Corruption Defines Montana’s 2012 Elections

Montana’s 2012 elections will go down in history–but not in a good way. Rather, this cycle will be remembered for corruption, lies, deceptive ads, illegal donations, apparent illegal coordination with third-party groups, and secret corporate money.

The season was kicked off with TEA Party Republican legislator Jason Priest secretive “Montana Growth Network” buying the Supreme Court race for TEA Party judge Laurie McKinnon. Priest’s shadow group spent more on one saturation mailing then the conservative candidate he was backing had raised for her entire campaign.

McKinnon, who dog whistled at Lincoln Reagan dinners across Montana about “judicial activism,” “strict constructionist” and other conservative buzzwords, was able to defeat the leading candidate Elizabeth Best in the primary–in spite of reports of alleged Judicial Code of Ethics violations reported in Montana papers across the state.   Priest’s  “Montana Growth Network” is thought to be one of the American Traditions Partnership’s many spinoffs.

Indeed no group has been more insidious than American Traditions Partnership in corrupting Montana’s elections.  ATP’s launched it’s biggest attack on Steve Bullock.  It mailed a fake newspaper to hundreds of thousands of Montanans depicting Bullock in a line-up of sex offenders.

In a brilliant piece of investigative journalism, the PBS show Frontline has revealed the seedy underbelly of secret money in Montana’s elections, with a full-hour expose of Montana politics and this secretive right-wing group.  Under state law, third party groups, the ones like American Tradition Partnership which spend masses of unregulated, unreported money, are legally barred from coordinating with candidates.  But several legislative candidates and the ATP have been caught red handed, working together, in apparent violation of the law, the Associated Press reports today.

ATP even sent mailers impersonating unions– using the unions’ logos–to attack local candidates that the unions have actually endorsed.

ATP wasn’t alone, unknown corporate groups dumped half a million dollars in illegal into Rick Hill’s campaign coffers, forcing a  judge to issue a restraining order against Hill to stop him from spending the illegal cash.  The Montana GOP claims the donation came from the Republican Governor’s Association, but shortly before the RGA sent the dough to the Montana GOP, that an entity calling itself the  ”Montana Law Foundation” sent $200,000 the the RGA. There’s only one reason that a fake Montana group would donate to the RGA instead of the Montana Republican Party and that’s to hide the donation’s source.

Tim Fox, the Montana Republican lunatic who is running for attorney general despite having never done anything other than defend drunk drivers and call for rape victims to have the rapists’ babies, got some national Republican donors to buy $700,000 of TV advertising on his behalf.  Fox Fox refused to reveal his true extremists beliefs.   Instead, he hid behind the hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising that his corporate bosses– including the Koch brothers, the insurance industry and the cigarette companies put up to hide the truth.

Montana’s U.S. Senate race has also drawn a deluge of dark money aimed at defeating Jon Tester and replacing him with scandal-plagued extremist Dennis Rehberg.

Tonight, Montana citizens will find out whether ATP and groups like it will completely own our state and federal governments–using lies, deception, illegal activity and corporate money to install their candidates into office, from a P.O. Box, without ever revealing who their donors really are.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 8:46 AM at 8:46 AM |

    Where’s Libel Man to give us his best both-sides-do-it defense? I want to see the Dem equivalent.

  2. Montana helped lead the way to the repeal of Prohibition: could that even happen today?

  3. Kattle addressing pot | November 6, 2012 11:54 AM at 11:54 AM |

    Gotcha. You’re clean, they’re dirty.

    Got a bridge for sale. Any takers?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 1:24 PM at 1:24 PM |

      MOST people say excuse me after passing gas.

      You’re excused!

      BTW, if you got a source for your gas, post it, cupcake!

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 1:42 PM at 1:42 PM |

    Wake the f*ck UP, America! And Montana too!
    Next time we have a national emergency, contact your nearest mormon temple!

    (I’m thinkin’ that next time the Pubbies start a senseless WAR we outta contact the nearest mormon temple for CANNON fodder! They would make much more adequate cannon fodder then poor inner city kids. ‘Sides, when you gotta poop out TEN to get your own planet, you ain’t a’gonna MISS a few of them, right?)

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 1:47 PM at 1:47 PM |

      p.s. Just what IS it about the Morons that makes them NOT want to serve their country in uniform??? Are they ALL cowards like Mitwit? Is it REALLY more patriotic to spend your time trying to pork FRENCH girls on a mission than heading to Nam???? What gives? WHY are there no Moroms, a self-described bunch of patriots, so reluctant to serve???? And let’s face it. Utah is NOT exactly the volunteer state, is it???


      • Ingemar Johansson | November 6, 2012 2:43 PM at 2:43 PM |

        Right to Work State Scary!


        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 3:59 PM at 3:59 PM |

          Why SURE it is, as long as you’re willing to suck your bishop’s baloney! It’s the BALONEY state!

          (never spent much time there, didja Ingy? The very FIRST words outta anyone’s mouth when you go to rent a place or apply for a job are, “What was your bishop’s name again”? True story. I know. I been there. MANY times!)

          Fun fact about Utah, the Bishop’s Baloney State. I THINK that the word “deseret” is Mormon for bishop’s baloney! The Honey “B”, the Honey BALONEY!

          “Utah has been called the “fraud capital of the world” by the Wall Street Jounal, and within the state, NO place has more white-collar crime than Utah County. At any given moment, the FBI is investigating scams totaling 50 million to 100 million dollars perpetrated by scam artists like Kenyon Blackmore, based in the county. The uncommonly hight incidence of fraud is a direct conseuence of the uncommonly high percentage of Mormons. When Saints are invited to invest in schemes by other Saints, they tend to be overly trusting. The director of the enforcement division for the Utah Securities Division told the Deseret News that in Utah County it is common for scammers to ensnare their victims by asking them to evaluate their proposal investments through prayer.”

          From Under the Banner of Heaven by John Krakauer

          The entire freakin’ inbred BUNCH of them are either scammin’ each other or being scammed! Helluva a way to run a state, right Ingy?

          Your turn.

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 4:03 PM at 4:03 PM |

    Ingy, I have just two words for you:



    Suck on THAT one until 2016, Jerkoff Jery Molen! And then, Jerkoff Jerry, you can start on your NEXT movie about President, Schweitzer, 2020! bwahahahahahahhahahaa!

    The old south just died today a much needed death. It’s over, racist assholes. You done played the race card as long as you could! Allow me to be the first to offer my condolences…….NOT! bwhahahahaha!

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 9:00 PM at 9:00 PM |

    Here it is, Ingy, Libel Man, Skinner, and all the OTHER Pubbie morons out there. What you dudes have been waiting for, MY concession speech. I’ll keep it brief.


    And to Jerkoff Jerry Molen. Well, dumbass, there’s always CANADA! From Schindler’s List to Swindler’s Shit! bwhahahahahaha!

    Yes, I’m luvin’ the demise of the Grand Old white Puker party! Think I’ll have me another brewski so’s I can LAFF MY ASS OFF in it!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 9:28 PM at 9:28 PM |

      This one’s for Jerkoff Jerry Molen. Hey, Jer, your movie is the new Refer Madness. No wait! It’s DUMB Refer Madness! bwhhahahahahahahahaha!

      You see, Jerkoff Jerry, I’m very pleased tonight thanks to a no good asshole like yourself. You nazis gave America you best shot, and America took it on the chin, stood there looking and you, and THEN laffed it’s ASS off at you nazi bastards!

      Ever been in a real fight, big boy, and hit a dude full force in the jaw, and had that dude stand there and LOOK at you? Pretty damn scary! You THEN know that you’ve bit off more than you can chew! And that’s exactly what you inbred nazi racists have done!

      It’s over. Jaysus ain’t comin’ to save your dumb asses. In fact, He’s pissed! The country’s gonna be just fine now that you’ve been found out for what you are.

      Now, good night and F*UCK YOU! bwhahahahaha!

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 9:44 PM at 9:44 PM |

    This one’s for my pals, the Big Kockh brothers. It’s Birther Bob in his starring role. He’s the dude in the white hat. Enjoy.

    Ol’ Jonny Birch is rolling in his grave tonight……IN HELL! bhwahahhahahahahaa!

    It’s morning in America again! Guess that capitalism actually ISN’T more important than Democracy as Mitwit’s pal and economic adviser said!

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    And the israelis are NOT as smart or chosen any more. It’s over for the nazis of israil. No more dead Americans in senseless wars for our nazi “allies” in israil! Suck on THAT, bibi!

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 9:50 PM at 9:50 PM |

    And it’s with great sadness tongight that I report that it appears that Dopey Reeburp, judy mars in drag, is behind in the early exit polls. I’ll miss’im! Dopey was always good for a laff. Always good for a joke at his expense. He always brought a smile to my face and a laff to my lips.

    Take care, brave cowboy, as you ride off to your subdivision on the rims. Gotta be hard going from being the dumbest dude in the House to the dumbest dude up on the rims! You’ll be missed, Dopey Reeburp….NOT! Happy trails to suing OTHER folks!


  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 10:01 PM at 10:01 PM |

    I KNEW IT! Darkies and women are takin’ my stuff! They have the nerve to WANT stuff too! We should’a never allowed them to vote! Hell, we gave them Jaysus. What MORE do they want? I feel like I’ve been legitimately RAPED!


    Hate has a shelf life. We just found that out. Give hate enough rope, and it’s over. Let the healing begin! I say to all those confederates who don’t want to be here in America, we’ll give’em texass and let’em secede! Jerkoff Jerry Molen can be THEIR prezidunce! Makes for a good bumper sticker too. Jerkoff Jerry is My Prezidunce!

    bwhahahahahaahhaahahhaaha! too funny.

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 10:15 PM at 10:15 PM |

    I knew it! Them danged darkies were up to no good! They done Afro-engineered the election! Can’t trust’em. Never could. They never DID appreciate the fact that we brung’em here to have a better life than the one they had in Africa! And THIS is how they repay us!

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 6, 2012 10:33 PM at 10:33 PM |

    Hey, dufus, it ain’t polite to talk with Colbert’s BALLS in your mouth! bwhahahahaha!

    Gracious, even in defeat!

    I do believe that this guy is as big an ass as Jerkoff Jerry Molen!

  12. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 7, 2012 4:34 AM at 4:34 AM |

    GOOD MORNING, AMERICA! And yes, it IS morning in America once again! Guess that America did it. We WOKE THE F*CK UP! Sorry, Big Kockhs. Guess you boys will have to go live on your make believe western town down there in Colorado! It’s a start. You can govern Make Believe Town any way you WANT to, but America just made the Big Kockh go limp! bwhhahahahahahahahahahhaaaa!

    And really, Dopey Reeburp went out in true Dopey style. I mean, how many OTHER dumbf*cks out there would be dumb enuff to leave a sure seat in the House to run against an incumbent senator? Only ONE that I can think of, Dopey Reeburp! What a dumbazz! Yes, Dopey style, kinda like Gangnam style, where you ride your fake pony off into the sunset whiles’t twirling your imgainary rope!

    “Goin’ Dopey Style”


    No more “town hall” meetings for the Dopester. He can drink in style now too withOUT worrying! Buh BYE, Dopey!

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