For Your Consideration…Montana, the Oscars, and a Mistress

Today we have two hilarious and related items:

First, we go to Tinseltown.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Montana’s own Gerald Molen, the producer of the right-wing documentary “Obama: 2016,” is complaining that his film has been snubbed by the Academy of Motion Pictures. The film, alas, was not nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Documentary, as Molen thought it should be.

I can’t imagine why.  Surely the Academy overlooked the high quality of this piece of fine art.   This film, to refresh your memory, claims that Obama is a kind of Manchurian candidate, a militant African who has worked his life to achieve power in America so that he can now punish white people for the evils that white colonialist visited upon his African ancestors.   Now that he is in his second term, the film posits, he will put in place the final solution, taking things from white people and giving them to dark people.  If you are interested in getting a flavor for the movie, just watch this trailer, and get the basic idea as you watch shot after shot of hordes of impoverished dark-skinned people, taking to the streets, marching and rioting.

How could such a film not be nominated for an Oscar? It’s hard to believe.

The film got lots of ink during the 2012 presidential campaign.  Molen thought that his film would help win the election for Romney, and timed the release of the film accordingly.  But like Karl Rove, whose racist theories of how to win an election expired some time around 2004, Molen’s film probably backfired if anything.  Inciting racist anger is no longer a viable strategy to win a national election. America has wised up, and the electorate also is a little less white than it used to be.

For being snubbed, Molen, who lives up in Kalispell, is accusing the Oscar committee of “liberal bias.” He says that his movie should have received a nomination simply because  it grossed more money than any of the other documentaries that were nominated.

Meanwhile, the director and writer of the movie, and the author of the book on which it is based, has been caught with his pants down.

“Obama:2016” was written and directed by Dinesh D’Souza, who based the film on his book entitled “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” D’Souza is (or was) also the President of King’s College in New York, an evangelical university.

But now, the University has fired him.  It turns out that D’Souza, who is 51 and married, made the mistake of bringing his mistress–a 29-year-old bleach-blond–on the road with him to an evangelical conference in South Carolina, where D’Souza gave the keynote speech.  But unlike in Las Vegas, what happens at the evangelical conference does not stay at the evangelical conference.  And so the University fired him for violating its mission statement, which is a “commitment to the truths of Christianity and a biblical worldview.”

As the New York Times recounts the incident at the evangelical conference, D’Souza got busted when a reporter for a Christian news service, who was covering the conference and the speech, saw D’Souza checking into his hotel with the young blonde.  The reporter called D’Souza to inquire who the woman was.

Later that day, when he realized that the story was about to be published, D’Souza hastily filed to divorce his wife.  He then tried to argue, in the press, that he did not violate Christian principles and thus should not have had to leave his job.



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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 9, 2012 10:23 AM at 10:23 AM |

    Dear Jerkoff Jerry Molen, I feel you PAIN, dude! No! I mean that! I really do!

    Allow me to explain. You see, I believe a lot of crazy horse shit once in awhile too, jus’ like you! So, I know how HARD it is when reality kicks you right in the cojones! OUCH! I HATE when that happens!

    You see, Jerkoff, (may I call you Jerkoff?)
    anyone like you who is WILLING to believe that a pervert who liked sex with LOTS of young, underage girls, and figured that God had TOL’ him to pork as many of them as he could in order to get his own planet, and ALSO spoke to God by puttin’ his seer stones in his hat, why, Jerkoff, a dude like YOU will believe ANYTHING!

    Yes, that’s you, Jerkoff, a good mormon boy willing to suspend disbelief long enough to believe even the nonsensical horse shit of Deenut Sleaza, a REAL shizerbag! And you figured that YOU’D someday be appointed mormon pope by elevatin’ one of your own to the presidency! Ooops! And that didn’t happen! Instead, you ended up lookin’ like a COMPLETE horse’s ass!

    So, Jerkoff, it’s easy to feel sorry for a pathetic moron like you who is so easily fooled! HEY, a fool and his Oscar are soon parted!

    p.s. I’ll be puttin’ my seer stones, Vermin and Sputum, up my ASS later today! Stand by for any relevations I might have, for I always like to share my revelations. I MIGHT even be able to tell ya just how MANY underage girls a dude has to pork to get TWO planets! I’m thinkin’ also ’bout startin’ my own line designer magic underwear. Are you interested in investing? I know you got some bucks after your oscar winning movie!


    Dumbshits, what ya gonna DO with’em except make fun of them?

  2. I’d rather sit through three hours of Clash of the Titans (a movie my teenager walked out on) than watch the trailer for this. Awful.

  3. From the Firedoglake critique of Molen’s “butthurt” over his lack of a nomination:

    But box office figures are why Molen and D’Souza are all butthurt: Their film made $33.4 million, and so they think they’re entitled to an Oscar nomination. Oh heck, if ticket sales equaled an Oscar, then for gods’ sakes, Transformers: Dark of the Moon would have swept last year’s awards, and we could look forward to a landslide from Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2. Molen and D’Souza think that because they are conservatives and made a documentary with a conservative point of view, one that was critical to Obama, they didn’t get nominated.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 9, 2012 6:56 PM at 6:56 PM |

      Lest we forget, Jerkoff Jerry’s “movie” was nothing but a conspiracy between the evil factions of the christofascists, the mormons, and zionist nazis to attack O’Bama! Nothing more, nothing less. Jerkoff Jerry GREATLY overestimated his abilities! The dumbass actually believed he was going to be a king maker, but ended up looking like a horse’s ass! His final words? “An ass, an ass, my kingdom for a horse’s ass!”

      Well, you GOT’ER, Jerkoff Jerry! That will be your legacy, dude. You earned it!

  4. The mistresses, the masseuses, the meth–its really getting hard to keep up with all this hypocrisy.

    Every week you read about another one of these holier than thou types falling from grace. It’s become a cliche.

  5. 83 vacancies on the federal bench and the US electorate is distracted by charlatans like Molen…wise up, people, or Tokarski will be proved prescient:

  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 10, 2012 6:12 AM at 6:12 AM |

    This one’s for Jerkoff Jerry. Enjoy, Jerkoff. THIS otter get your magic underwear in a knot! You see, Jerkoff, you lost, dude! You’re a loser! And it’s gotta suck to be you, to go from hero to zero in ZERO seconds! Wow! Gotta be a new record!

    See what you gone and done now, Jerkoff? You done PUT that furrin-lookin’ MOOSElim back in office! I’ll bet the folks on Planet Kolob AIN’T real happy with you right now!


    p.s. Thanks again, Jerkoff!

  7. Just read the Kos diary for this. Some hilarious comments there–some favorites:

    Blatant discrimination!
    Dinesh didn’t violate Christian principles! Jesus warned against committing adultery in one’s heart. Dinesh totally avoided that by committing adultery with his penis.

    Molen is an Oscar Meyer whiner. And a grouch.

  8. Molen’s next documentary should be about why it is that so many “stars” of the Republican party end up like Dinesh D’Souza – Vitter, Sanford, Limbaugh–there’s a long list of potential subjects. Consider this free advice from me.

  9. My favorite part of the trailer is when the minority family is trying to play Monopoly and a fight breaks out. That is so typical of minority families, and these sorts of interfamilial squabbles are only going to become more and more common during Obama’s second term.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 10, 2012 5:36 PM at 5:36 PM |

      Ed, comin’ from a minoritee family myself, (bohunk), all I got say is that ANY activity would provoke a fight amongst us! HEY, it’s how us minoritess ENJOY ourselves! It’s our culture, dude! Please DO try to show a leetle more compassion for our diversity! Man! I can tell that you’re in DIRE need of some diverstiy trainin’! So, what I’m suggesting is that you invite IN the next couple’a young mormon dudes that knock on your door! Do it for Jerkoff Jerry! THEN, maybe you will come to an appreciation of this Oscar worthy pile of shit, the “documentary”, 2016!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 10, 2012 6:05 PM at 6:05 PM |

        p.s. Ed, I THINK they airbrushed OUT that long string of slobber that was hangin’ outta Jerkoff Jerry’s mouth in the pic above. I mean, jus’ LOOK closelyat the dude! You can almost SEE where that slobber was comin’ from! I mean, I USED to work in a nursing home, and I can tell you that that ORIGINALLY, that pic had some SLOBBER in it!

        I know. I know. You prolly HATE senile old fart venal deranged moronic mormos dumbasses like Jerkoff Jerry too, doncha? Geez, dude, I’m worried about you, Eddy. Don’t you realize that it’s a new day in America? Don’t you seriously get it? We’re a THOUSAND DIVERSE POINTS OF LIGHT shining on the hill! We’re the NEW America! The color blind America! We don’t really GIVE two shits if the prez is black! We jus’ LIKE him better’n the Big Kockhs and their nazi pals!

        Get with the PROGRAM, Eddy! Get OUT more, dude! Get a dog and take him to the dog park! And look around! It’s a new day in Murca!

        I’m gettin’ tired of tryin’ to educate all you redneck morons!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 10, 2012 6:42 PM at 6:42 PM |

          Sorry for the typos. Been a beery, beery long day, and gonna be a scotchy evening too! My apologies in advance to MADB, mohters against drunk blogging! I’m thinkin’ that we should make dudes wear a frggin’ ANKLE bracelet before they post! Kinda like a SHOCK collar dealy where you gotta BLOW before typing! If you’re over and you try to type, WHAM! It shocks the SHIT outta you! THAT would help me out greatly! AND, make them come in twice a day for a breathalizer test beFORE they blog! Just a thought.

          Now that steve bullock’emup is guv, maybe we can get some action on this matter! Anyone who post with a BAC higher than .00000008 should be FINED for BWD, blogging while drunk!

    • Personally, I think the scene would have had more symbolic impact if it had just been a bunch of black 5 year olds, packing and poppin’ caps over a game of Candyland.

      On a more serious note, obviously Molen has never seen a bunch of Scots playing Pinochle. That can be the precursor to World War III.

  10. Kralj, you calling Ed Kemmick a redneck moron shows just how detached from reality you are.

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