ATP “Meth House” Docs Contain Names of Shadow Group’s Legislative Candidates

Last night, FRONTLINE revealed that ATP documents found in a meth house appear to contain evidence of “possible illegal ‘coordination’ between” the group and the candidates it supported, the Atlantic reported.

The boxes contained files on Mike Miller, Ed Butcher, Bob Wagner, Wendy Warburton, Jerry O’Neil and Derek Skees, who is now a candidate for statewide office.  Butcher and Miller were discussed extensively on the FRONTLINE piece.  The other names you can see in these screenshots.

But that’s not the only juicy information thought to be lurking in those boxes.  They also contain ATP’s Wells Fargo bank statements, and the names of some of the groups secret donors.

The group filed a “motion for protective order” in court last month to try and require the Commissioner of Political Practices to keep these public documents secret because it contained the names of ATP donors.   The state of Montana and ATP have filed briefs on the question of whether they can be made public.  Thanks to tipsters you can download them here and here.



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  1. If the documents were provided to the commissioner after the investigation and case were decided they wouldn’t be part of the courts ‘record’ in this case in the first place. What a joke that these dirtbags try and rely on their status as an issue group to protect their donors when the info they are trying to hide clearly refutes that status. Brown has no shame.

  2. Brown came off very poorly on Frontline last night. Remind your friends that he’s also the attorney on retainer for the Montana Republican Party!

    The ATP is trying to have it both ways – saying they aren’t a political group on one side of their mouth and trying to hide the evidence that proves they are out of the other.

  3. Protest Today In Helena! Give ATP The Boot! Weds, Oct. 31, Helena, Anchor Park, Noon!

  4. No mention of this important event in any of the Montana “newspapers”. How odd!

  5. Here’s a partial ATP donor contact list, I see John Sinrus is on it

  6. It’s curious that Republicans were the first victims of Citizens United, whether it was a long-time Montana state legislator or the fact that Romney was able to use the cash freed up by the decision to destroy the rest of the Republican primary field. That’s despite the fact that they all had more valid conservative credentials and the fact he’s not a “real Christian” in the eyes of many in the so-called Christian right.

  7. I wonder if Denny Rehberg is a meth head or meth user?

  8. ive recently learned that cowgirl is schweitzers own cowgirl, his healthcare cowgirl miss rrhoades

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 31, 2012 9:39 PM at 9:39 PM |

      Wanna know how to keep a moron in the dark?
      Simply be anonymous and watch the ensuing fun! (see above) Geez, western weenie, who really CARES other than you moron types?! A good site is a good site. That’s all.

      And this site is chock full of breaking news, information, raucous debate, and good old fashioned plainassed FUN! As opposed to inbred rightwing sites.

      Dude, if you want boring, check out electric city weblog. Them dudes use their REAL names, but THEY’RE the ones that should be anonymous! It’s embarrassing. They suck!

      You see, lefty blogs are simply the best. That’s why this one is the most popular in the state. No one CARES who writes it. It’s just good!

  9. Larry, I hear Ken Thornton now blocked
    on ECW? I like ECW when it’s allowing
    input as it used to do, left, right and center.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 31, 2012 10:12 PM at 10:12 PM |

      But that’s the problem, Pubbly. Other than Gregg, the writing there is of very, very poor quality. And no expert contrary opinion allowed. Ken is very knolwedgeable on the issues, especially energy issues. And that’s why they banned him probably. And that’s why no one reads that site. I mean, who in the hell wants to read Bobby Nasalsound, the nutty perfesser, drone on endlessly? And Budge’s defense of Mitwit and his Moron faith was bizarre! I’ll say one thing for them boys, though. They never let reality intrude on a good discussion of nothingness!

    • Publus II, as to Thornton being blocked I don’t know. He has not commented in a long time. I recall reading several warnings given him over his behavior. To my knowledge ECW has never banned anyone over their views. Rob Kailey, Lizard, Don P all drop by on occasion with their comments.

  10. COPP office was broken into last night.

  11. Attendance at Romney events in freefall.

  12. We’re winning, Montana: now work to put Kim Gillan in the House.

    • Love the enthusiasm, but Rmoney will still win this state. I find it adorable that Greenwood and Deschamps still think our awesome 3 electoral votes matter. Of course, it could be (is) that those idjits are relying on Romney enthusiasm to get out the vote for down ticket races like Rehberg, Daines, Hill and the loathsome Fox. Waning though that enthusiasm is, that’s why it’s so damned important for people to get out and VOTE!

      • Don’t rule out a visit from Bill Clinton, Rob.

        • Maybe even Michele Obama….

          • That would be nice, but it’s doubtful. Too many swing states are still in play. What would really help are more visits from people like Bill Moyers, or perhaps Anderson Cooper. This WTP/ATP story has traction, and could influence not only the election but the legal validity of the results.

            (Sadly, I know of at least two people personally who have already voted and would likely have changed some of their votes if this story had broken a month ago.)

  13. I see what you mean about newspapers. I sent a letter to the editor of the Havre Daily about the 21th of October. They still haven’t printed it. We have checked several times and were told once that your couldn’t use candidates names in a letter.I told them O.K. just say our Representatives and they said we’re working on it. I was just showing that when we were down in Helena testifying against Sen. Murpys’ bill to allow cyanide heap leach mining in any mioe existing before 1998, our representative Wendy Warburton that was on the Natural Resources committee just came in , signed in and left. Also Kris Hansen told me she voted FOR the bill because they told her it wouldn’t affect anything and didn’t wreck the 1998 voter passed initative banning cyanide heap leach mining. Hill County voters had voted FOR the ban by a large majority . So who did our Representatives represent ?
    Havre Daily still has time to print my letter – guess time will tell.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 4, 2012 12:43 PM at 12:43 PM |

      Even the Industrial Strength Kockh Bros. Turd Polish ain’t gonna work THIS time!

      Montanans KNOW Dopey Reeburp, and they KNOW that Dopey was voted the dumbest member of the House. Why would they want the dumbest member of the senate too? At some point, lack of intelligence becomes a liability, even for Pubbies! And let’s face it, EVERYone admits that he’s an idiot! And not only that, but a nasty idiot with lots of bad qualities and habits.

      Oh sure, he’s a hit with the flat earthers and Teatards, but so was Palin and Bachmann, BOTH of whom have been laffed off the national stage. I think MOST Montanans would prefer to avoid the Dopey embarrassment in the future!

      And lest we forget, Dopey was the FIRST to endorse Bachmann for prez. What can be dumber than that?? I ask, you answer.

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