Rehberg’s New Office Status Begs Question about Where He’s Sleeping

Congressman Dennis Rehberg is back in the news after getting trounced by Montana voters last month, and once again, he’s raising more questions than answers.

The latest update from the soon-to-be-ex-(thank-god)-Congressman comes courtesy of reporter Mike Dennison, who writes that Rehberg has some sort of self-professed role in budget negotiations in Washington, D.C.

But Dennison’s story also hilariously notes that Rehberg “had to move out of his Washington, D.C., office last week” and is “working in a cubicle in the basement of a congressional office building.”

Over the years, numerous stories have repeated Rehberg’s claim that he sleeps on his office couch while in Washington.

Now that he (and his stuffed wolf and wooden duck) have moved out, and knowing that even in Congress cubicles are too small for couches, we should be asking: Exactly where in Washington is Dennis Rehberg sleeping now?


Posted: December 4, 2012 at 5:51 pm

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13 thoughts on “Rehberg’s New Office Status Begs Question about Where He’s Sleeping

  1. James Conner

    (1) Figuratively speaking, he’s been sleeping on the job ever since he was elected.

    (2) Lame duck sessions are affronts to democracy. There’s absolutely no reason to wait two months after the election before sending the losers and retirees home and replacing them with the winner.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    Skinflute’s and Libel Man’s good buddies are at it again!


    Our “allies” and their traitorous bush crime family allies!

    Wanna call me an anti-semite again, boys? How bout we call the bush crime family traitors?! And their zionist pals nazis? Works for me!

  3. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

    A few more weeks and I dont care if he sleeps on my couch, as long as he doesn’t vote for Montana’s Interest anymore on the hill. BYOB, Mine is locked up for regular Hardworking Montanans.

    By the way Denny, Chewie the cat and my small Doxie “Coco have first dibs at my house’s couch… plenty of blankets though, for the floor and the heat is paid for through the winter.

    Just saying! LOL

    “Don’t wish him ill, Just wish him GONE!”

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    Embrace your people, Libel Man and Skinflute! Yes, they’re dumber than dog shit, but you got’em!


    Faith, Family, Freedumb, and FECAL matter! (for brains)


    How do ya cure stoopid? I know! Let’s put Pubbies in charge of edyoucayshun! That otter do it! For ya see, there’s simply NO way a darkie could win the presidency in this country! God wouldn’t allow it! He tol’ me so!

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      There’s stoopid, damn stoopid, and PUBBIE stoopid! Some people call it dumber than DOG shit stoopid too!

      These are the folks we want designing our edyoucaychunal system, right Sarah Paline Welch??


      BTW, ms. sara p. welch has been studyin’ UP on hangin’ chads for her recount vote! And prayin’. Prayin’ a lot. ‘Cause remember, it’s all about Faith, Family, Freedumb, and Fecal matter! (for brains!)

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