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  1. The Montana Standard listed flawed bases for endorsing Steve Daines, including:

    “before returning to Bozeman to work at Rightnow Technologies for 15 years.” False. He returned in 1997 to work for his family’s development company. He was not part of the RightNow startup. He joined in 2000.

    “he helped RightNow grow to employ more than 1,100 people.” Misleading. All RightNow employees contributed to the business’ growth. Greg Gianforte, RightNow’s founder who is suing the Democratic Party, claims responsibility for that growth in his lawsuit. (“The Plaintiff started the business himself and grew it to over 1,100 employees in 15 years.”) http://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/news/elections/2012/pdf_167f83f8-1e5a-11e2-95b8-0019bb2963f4.html

    “‘The only political office I ran for prior to this was student council president,’ he told our editorial board recently.” False. Daines was the 2008 Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor and a 2010-2011 Republican candidate for the US Senate.

    “He obviously knows how to grow a business, and not just a small business, but one that is tech-savvy and has international ties.” Misleading. Repeats the claim that he grew RightNow. Suggests he knows how to grow a small business, but he has never started small business. Daines international ties for RightNow resulted from a 2006 Baucus-led trade mission. http://www.bozemandailychronicle.com/news/article_500b2d19-e558-520f-af0a-51e761916fdd.html

    “Daines is also a bridge-builder. … [H]e obviously prefers to work across the aisle to accomplish goals.” False. He has never held public office and he has never demonstrated bipartisanship (e.g., GiveItBack.com attacking Governor Schweitzer).

    “You’ll be hard pressed to find any kind of attack ads by Daines about his opponents, either. He’s run a clean campaign and is focused on the issues.” False. This Daines advertisement is one example of his negative campaign against Gillan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pa8ji6MxJmQ&feature=plcp. It also documents that he is not a bridge-builder in that he demonizes Gillan along with Obama, complete with B&W pictures and ominous music.

    Either Daines or the Montana Standard was dishonest. Tell the Standard to retract their endorsement of Daines. http://mtstandard.com/news/opinion/editorial/daines-the-right-choice-for-house-seat/article_6fee0336-242e-11e2-8dbe-001a4bcf887a.html

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 1, 2012 5:28 PM at 5:28 PM |

      Yes, but, but, but, HE FOUND JAYSUS! (And Aynus Rant!


      Faith, Family, Freedumb, BUTT PLUG!

      If you run into a Pubbie spouting this horseshit, imMEDIATEly insert your handy butt plug up your ass, ’cause you just KNOW you’re gonna get the Big Kockh!

  2. So ANOTHER anonymous flyer against a candidate. This is getting ridiculous.

  3. Yeah, individual citizens are allowed to state their opinions about candidates. When individual citizens do so, with their own money, there is no disclaimer required. THAT is what is actually meant by free speech.

    • I can see that one flyer would be OK. But where does the line get drawn? 10? 10,000? How many flyers should one person be able to put out?

      By your reasoning, I could publish the Montana Statesman as an individual and send it to 120,000 addresses.

      • One person can make their own tv ad and have it e seen by hundreds of millions.

      • I think you’ve got it!!

      • “By your reasoning, I could publish the Montana Statesman as an individual and send it to 120,000 addresses.”

        I believe that is also the reasoning of the Supreme Court and Citizens United. Now perhaps you see the reasonableness of having limit on expenditures. For example, most people could, if they felt strongly enough about an issue, throw down a couple hundred bucks to print out some fliers. Fair play, as far as I’m concerned. Now, when you drop a half million on TV advertising, it’s a whole different ball game from any rational perspective. That’s why putting a limit, say a few thousands dollars, on individual expenditures related to political campaigns, or contributions to groups engaging in such advertising. All very reasonable, no? Unfortunately, our GOP nominated judges seem to have a very different opinion.

  4. “Would you get in a boat with this man? Then why vote for this man?”

  5. Barkus drinks it neat.

  6. Big deal — it’s Missoula, and nobody there even knows any Republicans, much less would vote for one. It’s just Stuart Smalley-style affirmation. Psht. Some bored art or journalism major.

    • It does have a clean, simple, almost elegant, design. A lot easier to look at than the lurid cards the MT GOP keeps inflicting on me. It may annoy the telephone company, an added benefit in the eyes of some.

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 2, 2012 4:39 AM at 4:39 AM |

    THIS is your brain on lack-a-nooky! Bishop Jerky orders his flock of flockers to VOTE against their own self-interests and for Mitwit! The bishops of the Holy Roman Kiddy Diddlers should STICK to what they do best. Sticking it to little boys!


    These are some sick mofos! Time for them to lose their tax exempt status!

  8. Very few peoople ever saw these signs. They popped up the night before the Grizzly football game this past Saturday mostly in the neighborhood on the north side of the campus where people cross the footbridge to attend the game. Almost all were torn down by 10 AM by early arriving Griz fans who are getting tired of sleazy political stunts tied in with Griz games. I watched one fellow wearing a Tester sticker tear down at least 20 of these as he walked to the stadium. When I asked him why he mutterd something about “stooped ass kids thinking this type of BS is what an election is about.”

    There might be one or two still out there on a lone telephone pole but very few people ever saw these.

  9. I feel the need to say this and get this off my chest. Rehberg is a sleaze ball of the worst kind. I had little respect for him before this campaign and I have no respect for him today. Good God he voted for 5 pay raises, for himself, voted a tax break for himself and others like him, then sued the Billings firefighters after they did their jobs, and to top it off is a God dam drunk who has been thrown off a horse on a foreign trip paid for with our tax dollars, and who dam near got kids at a bible camp killed when he and some of his Republican buddies decided to go boating while drunk. And from what I hear he has been throwed out of every dam bar in Washington D.C. for being a miserable drunk, and is having a sexual affair with one of his staffers that will lead to his divorce. Talk about Montana values. In the mean time we have a farmer from the land a small town guy who is married to the same woman for over 30yrs, raised a family, taught school, butchered meat, and served in the state senate and its going to be a close race. Why?
    In other races we have a congressional race that is pathetic. The Democrats nominated the worst candidate on the ballot and are going to lose.
    The governors race is going to be close, but the Republicans decided to recycle a 90s throw back should be interesting, in the mean time we have a fresh young attorney general who is a family man, yet out in my neck of the prairie he wont do well cause this race is going to be about buffalo and a black president.
    And finally the attorney generals race you have a woman that is qualified and a man that is not and is infact sounding like he is running for congress instead of attorney general, and probley does not have a clue what the dam job entials and if he gets elected we will have a mess.
    In other words Im urging you all to get off your butts and go vote. I urge a vote for Jon Tester, a vote for Steve Bullock, a vote for Pam Bucy, and for God sakes re elect Lindeen, McCholluoh, and Jueanu, hey they are competnet enough said. On the congressional race, hell a vote for Elmer Fudd would probley be ok. Why doesn’t Montana have a None of the Above box is beyond me. I voted for Danies and I will probley come to regret that decision someday, but for today it is what it is. Thanks and go vote.

  10. Den needs to rethink his Homeland Security land grab. For Gawd’s sake, them there drones could spot drunken boaters racing around F(l)athead Lake in the dead of night with no lights. A while back, there was some report of Den and his pals knocking down fancy-shamcy Rooosian tater juice and scarfing raw fish eggs at a Rooosian embassy or consulate, or some goddamned place. I don’t know why them boyz cain’t just settle for cheap Lewis and Clark Tater Squeezin’s distilled in Helena. And what the Hell did they mean in the olden daze with them words, “Communist dupe?”

  11. Replacements for disgraced judge Richard Cebull and others will be chosen in next Obama term: control the federal bench, Dems.

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