Missoula Money Mystery

Rick Hill’s controversial $500,000, it turns out, originated from the Republican Governors Association in DC.  They wrote a check to the Montana GOP and the same day, the GOP sent it out the door to the Hill campaign.

But did you know that shortly before the RGA sent the dough to the Montana GOP, that an entity calling itself the  “Montana Law Foundation” sent $200,000 the the RGA?    This shows up from the most recent report.  Here is a link to that report and here is the screenshot:

The address listed for this group is the same address used by two Missoula law firms, the Boone Karlberg Law Firm and Datsopoulos Mac Donald & Lind.  Boone Karlberg is the big insurance industry law firm in Montana and the former law firm of federal judge Sam Haddon, a Bush appointee and a major donor to former MT Senator Conrad Burns.  As you know, Rick Hill, is a former insurance exec who made millions an insurance executive. There are also several Republican attorneys at the Datsopoulos firm.

I called both law firms and asked to speak with the Montana Law Foundation.  Both said their firms had no such organization.  That’s a problem.

There’s only one reason that a fake Montana group would donate to the RGA instead of the Montana Republican Party and that’s to hide the donation’s source.  As the Center for Public Integrity  reported this week, the RGA  skirts state reporting laws by claiming it doesn’t need to report contributions in any one state because it is working in multiple states.  It can simply claim any one donation was spent in state A and so it needn’t be reported in state B.


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  1. But iI thought Milt was a Democrat!

  2. There are many lawyers at Milts firm, many of whom are hard right republicans

  3. Gee, however did the geniuses at Lee Newspapers miss this. Good going folks. (Sarcasm more than implied.)

  4. Does the DGA skirt the same state reporting laws as the RGA?

  5. Cowgirl,
    FYI the state real property ownership records show that the property on Main Street is owned by DM & L Real Estate at that same address in suite 201

  6. Maybe it is just a coincidence that Milt’s firm owns the building. Yeah, that’s it.

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if they haven’t at least pondered the notion of engaging in the blood ivory trade and looting elephant graveyards to raise funds.

  8. Check your spam emails

  9. Another interesting tip came in: Apparently the Lind of DM&L is Tim Fox’s attorney.

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