Jerkoff Jerry Molen, ain’t gonna LIKE what’s happened to his “movie”! Poor, poor, pathetic, sad jerkoff jerry!…..bhwhahahahahahahahaa!
    He can’t GIVE his shit away! From Schindler’s List to Swindler’s Shit! THIS is how jerkoff jerry will be remembered. As Bibi’s Bitch!

    What a freakin’ DUMDAZZ!

  8. I hope somebody DROPS the Hammer on
    this illegal and IRRITATING practice. The Commissioner of Political Practices
    AND Attorney General’s office needs to get BUSY, because the up-ticket races are compromising the down-ticket as well.

  9. Safe bet lots of these robocalls are originated from out-of-state phone banking firms. I get them from NRA plenty. “Stand By For An Important Message From The High And Mighty Wayne La Peeeeere.” Ooooo…a recording just for ME? I feel just like Chris Matthews when that happens.

    I guess there are enough “bites” that the boiler room covers its costs.

    But I don’t think the AG or CPP have any jurisdiction over interstate telephony. Never mind the international/offshore operations. Ain’t tech wunnerful?

  10. Montana’s Millionaire Congresman Dennis Rehberg today voted against emergency disaster assistance as communities across Montana deal with disastrous flooding.
    During a committee hearing today, Rehberg voted against a measure to restore resources for FEMA and for local firefighters. Rehberg, who has been suing Billings firefighters for nearly a year, gutted funding for FEMA and firefighters earlier this year.

    “These federal bureaucrats just don’t seem to understand that the lines they draw on maps in D.C. create real problems for folks in Montana,” said Rehberg, a member of the Congressional Levy Caucus. “I’m fighting to make sure FEMA is held accountable and the most onerous, unnecessary mistakes are avoided.”

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