This Amendment Needs to Go

The Helena non-discrimination ordinance is finally set for passage Monday, December 17th.  It will outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation.  The final hearing begins at 6pm in the City Commission Chambers on the 3rd floor of the City-County Building.

There is a small snag, however.

While the City Commissioners decided unanimously two weeks ago to move the popular ordinance forward, Commissioner Dick Thweatt added a preposterous amendment, with language that could actually require people to show their genitals before entering certain facilities if there is any doubt as to their gender.  Why Thweatt did this I cannot fathom.  It’s one of those things that politicians do to try to satisfy everyone, I suppose.

Fortunately, the city has produced a training video.  Cowgirl blog has obtained a copy of the video. Here it is:

I propose a substitute amendment.  It would simply require all businesses to purchase TSA-style body scanners, at the proprietors’ expense, and staff them with trained operators.

Local businesses should not be alarmed, as the body scanners only cost between $130,000 and $170,000 each.   When the body scanners were first installed in our nation’s airports, the public reaction was overwhelmingly positive, so the city can expect much less backlash than if we all had to show our genitals to a city monitor.

We could even include language, to satisfy opponents of the ordinance, that would allow them to download and view each body scan in a private room.

Whether the substitute amendment has legs or not, the commissioners will likely realize on Monday how ridiculous this all is and strip the genital check amendment from the final ordinance–if for no other reason than to prevent themselves from becoming the subject of the next Jon Stewart, Colbert Report, or FoxNews skewering.


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  1. Perhaps next the council will propose an amendment exempting chick Fil’A…Sheesh!

  2. This takes “Don’t touch my junk” guy to a whole new level. Get it together Helena!

  3. Reasons this amendment is bad – besides the ridicule factor:

    his amendment for a number of reasons:

    It seeks to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. There is no evidence that ensuring transgender people can use locker rooms conforming to their gender identity results in increased acts of voyeurism or violence.

    Prohibiting people from using facilities designated for the gender they identify with causes psychological harm – the same kind of harm that opponents of the ordinance and proponents of this amendment would feel if they were forced to use the locker room of the opposite sex.

    The discomfort of others is not a reason to deny people their civil rights. We wouldn’t tell a breast cancer survivor she can’t use the women’s locker room because of her mastectomy scars. Part of being a compassionate human being is respecting the rights of others even when it makes us uncomfortable.

    This amendment doesn’t take into account people who don’t conform to traditional gender characteristics, including people who are intersex (born with both male and female genitalia) or those who have been injured – take a soldier wounded by an IED in Iraq.

  4. Oops, meant to include the link to the source of this info:

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 13, 2012 6:43 PM at 6:43 PM |



    You see, ONLY a guy named Thweet, Dick, is STOOPID enuff to come up with such an amendment! Hence, a NEW Peter Principle, christofascist style! ONLY dudes with a name like Tweet, Dick, can check the genatial of OTHER dudes! Whiles’t tapping with Dixie with their toes! It’s the Murcan/Teatard/Reetard way!


    You see, my Helenic friends, would YOU want a guy name of Thweet, Dick checkin’ out YOUR dick??? Is he gonna be like my beloved nuns with their RULERS when we danced to closley in Jr. High? Ooops! Ain’t LONG enuff. You can’t use the restroom! Jus’ wonderin’!

    Instead of a bouncer at the door, you must NOW have a Thweet, Dick check out patrons for a concealed peter??? HEY, scumbag, you got a license to be packin’ THAT much peter??

    Thweet, Dick. WHAT A MAN!!!

    Ain’t NUTHIN’ like a Thweet, Dick to lecture us ’bout matters of the dick!

    Hey, Thweet, Dick, I’m thinkin’ that you maybe otter consider a name change. Anybody who thinks a dick is THAT thweet might jus’ be a battin’ for the other side! No whatImean???? SURE you do, Thweet, Dick!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 13, 2012 6:49 PM at 6:49 PM |

      Again, sorry for the typos. Been a beery, beery long day, and a scotchy evening! And no, I’m NOT a homophobe! Just a word lover. And I simply LUV the dude’s name, Thweet, Dick! He’s such a Thweet, Dick, kinda like the Dick, cheney!

    • I’m disappointed, Larry. I thought you’d go with the Dick Sthweat monicker … ;-)

    • Or we can just call it the Dick amendment. It’s a simple, elegant option.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 13, 2012 7:54 PM at 7:54 PM |

        True, or simply the Thweet, Dick Amendment, after the author! Very elegant, doncha thing? Nothing like a Thweet, Dick Amendment to arouse the christofascists outta their tumescence!

  6. Nice ‘pro woman’ video….tolerant comments for folks who hold a different point of view, too.

    • You seem to have missed the point of the video- that the policy is anti-woman, anti-logic, and anti any decent human being.

      I hope this individual isn’t trying to impersonate and malign he name of Jim Smith, helena mayor. My email alert said he voted against this idiocy.

  7. Post above should read- “the name”

  8. I think Jim was joking- he’s one of the good guys!

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