Montana Doesn’t Need Florida to Tell Us What We Need

Sandy Welch Facebook Profile HeadshotGOP candidate for state superintendent is touting an unfortunate endorsement today on the TEA Party conspiracy blog PolyMontana.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush says he ran Florida schools “using some of the same ideas that Sandy is proposing.”  With a vote for Welch, says Jeb, Montana can be “just like Florida.”

Problem is, these ideas ran Florida schools into the toilet.

Montana  eighth-graders have the highest science and reading scores in the nation, while Florida eighth-graders ranked 30th and 31st.   In math, Montana eighth-graders have the second highest scores in the nation.  Florida ranks 37th.

Perhaps if Welch can get the TEA Partiers to take down the blog post soon some of the damage can be mitigated.


7 Comments on "Montana Doesn’t Need Florida to Tell Us What We Need"

  1. This is the same woman who was going around crowing about some other really bizarre endorsements- there was that guy who was run out if the Schweitzer administration for nepotism and them ran for Governor as a Republican — Finch was the name. Oh and then there was that tax delinquent legislator.

  2. We cannot have this woman running our schools. Absolutely not. No. No, and hell no.

  3. One has to pity poor Jeb Bush, an entitled, second- rate former somebody with list delusions of grandeur — pathetic endorsements like this make him beleieve he is getting his name out there for a future run that is likely to take place only in his dreams…

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