Bucy Forces Fox to Return Illegal Contributions, When Will Hill Return His?

GOP attorney general candidate Tim Fox has return $32,000 in illegal campaign contribution, the Associated Press reports.  Fox returned the cash after the Pam Bucy for Attorney General Campaign  filed a lawsuit to stop Fox from spending the illegal contributions and return the illegal cash.

This lawsuit follows on the heels of a ruling from a District Court judge yesterday that issued a restraining order, preventing Congressman Rick Hill from spending any more of the illegal funds he’s taken and canceling any advertisements he already placed with those dollars.

And so, with her lawsuit, Bucy has initiated a key development in the the gubernatorial race.  That’s because if Fox understands the donations are legal, why is it that Hill, who attended law school “online,” is still fighting to keep and spend his illegal donations.

In his most recent campaign finance report filed by Fox, he revealed he had taken a contribution of $32,000 from the Montana Republican Party–well in excess of the legal contribution limits laid out in Montana law. The origins of this contribution are still unknown.

In addition to the contribution from the MT GOP, Fox also received 12 other illegal contributions, ranging in size from $60 to $5000 over the legal contribution limits in the state.

Under Montana Code Annotated 13-37-216, a candidate for Attorney General may take no more than $310 in aggregate from an individual and $8150 in aggregate from a political party, per contested election.


Posted: October 26, 2012 at 7:57 am

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10 thoughts on “Bucy Forces Fox to Return Illegal Contributions, When Will Hill Return His?

  1. draftmama

    Perfect example of why Pam should be our next AG, and equally perfect example of why Fox is totally unsuited for public office – he can’t even discern that his behavior was against the law.

  2. Havre Voter

    I cannot think of a better person to be our next attorney general than Pam Bucy!! Thanks Pam for standing up for the laws an ethics that are supposed to protect Montanans for these attempts to buy our elections!!

  3. Paul S.

    GO BUCY GO!!! Thank you for standing up for what’s right. Seems to me that’s a rare commodity these days.

  4. Dave Skinner

    So, nobody’s gonna discuss Great American Media, Waterfront, GMMB? Or that Harper Lawson, “JET PAC’s deputy treasury, previously served as chief of staff for Democratic Secretary of State Linda McCulloch. He also managed incumbent Gov. Schweitzer’s 2008 campaign against Republican challenger Roy Brown and served as Schweitzer’s communications director in 2004. Lawson now works for GMMB, a media consulting firm.”
    GMMB being the biggest Dem spin house on the planet…..
    Thanks to Google and montana media tracker for that one.
    No wonder JET pac cut all those checks to GAM — and Lawson signed them? WTF?

    1. Jan Thomas

      You are implying that the firm who produced the ads isn’t supposed to be paid for their work? Do you always advocate that people not pay their bills?

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