MT Republicans Reload with Wacky Gun Bills

Ted WashburnRepublican leaders are scrambling to prevent party members from discussing their new wacky gun proliferation ideas in public, but that hasn’t stopped GOP lawmakers from trying to pass them into law.

Already, Montana legislators are introducing what appear to be some of the exact same bills that went down in flames last session. We’ll know more when the drafts of these bills are made public, but here’s what’s out there so far:

Rep. Ted Washburn (R-Bozeman) is again proposing to legalize hunting with silencers.

Rep. Krayton Kerns (R-Laurel) is bringing back the bill to allow anybody to carry a concealed weapon around without a permit.  (He’s also brought back the bill to give local sheriffs authority over the federal government in terror investigations.)

Alan DoaneAnd new Rep. Alan Doane (R-Bloomfield) wants to “Encourage manufacture of ammunition in Montana to ensure availability.”

This is only the beginning.  The legislative session doesn’t even start until January 7.



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  1. And new Rep. Alan Doane (R-Bloomfield) wants to “Encourage manufacture of ammunition in Montana.

    Doesn’t Montana need more manufacturing jobs? That factory in the Bitterroot puts out some decent quality ammo.

    Are the Cowgirls really against jobs in Montana?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 19, 2012 7:29 PM at 7:29 PM |

      Nah. Zoo Dem, what we ARE against is making our beautiful state a KOOK magnate for f*cking inbred WEIRDOS like Sonju! Look, dude, we know guns. End of story. You wanna be an inbred Freeman, go to Idaho! They like inbreds over yonder! We keep guns in their proper perspective, for our ancestors used them LOOONG before Montany became a state, dipshit! Why, I remember the story ’bout uncle Frank killing a bear with a .38 pistol. True story by the way. Part of family lore.

      But your inbred racists can just mosey on over to IdeeeHO!

      Hope this helps.

    • Any reason you left the last part of Rep. Doane’s bill title in your comment? The official bill title on the mtleg website is

      “Encourage manufacture of ammunition in Montana to ensure availability”

  2. The ammunition “shortage” issue is a pre-election rumor put out by the NRA each year to imply that if a democrat (Obama) is elected that there will be either a confiscation of ammunition, or factories will be shut down, or a great run on ammunition before the shutdown of factories, or a civil war, or some kind of end of the world survivalist scenario. This Doane must have drank the koolaid, making him a loon of the first order.

    Cases in point:

    Too bad the truth is that our own military is the cause of any supposed shortages:

    • Regarding the article you post on the supposed military caused ammunition shortage of 2007 – If Doane is drafting legislation to deal with a problem that ended 6 years ago, he should resign his seat now and save us all the wasted time and energy debating pointless NRA conspiracy theories.

  3. Before I wised up, I thought the state legislators could only do so much damage to our freedom by meeting every two years. Then it occured to me that a lot of those pukes are scheming 24/7. If any of ’em wanna ride off on the comet, I’ll donate the applesauce!

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