I Guess the GOP Just Doesn’t Like Some People

When it comes to what the GOP really thinks about young people, minorities, and poorer Montanans, actions speak louder than words.

Montana Republicans are already working on several bills to make it more difficult for Montana citizens to exercise our voting rights–and it is these Montanans who are particularly impacted.

Rep. Ted Washburn (R-Gallatin County)  has introduced the first bill to repeal election-day registration in Montana. GOP-ers seem to think that it is election day–or “same day”–registration (rather than bad ideas) which harms their chances of winning.  But the facts show otherwise.

As Salon reports, studies have found that election day registration actually provides no partisan benefit.  What same day registration does do is help more people vote–particularly young voters, poorer Americans, minorities and people who have recently moved.  Studies have found that election day registration boosts turnout by 7 to 14 percentage points.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 25, 2012 2:36 PM at 2:36 PM |

    FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDUMB! Yes, freedumb ain’t free! Or sumthin’ like that. The Teatardians are always yammerin’ an’ slobberin’ bout free this and free that. Free market, etc. But what they NEVER mention is democracy! Nope. Never. Jamas! For you see, (and they’ve even stated this) CAPITALISM is more important that democracy! If they have to mention ANYthing at all, they always jabber about a republic, but NEVER about democracy!

    Fortunately, I speak Teatard. And when they’re farting about Freedumb, they are NOT meaning democracy! They HATE democracy! For they can’t STAND the fact that ALL Americans can vote! They believe that only the privileged have that right. And they would gladly take us back to the days of disenfanchisment, in fact they are working on it!

    For example, when you have over TWO MILLION PEOPLE IN JAIL, why should these folks be allowed to vote when they get out? Well, they should be allowed to vote! But we ALL know what color MOST of these folks are!

    It’s all by design, folks. All by design. The Teatards will ALWAYS noisily and publicly fart about freedumd, but WHEN was the last time you heard them fart about justice? Or fairness? Or equality?? Or ANY of the things that our country takes for granted after hard fought battles in the past! It just ain’t part of the Teatard platform.

    They want ONLY their ignernt, inred base to vote. That’s how they’ve won much gains in the past. First, create a carefully calculated, purposely cultivated cynicism in the public. Gubmint bad, free market good! ie. hate radio, and all gubmint bad. THEN, when folks hate gubmint and decide not to vote, march in the willing idiots, the inbreds and christofascists to the polls in droves! Works like a charm!

    But I THINK that they’ve pretty much run this one into the ground. They can’t even GIVE away the fatassed blowhards’ radio programs any more, and the sponsors are leaving them in droves. This tactic will backfire, like it should! But folks need to be in Helena to let them know that this sh*t ain’t a’gonna fly here in Montana! EsPECIALLY the young people! Are you young dudes paying attention? GET THEE TO HELENA! Where is the Montana Sandra Fluke?

  2. Cindy Uken reports from the Billings Gazette that Montana leads the nation in suicide rates:

    The victims are military veterans, American Indians, senior citizens and teenagers. Often, they are depressed and hundreds of miles from the nearest mental health professional. Even where they can get help, they tend to “cowboy up,” afraid their illness will be seen as weakness. People who live in areas with high concentrations of guns are more likely to die by suicide, according to a 2007 study by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health.

    Rich people can save themselves: they merely flee South and complain that immigrants are taking over the workforce; but, poverty chains those who live in despair year ’round.

    Migration must be celebrated, not outlawed. Statehood for the tribes and Mexico would mean more people could save themselves from brutal winters in the North.

    Find something that works or die.

    Rewild the West.

  3. Champ Edmunds – HOW in the heck’ was he even RE-ELECTED, wake up Dems! – was the last Teabag operative to try this
    disgusting assault on Democracy regarding voter registration, and now Washburn has the ball. I urge folks to call SOS and congratulate her and tell her and Governor-Elect to STAND firm and especially Lt. Gov (GENERAL) Walsh who led Montana soldiers in Iraq where we defended IRAQI polling places and their new democratic rights to vote so BLATANTLY crapped on by the GOP here.

  4. Champ Edmunds and Ted Washburn are both from areas with a lot of young people, and yet they’re the ones carrying the bill to make it harder from their own constituents to vote. Despicable.

  5. Instead of bills to keep folks from voting, there should be a bill to make election day a mandatory day off for all citizens!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 26, 2012 5:55 PM at 5:55 PM |

      Agreed, dude! BTW, is that your real name? I luv it. Has character, something I’ve been told I’m SORELY lacking by my critics!

  6. Hey have you read Bowen Greenwoods memo on how he plans to beat Baucus? If you haven’t its a gass. But he is thinking and coming up with a stratagy. NOT.

  7. Let’s see: This would be the article from Hurst.

    For the record, Hurst is an idiot, but he didn’t ‘make it up’. The GOP is fairly delusional about their chances. They still blame ‘money’ (the very money they thought would buy them the Senate) for Jon Tester cleaning Rehberg’s clock. They accuse the Democrats of doing what they stated as their intention. Charming, yes?

    Montana is not a ‘red state’ in the manner that Hurst and his other Breitbart wannabes think it is. It is not ‘Republican’. Montana is a center right state, and that is exactly where Baucus exists, to the center right. A wingnut like Zinke will not take down Baucus, and the Montana GOP won’t risk losing the House seat by supporting Daines for the Senate leaving the House exposed.

    Totally personally, I did not vote for Baucus in 2008, and I will not in 2014. The GOoPers are so myopically enslaved to their vision of politics that they think those on the left like me will somehow suddenly vote for a Republicant over Baucus. No, we won’t. Baucus has not won his elections by narrow margin, but by rather huge ones. He has the independent vote well in hand, as well as many on the moderate right. He won’t miss my vote at all, and the only way a Republicant unseats him is if they gain the votes of the left that despise Baucus. That won’t happen.

    • If Baucus stays in good health, he’ll run and most likely win 1n 2014. But at the end of that term, in 2020, he’ll be pushing 80 and vulnerable to a primary challenge if he declines to retire (and decline he probably will: most senators think they’ll live forever).

      I think Daines will run for re-election in 2014, building up experience for a shot at Bullock in 2016, Tester in 2018, or Baucus (or another Democrat) in 2020. In the meantime, Montana’s Democrats need to start developing young candidates with statewide chops. That won’t be easy.

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 26, 2012 7:08 PM at 7:08 PM |

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