PP&L Corp Among American Tradition Partnership Bankrollers

Today, PBS and ProPublica have posted the contents of the American Tradition Partnership’s bank records, which include some donor records from the 2010 election cycle. A Montana judge ordered that the information be made public last week.  Among the groups funders is Pennsylvania Power & Light, or PP&L as it likes to be known in Montana (to eliminate the need to remind people where it is headquartered.)

Other ATP financial backers include:

  • TEA Party billionaire Ray Thompson, of Kalispell ($10,000)
  • John Sinrud, of Bozeman
  • Intermountain Rural Electric Association ($25,000)
  • Former TEA Party Legislator Tom Burnett (R-Bozeman)
  • Montana and Wyoming Oil Company
  • Flathead Timber, of Whitefish
  • Dan O’Neil Construction, of Billings
  • Soby Construction, of Bozeman
  • Raemaeker Insurance, of Choteau
  • Livingston developer Peter Mackenzie (various checks, thousands)
  • T. Baird Construction, Big Timber
  • developer Gateway Village LLC, Bozeman
  • Jason Theilman, Steve Daines campaign manager
  • GOP Senator Bruce Tutvedt (R-Kalispell)
  • Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill (Apple Gilroy Inc.)
  • Big Timber TEA Partier Bob Faw
  • AAON Inc.($20 k)
  • K12 Management Inc. Catholic religious private school corporation, Washington D.C. ($20k)
  • Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce PAC
  • Taxpayers for Liberty, Andrew J. O’Neill ($4k)
  • TEA Party Rep. Dan Kennedy (R-Laurel), Campaign account
  • Colorado Mine Association ($25k)

–and many others.

I haven’t had time to go through all the documents, but Cowgirl readers can do so here.  It should be most interesting to see what people find. This information is from the 2010 cycle only, not 2012.


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  1. Somebody needs to get all the addresses and put together an interactive map, like the sex offender registry, but for crimes against democracy.

    Color code for those who were confirmed donors and for those like MPI and PERC and such who ended up in the target list. And then shade the map to show the areas of the state represented by legislators caught up in the scandal.

    I wonder if http://www.BrazenlyCorruptConspiracy.com is available.

  2. It looks like these are only checks, confirmed donors. Is the target list online somewhere?

  3. A lot of the big donors hail from the big oil patch cities.

  4. Lot of Texas, California and Florida. Lots checks from people who have family trusts.

  5. Of course, most larger donations are wired, so they won’t appear in a box of copied checks.

  6. I wonder if any of PPL’s money made it into the pockets of the Republicans who now have total control of the Public Service Commission?

  7. Now we know why ATP had the spinoff organizations with other names. They would use the affiliated groups like Taxpayers for Liberty and Montana Growth Network to campaign against GOP legislators who were ATP donors–that why the donors would never know they were donating to their own campaign attacks. Case in point, Bruce Tutvedt. He’s an ATP donor, so ATP’s “Taxpayers for Liberty” ran the attack mailers against him so he wouldn’t find out.


  8. Twenty-nine states have enacted Renewable Portfolio Standards in the last decade or so. It remains to be seen how the seeming shift in the political climate over the last few days might affect ALEC’s efforts to rescind them.


  9. PPL should be embarrassed. They knowingly underwrite lies and potentially illegal activity- the courts continue to have a roll in sorting out this disaster and its a good thing. These fools brought us deregulation, the sham closure of the billings corrette plant they claimed was due to EPA regulation to try to defeat Tester and Bullock. So it’s not surprising they would be involved in the ATP corruption scandal too.

  10. All three of the Republican candidates that ran for and won PSC seats advocated the repeal of the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). And the language in their campaign literature echoes that in the bill written by ALEC. There is no doubt in my mind that the Big Coal interests (including PP&L) have been bankrolling their campaigns through shadow groups like ATP. My hunch is that they are also behind the slanderous ads against Bullock, who as governor will have veto power over such bills.

  11. Thank you for the information, I will never darken the doorsetp of an Applebees ever again.

  12. Applebees always has been horrible…No loss there….
    Consider boycotting….and maybe a short note to let them know their active involvement (as a service business) in politics just isn’t cool…..

    I personally have spoke out against a small quilting store in central Montana because of their politics in their weekly newsletter….

    They advocated killing congressmen and senators….

  13. Even Rehberg claimed he was for a national renewable energy standard. As for Applebee’s, I’m disgusted as they have the nerve to ‘host’ our Veterans…what a crock.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 10, 2012 5:19 PM at 5:19 PM |

      Publius, you ran an admirable campaign. Stay with it. Your time will come. We NEED intelligent people of impeccable integrity in the Lege, especially ones with your experience. Thank you for running.

  14. Taxpayers for Liberty should be facing prosecution for their deceptive use of legitimate union labels to ATTACK candidates supported by those unions!! How low can the GOP go???

  15. AP Story up on ATP donations – http://m.dailyinterlake.com/news/local_montana/article_2d57f4a8-2d2c-11e2-a47c-001a4bcf887a.html

    Seems these legislators are using the Ollie North defense

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