Karl Rove Woke Up This Morning with a Strange Pain in His Ass…

…only to discover that the pain in his ass was due to the fact that the entire 2012 election had been shoved up it.

Rove came up empty, in Presidential and Congressional races.

Here in Montana, Denny Rehberg has been sent packing by Jon Tester, in an enormous victory, a virtual landslide.  Tester blew him out.  Libertarian candidate Dan Cox got almost seven percent, one of the biggest takes by a third party candidate since Ross Perot got in the mid-twenties in 1992.

We should all be proud of what Tester did.  The polls showed him neck and neck going into the last days, but he got his vote out and closed big.  And he overcame an absolute monsoon of negative ads lasting three months, one of the biggest smears ever recorded on Montana’s airwaves, funded by Washington DC Republicans and Karl Rove’s group Crossroads GPS. He dumped tens of millions into the race (and even paid a visit to Montana, to help Rehberg with strategy), all of it impugning Tester for having had the temerity to support his President.  And the beauty is, it doesn’t really look like the attack worked at all.  Tester cruised to victory.  What mattered more to voters was that Tester turns in a workday, doesn’t whine or complain, doesn’t spend his days smearing people or blaming people, but tries accomplish something.

Same for Obama, the object of vitriolic GOP hatred, who demolished the weak Mitt Romney in spectacular fashion, defeating yet another empty, negative campaign by the Republicans.  Poor Rove, whose group spent half a billion dollars and got zilch in return.   Dems have actually picked up a seat in the United States Senate, and Rove had the dubious task on FOXNews last night of trying to convince the public that while every network and news outlet was projecting Obama the winner, they were, according to Rove, doing so in error.  He had secret math, you see, that showed Romney was, in fact, still going to win.  What happened in Montana and nationally, well, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy than Karl Rove.

Dennis Rehberg, meanwhile, concludes 12 years of federal service and many more years of state government service, and the Cowgirl blog recognizes this contribution to society.  Though we rarely agree with Rehberg and have always advocated against him, anybody stepping up to run for or hold public office deserves recognition and congratulations upon the completion of a career, as do his many staffers and operatives who spent the last two years in this fight.   We wish Denny and his crew well in his future endeavors. Perhaps we will even see him try again two years from now for the Senate or even four years from now for governor, or maybe even try to take his seat back if Steve Daines vacates his newly won House seat to try to move up to Senate.

Speaking of Governor, Lee Newspapers, CNN, and NBC have called the race for Bullock, and now AP has as well.  Down three points heading into the weekend according to a Mason Dixon poll, Bullock came up strong last night.  Votes are still outstanding in Yellowstone County and also in a few key Indian countries like Glacier and Bighorn.  But Bullock is showing about a 2 point edge right now, and I don’t believe it will be eroded much by the balance of votes yet to be counted.  He will be our next Governor.  Keep the cellphone tight, Steve, for Rick Hill will be calling you shortly to congratulate you and concede the race.

Hill, like Rehberg, deserves credit for trying a comeback late in life.  He came up short, and has now probably concluded his political career, but he put in a tough effort and should be congratulated on having waged a pretty close race

Pam Bucy and Kim Gillan fought the good fight, but were up against two guys who had run for statewide office before, and so these two impressive gals started out at a disadvantage. Expect to see both of them remain in the orbit of public service.  Either or both would be excellent applicants for Bullock cabinet positions and Bucy, I believe, will be back again to run for something else.

Daines got a huge investment from the national Republican party, so that made life miserable for Gillan who could not pull in the same dough from her party and was running for an office that seems to have the word Republican posted on the door.  It was an uphill battle from the get-go.  But Bucy, a far superior candidate to her opponent, got shafted.  Our new attorney general Tim Fox has achieved his office by being bankrolled by secret money, close to a million dollars worth, the source of which has still not been determined.  Bucy had no such slush fund.  When you tally up the money, Bucy got outspent 5-1 at least.  It puts a cap on a sad chapter in Montana electoral history, in which Republicans attempted to take over the government with unlimited, secret corporate money.  Poor Pam became the object of the corporate wrath, despite an impeccable resume that made her opponent look like a bum.

In other races, Juneau, Lindeen and McCulloch all have leads right now, but Juneau’s race will be tight. She’s up half a point, with Billings and Indian country yet to be reported. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for her.

We should be proud of all these candidates.  And, I am proud of all of you, who have participated in this election by tuning in, for keeping the discussion alive and spirited, providing information, and for making Cowgirl blog the place for politics in Montana.


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  1. The reason that the Denise Juneau race is so much closer than the other land board members is because of her vote on Otter Creek. Even Democrats want to see good natural resource jobs for montana.

    • Of course, that’s not actually true in the least. Of the five Land Board seats open, Denise is right in the middle. She did better than Bucy and Bullock, not as well as Lindeen and McCulloch. The actual determining factor is the lack of a libertarian candidate in the race.

  2. Congratulations Steve! You earned it. Great news.

  3. CG, I recognize your very gracious comment towards Rehberg and his public service.

    I wish to congratulate all of the hard campaigning and hard working Dems. You earned your victories. The challenges await. Get ready for the cold and snow moving in. Weather just doesn’t care who wins.

  4. Rove Melted on FOX

  5. To be sure, Butte Gal, the race for OPI is also closer because Lindeen and McColluch have more name recognition than Juneau and also had nuttier opponents.

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 7, 2012 12:13 PM at 12:13 PM |

    WE ALL BLACK PEOPLE NOW! bwahahahahahahahaaa!

    (except of course for gen. robert e. skees!)


    God Blessed America! We did it! We finally lived up to the promise!

  7. Knowing Pam as I do, I am appalled that her entirely honest effort to be elected as AG was completely rolled by a boatload of out of state cash. Her credentials are tailormade for the position, while Fox has nothing to offer for the people of Montana, and didn’t bother to debate his opponent, choosing to hide behind his anonymous donors.

    A sad day for Montanans. I am sure that Pam will be back – she is a rising star.

  8. Both Bucy and Gillan ran great races, but its impossible to overcome getting outspent 5-1 by outside groups. These campaigns can be proud of their hard work-definitely hope to see Bucy run again.

  9. Simply put, we need to keep a wary and savage eye on Mr. Tim Fox. It was more obvious late in the races that Fox for AG became the race for the corruptocrats. I predict that with Fox, there will be no prosecutions resulting from the actions of the ATP, regardless of the evidence. For the next four years, we need to ride herd on this asshole.

  10. Anyone want to offer odds on Rehberg’s running for governor in 2016?

    • Oh lordy – what a horrible thought. Though on reflection he has been able to get away with hanging out in DC on our dime, doing precisely nothing and not under any scrutiny from Montanans. If he were to be elected Gov his feet would definitely be held to the fire!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 7, 2012 4:21 PM at 4:21 PM |

      Wait what?! GOVERNOR Dopey Reeburp?? I’m luvin’ it already! But seriously, James, after trying the dumbest WOMAN in the state (judy mars) do you think that even the PUBBIES would run the dumbest MAN in the state too?!

      Let us not forget that dumb judy mars left office with a vaunted 23 percent approval rating. (probably the lowest ever) And really, just WHERE do Dopey’s views differ from judy’s? They don’t. Dopey was tea party stoopid beFORE there was such a thing as the teatard party! Hell, he is judy mars in drag!

      So, although I would personally LUV to have Dopey around to make fun of for another four years, I must disagree. I know that the Montana Pubbies are stoopid, but not THAT stoopid!……are they???

    • People forget that Rehberg was Lt. Gov for Racicot during his first term (Martz was Rasicot’s second Lt. Gov.) Rehberg knows the office, and he knows how to campaign for that seat.

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 7, 2012 4:11 PM at 4:11 PM |

    Can I make an observation here? In my opinion, the absolute ONLY thing that has prevented the complete nazi takeover of America is the internet. Yes, the internet. It is the purest form of unrestrained, un-edited free speech, and provides for a real exchange of ideas and information. It was also the most important source of news for most of us.

    Also, it allowed like minded folks to rally around, support each other, and build coalitions. It provided much needed confidence that we are not alone out there and without resources. And it allowed NO place for the bad guys to hide. (ie. We outed the Big Kockhs! Who had ever even HEARD of a Big Kockh before ther were outed?)

    Wherever they were, one of us was there! Whatever they tried to pull, one of us was aware! Whenever they tried to lie, one of us was there with the TRVTH! And whenever they attempted to claim to be something they weren’t, one of us was there that actually KNEW them! (This IS Montana after all.)

    There is no longer any semblance of a legitimate free press in this country. They have all been co-opted by the media moguls. And I for one don’t miss’em. A nutless press is no press! Look at the GF Spitoon. As nutless as the dudes who work there!

    So, that is my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it. Without the internet and blogs, we would be fucked. We absolutely MUST resist any efforts to weaken or control it.

    And my thanks to cowgirl, Pogie, James Conner, and ALL the true patriots out there that provide a blog for us mortals. You guys rock! I SALUTE the blogs, and SALUTE the wonderful commenters who give the nazis hell! Together, we WILL take our country back!

  12. Dollars to donuts, Rehberg runs for Governor in 2016. The talks are probably already going on now at GOP HQ.

    • Why would they want to run another loser again, it seems that would be a total waste of money. The national results last night showed that average Americans have finally consigned Saint Ronnie and his trickle down economics to the dustbin, and if Obama has the opportunity to actually get green energy and infrastructure going, the old stupid policies of the Republicans will be ever less appealing. We can only hope.

      • Because of his massive ego, Rehberg can’t run against Daines to regain his own house seat back, and with the whomping Jon Tester gave him he knows he can’t win in the Senate. That leaves…the Governor’s office.

        • Rehberg-Skees 2016

        • I think its gonna be a Rehberg Baucus rematch. Rehberg got creamed by Baucus once before, and such an unpopular opponent is just what Baucus needs to get dems to like him again. He struggles to generate enthusiasm otherwise. That being said, Rehberg and Baucus have worked together a lot over the years, so they may have some kind of unspoken agreement about this already inked.

  13. It’s a good thing Halloween is past. That photo would scare the hell out of every “Trick-or-Treater” on the blog.

  14. “Hill came up short.” Is that supposed to be another un-Christlike short joke? You people can go to hell for all I care and take this socialist country with it.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 7, 2012 9:33 PM at 9:33 PM |

      Not very Christ-like of you, Drildo the Dildo, condemning folks to hell! BTW, Jesus was a commie in good standing. THAT’S why morons like you murdered Him! Or did you forget? It is morons like you that have perverted the Word of God and made religion something odious. Hence, I’m thinkin’ that maybe it’s YOU that should be worried ’bout a trip to Perdition!

  15. I think people saw that Jon Tester simply had a better vision and better ideas for Montana. When people got a look at what Rehberg believed, the reaction was a mixture of fear and disgust. We’ve suffered more than 10 long years of this fool and now finally is gone. May I never hear his name again.

    • Follow the money – a private catholic school corporation is among the largest donors to American Traditions Partnership

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 10, 2012 7:58 AM at 7:58 AM |

      Easy two word answer. The LAND BOARD! They want like hell to have sarah palin welch on the land board! They KNOW that she’s goofy enough to go straight corporate pimp! You see, LK, sara p. welch is a recent arrival to Montana, and as such, she wants to HELP us ignernt backwater rubes develop all our resources! She’s got tremendous knowledge of Montana’s resources since she’s from somewhere’s else! Funny how that works. She was led here by God to SAVE our state!

      And there are other reasons too that the Pubbies want her. She will aid them in promoting their christofascist agenda in the schools. And they want to keep this goofy woman in the papers as long as they can so that she will have name recognition for her NEXT run at office!

      I mean, with HER tremendous lack of qualifications and sub par intellect, why WOULDN’T the Pubbies want to keep her around?

      Hope this helps.

  16. Thanks, fellers. Maybe related: Barrick Mining has killed retirement for former employees of Golden Sunlight’s sister mine in South Dakota.

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