Call to Erect Voting Roadblocks Amplified

Usually when conservatives promote voter surpression tactics, they are smart enough to pretend their proposals are about “preventing voter fraud.” Not so with the Flathead Daily Inter Lake.

This paper’s world-class editorial department today  penned a “lament” that the people of Montana are able register and vote on election day.

First, the Inter Lake is outraged because it takes longer to count votes when more people cast them:

Election Day always has its share of surprises, but in Montana perhaps the biggest one was just how long it took to find out who won and who lost.

Whats more, these great minds opined, allowing people to register and vote after some arbitrary deadline supposedly “hindered the work of Election Department officials”  –as if these aren’t the people we taxpayers have hired perform these exact duties.

For those not involved with running the Daily Inter Lake, the GOP’s voter surpression strategy is actually pretty easy to understand.

Putting up roadblocks to voting suppresses turnout primarily among minorities, the lower-income earners, and the young, and these are well-known Democratic-leaning constituencies. The fewer the people that get to vote, the easier it is for them to put sub-par candidates in positions of power.


6 Comments on "Call to Erect Voting Roadblocks Amplified"

  1. When Republicans lose, the war on voting begins. I also expect a crack-down on third party candidates–that the GOP will propose bills to make it harder for them to get on the ballot. Instead, they should focus this energy on revamping their entire policy platform. They lose because the voters don’t want their ideas put into law.

  2. Efficiency as the rationale for restricted voting is, at least, different. No fraud is claimed because there is no fraud.

    But, these pesky voters are causing our lines to be too long. Can’t have that. Might ruin the efficiency quotient of local government in Montana — and you know how committed to good government that the GOP is.

    When citizen rights get in the way of government efficiency, democracies try to solve the problem in ways that do not negatively impact citizens’ rights. Only totalitarian governments put government efficiency above the rights of the ciizens. Apparently that describes the kind of government that the Daily Interlake wants.

  3. The editorial is am embarrassment to journalism. They claim same day registration is due to “sloth”, as if they don’t understand the real implications of the word. They also say it corrupts society – amazing. How can anyone read that low-minded garbage. If you haven’t read the article, please do, but not on an empty stomach.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 9, 2012 3:38 PM at 3:38 PM |

    Son of a BITCH if that don’t beat all! ONLY the Pubbies are dumb enuff to turn VOTER suppression into a friggin’ party! If THAT don’t make a Big Kockh go limp NUTHIN’ will!


    I’m FINALLY just so proud of my country again! You folks in Ohio rock!

    TAKIN’ MY COUNTRY BACK! It’s the new, improved sixties, baby! And there ain’t no goin’ back! Suck on THAT, nazis!

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