Something Fishy

Why is Republican legislative candidate Liz Bangerter is using her campaign account to make donations in her husbands name?

Don Pogreba at Intelligent Discontent recently took a look into Bangerter’s campaign finace report and found some irregularities.  Bangerter’s report shows her campaign giving $620 to Republican Sandy Welch for State Superintendent, but there is no donation of $620 from the Bangerter campaign listed on Welch’s report:

 Instead, there are two individual donations from the Bangerter family, one for $310 from Elizabeth Bangerter and another for $310 from Carl Bangerter.

The contribution limit for this race is $310, not $620.  So it looks like one of these two campaigns has tried to disguise Bangerter’s campaign’s donation as two donations from Bangerter and her husband to make it appear to be within the legal limits.


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  1. Republicans who don’t think the law applies to hen should not be making the laws the ret of us have to live by.

  2. janis aimee, Olympia WA | November 5, 2012 2:32 PM at 2:32 PM |

    Even tho I live in WA St. I am a devoted reader of Cowgirl. All year you have written about important issues, not just for MT but for the nation. I have appreciated your style, wit, integrity. I hope that kind of character translates to your elections. Here in WA, we have same sex marriage, and more iterations of tax limits on our ballot. (We have one of those get-rich-writing-ballot-measures idiots!) I think we will finally put to rest the marriage issues by voting to make everyone equal. That will be a wonderfully good feeling! Thanks for the great fun I have reading your site and good luck with your elections! The West Coast loves Montana!

  3. Sandy Welch is going to lose. I don’t have a good sense of the Liz Bangerter race. I heard her opponent has been vacationing during the last critical weeks of the campaign, but hopefully that’s just a rumor.

    • Her opponent is not Martha Coakley.

    • Meaning? I am missing the significance of the reference.-thanks

      • Martha Coakley was the Mass. attorney general and Democrat who lost to Scott Brown in the special election to fill the senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy’s death. She literally took a vacation in the palm tree and sunny sands islands in the Caribbean during a critical part of the campaign. She also ran one of the most incompetent campaigns every run by a Democrat; political malpractice.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 5, 2012 2:49 PM at 2:49 PM |

    TIM FOX FINALLY GRABS A NUT AND OPENS UP!, about all the things he’s been too cowardly to comment on up to now. Good job, tiny tim! Now, no one can imply any longer that you’re a coward hiding from real questions!

    And of course you know if I post it,….
    bwhahhahahahahahahahahahhahaa! Too funny.

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