Sports-minded and Fun

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) was forced to come out yesterday and plead with fellow Republicans to be more “circumspect” when they talk about guns.

It’s not helpful” for GOP lawmakers to be speaking publicly about some of their ideas right now, he said.  Boehner’s pleading is a little late.  In the wake of the mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, several GOP lawmakers are now calling for arming teachers as a way to prevent mass shootings 

Bringing guns into schools is also a pet project of Montana Republicans.  Just last session, Republicans in the Montana legislature pushed a bill to allow guns in schools (House Bill 558).

And who could forget the fundamentalist Christian school in Montana that decided to raffle off a semi-automatic assault rifle as a school fundraiser this fall.

Stillwater Christian School obtained the assault rifle came from the NEMO rifle plant. Family members of former gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill’s running mate Jon Sonju are NEMO executives.

In addition to bidding on the assault rifle, you could also attend the schools “Stillwater Shootout” fundraising event down at the shooting range in Kalispell, MT.

School officials said they didn’t see a problem raising money with a semi-automatic assault rifle raffle. Rather, they called it “sports-minded and fun.”

This Christian private school doesn’t just work to instill these beliefs into the young minds of school children, it also gets involved in elections.  This year, school leaders sent out an email before the primary urging GOP primary voters to oppose non-TEA Party candidates.

With the hard-right wing now calling the shots, hardly surprising that GOP legislators didn’t just stop with their bill to allow guns in schools.  Montana Republicans also tried to pass new laws last session to:

Lift the prohibition on carrying concealed weapons in bars, churches, banks, and government buildings. (House Bill 384)

Create fully-armed militia in every town (House Bill 278)

Allow anybody to carry a concealed weapon around without a permit.  (House Bill 271)

Force employers to allow employees to bring guns to work in their cars. (House Bill 368)

Legalize hunting with silencers (House Bill 174)

And when they ran out of gun bill ideas, they tried to legalize hunting with hand-thrown spears (Senate Bill 112)

This is not a joke. These were real bills put forward by Republicans in the Montana legislature, unencumbered by common sense.   Republicans can’t say the public has no reason to fear their proposals when they seem to fear open debate of what they truly believe.


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  1. One thing we can all be thankful for: Gary Marbut lost his election to the Montana Legislature. He’s the nutjob behind half the bills you mention above. He’s currently spewing more pro-gun absurdities even while other gun rights activists are calling for review of or compromise on gun regulations. Not Gary. He won’t be happy until everyone is packing assault weapons everywhere they go.

    • P.S. Just visited the Intelligent Discontent website where Don criticized some of Gary Marbut’s pro-gun statements. The nutjobs are coming out of the woodwork over there. Just a word of warning.

      • I saw the same thing. Clearly an effort by the Saint Marbut cult to overwhelm intelligence with crackpot discontent.

      • Pete, perhaps Don should have written his piece: “Mtcowgirl Shamelessly Exploits Another Gun Tragedy.” I won’t hold my breath.

        • Well, Craig, Don could have written that but it would be inaccurate. MTCowgirl is just pointing out a few of the bat crap crazy bills advanced by tea party members in the last legislature. The bills speak for themselves.

          • Pete, CG shamelessly attacks the Stillwater school and wraps it into the bills. Pure, shameless politics on the back of the tragedy.

            Now, a pox on both their houses, CG and ID. All the children aren’t even buried before these rhetorical bombasts. I ask both of them to stop and withdraw their posts to such time as the their has been more opportunity to respect the dead, grieve and heal.

            • Thank you Craig for offering yet more proof that republicans are afraid to have this debate! Well done sir.

              • Paul, you are pathetic. Give some time to pass to respect the tragedy and the shattered lives. If you are in need to see the history of such debates, where I took part, look here:

                • Good idea, Craig, let’s put this conversation on the back burner so that nothing gets done and then we can wring our hands and ask “why?” when the next gun tragedy occurs a few months down the road.

                  • Excoriating rhetoric and finger pointing are not a conversation, they are a food fight. AGAIN, IMHO such antics disrespects the dead and the shattered families while they grieve. Yes, give it some time. These discussions have been going on for years. Remember Jim Zumbo? See my 02/27/07 comment. Then read the follow up:

                    • “These discussions have been going on for years.”

                      Yes, Craig, these “discussions” have been going on for decades, and how many innocents have we lost to gun violence in that time. I agree with Pete on this. The time for a true discussion is now, even if that discussion includes “excoriating rhetoric and finger pointing.” In comparison to the horror that happened in Connecticut, a few harsh words spoken in the heat of debate are trifling. I, for one, am past disgusted that a small minority — a lobby — not only works to obstruct honest solutions to this problem, but goes so far as to silence any opposition out of a phony concern for the victims. Every time an obscenity like this occurs, there is always somebody disingenuously pleading on behalf of the victims that we silence ourselves on the issue of gun control. No more. I don’t care if you’re offended, Craig. It’s not a tenth of how offended I am that the NRA and gun manufactures of this country are willing to allow slaughter to continue unimpeded for decades, all so they can preserve a stupid, mis-construed interpretation of the second amendment.

                    • JR, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates 10,228 people died in drunk driving crashes in 2010. Where is the rage? Where is the presidential task force? Why so selective? Where is the progressive shrieking to call for closing bars, outlawing alcohol and such?

                      Again, as to this tragedy, it is unconscionable to trade of these deaths when the bodies remain to be buried and the families weep. Give it some time.

                    • Holy non-sequitur, Batman! Craig, if you haven’t been privy to the discussions and outrage concerning drunk-driving, (leading to MADD, new legislation, new technologies like breath-test-ignitions, new sentencing guidelines), then you are either willfully blind or living in a cave. Don’t you remember that heated little discussion right at this site about that idiot legislator from Basin who tried to argue that drunk driving is a right and a western tradition? Your fake outrage against progressives appears more hollow by the day.

                      And here’s a suggestion for anyone with even a modest sense of personal responsibility: If you think it’s too soon to discuss this topic, then don’t fucking discuss it. Since you seem to have missed the point, no one demanded your opinion here or required you to dress yourself in emotional pain by joining the discussion. Quit school-marming about your personal offense and go away.

                • The right time for politicians to start doing something about these, or any issues, is when we, the people they are supposed to represent, say it is.

                  If the politicians had their way, most of them would avoid talking about it all together and sit there collecting government health benefits while naming post offices after themselves.

        • what you’ve done here Craig is pretty despicable.
          I’m not a big commenter on these blogs. I’ve read plenty of your comments and kept my mouth shut.
          I found it so completley disgusting that you would post what you did above, and then have the nerve to bemoan political antics disrespecting the dead later, that I wanted to take time out of my day to tell you what a tremnedous hypocrite you are.
          what do you think your first comment was?

          • You are entitled to your opinion. Please consider what I was trying to do which was to point out the hypocrisy at ID, the political angling at CG and ask that people stop during mourning. Did not mean to add to it.

            • Good to see your penchant for selective outrage hasn’t ended, Craig.

            • Yes, Craig, we are all entitled to our opinion and you have no power to dictate to us when, where, and how we express those opinions. Your laughable non-sequitir about drunk driving deaths received the mockery it deserved — bravo, Rob Kailey — and mtcreels, noting your harsh and no doubt politically motivated, criticism of Pogie and CG earlier, tagged you with the label you deserve: Hypocrite. Seriously, who comes to a website where they know the issues of the day are being discussed, and blithely informs everyone that they have no right to said discussion. The circumstance doesn’t matter; you don’t possess a veto on our speech. If you don’t agree with what is being said, then disagree, but cease this passive-aggressive attempt at silencing us.

              If this reply to mtcreels is an apology then it truly is a sorry one.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 19, 2012 9:20 AM at 9:20 AM |

    Gotta run, so short post! I was SHOCKED AS HELL when I lost my SS card and had to go get a new one. When I walked in the door at the SS office, there was a freakin’ ARMED GUARD there to greet me! And the entire freakin’ building was locked up tight! It looked like the inside of a freakin’ JAIL! (not that I would know!) I couldn’t believe it! WHO in the hell is gonna shoot up the SS office?

    Here’s the deal. Even BANKS used to have a friendly, kindly old bald dude with a gun sittin’ around the lobby to deter robbers. But schools? NUTHIN’!, and that just ain’t right!

    So, here’s my proposal. Rather than allowing the mentally ill to just stroll on IN to the school and start shooting, let’s GET a nice, retired old cop or other such dude to SIT at the front door of EVERY school and greet people! I call’em a greeter with a heater! Hell, even Walfart has greeters! It’s time. It’s time to put a gun right at the front door to make the mental case stop and think, AND to give the school time to react!

    But we canNOT allow NO protection at the entrance to the schools any longer! We have NO shortage of old farts (like me) that might want to volunteer, sorta like foster grandma deal, ‘cept that this would be foster grandpa greeter with a heater!

    Look, if nothing else, it buys the school some time to lock down! So we lose the old fart, no big whoof! He died helping kids! Hell, I would volunteer in a heartbeat!

    But on this one I agree with my wacko rightwing pals. It’s time to do sumthin’. I think the greeter with a heater program would be a good place to start!

    Let’s just do it!

    OK, gotta run. Let the comments begin!

    p.s. It’s just the world we live in, folks. The old timers in Japan volunteered to go in and clean up the nuke reactor since they were old anyway. They didn’t want the young folks dying. Time for the boomers to FINALLY do sumthin’ with their sorry asses!

    • Good info, James. I don’t know that much about Reichner but a quick Google shows he’s a poster boy for Americans for Prosperity, you know, the big bucks behind the tea party that’s funded by the Koch brothers.

      Unfortunately, this bill will probably get some traction.

  3. Larry,
    I’m not sure I think the image of an ‘old fart’ with ‘heat’ at the entrance to our schools, is one that I think most young students should have everyday as they enter the ‘seat’ of learning.
    If we decided that this was an ‘answer’ to our violence dilemma, do you think there would be adequate funding to pay for sufficient psychological background checks to be sure that the ‘geezers w/heaters’ would be stable enough for the position?

  4. Larry,if you think that I want an old fart like W.C. Fields (“The Bank Dick”) watching the door to the bank, let alone the schools, then, you need to have your head examined and you really need to get back on your medications as you are not making much sense (not that you do normally).

  5. I am a tree-hugging liberal who happens to own 8 guns, long & short. I grew up with guns in a house where the most severe penalty came from even thinking about touching my dad’s gun case.

    Will I register my guns? No. Do I carry them for “protection”? No.
    Do I know how to use them? Yes. Will I? Sure – maybe to hunt a deer in the post-apocalypse world some of the tea-partiers seem to think is coming.

    Too bad we can’t have some of this instant concern about maybe investing some time & money on more & better education (which can be a civilizing factor) or on preventive health care, affordable for all, that might include mental health services.

    And why are we a violent society? Any answers on that question? Do we even think about that?

    • Mother Jones, I too am a tree-hugging liberal who is also a shooter. I know how to use them, I do not carry because I know the rules of initiative and unintended consequence, but I do use them because I am constantly trying to become a better shot. As with all things, that comes with responsible practice. But I have no objection whatsoever to registering my firearms. I’m more afraid that my nefarious neighbors know what weapons I have, and will steal them, then I am that anyone from the government will ever try to take them away.

      Short version, I think that is your answer. Irrational fear is why we are a violent society.

  6. We’re a violent society because a few people are making a lot of money by promoting violence. Gun manufacturers, the so-called defense industry, video game makers, the NRA for starters.

    I wonder who would benefit from the NRA’s suggestion, if it were implemented, that everyone pack heat. Gosh, do you think it might be gun manufacturers?

    Could anything be more transparent than this?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | December 19, 2012 7:12 PM at 7:12 PM |

      Sorry, dude, I DON’T work for the gun industry! Libs need to just f*cking UNDERSTAND for once in their f*cking lives that the righties are RIGHT on this one. OK, limit assault rifles and magazine capacity. But do NOT f*ck with guns! It’s a loser, and it should be! Maybe you should be mad at f*ckin’ with Reagan for CLOSING all the mental facilities in this country, and all those folks ending up in jail! Or the fact that NO ONE can get mental f*cking HEALTH care in this country!

      Hell, gun guys are the most law abiding, decent folks around. Go to any gun show, and you’ll see what I mean! I’m NOT speaking about the conspiracy/teatard/seperatist nuts, but real gun guys! They’re the folks I grew UP with!

      Here, I’ll help moronic libs out. Cut and paste this, and print it off, and TAPE it on the back of your shirt!, so some rightie don’t HAVE to!


      There, I did it for you. F*cking with gun laws is a f*cking loser! Figure it the f*ck OUT! And I’m gonna tell you a secret. Not ALL teachers are f*cking anti-gun! MANY are anti-slaughter of kids!

      Jus’ my opinion.

      p.s. Mom, sorry in advance for my language. But I can’t help it. Libs can be such f*cking latte licking LOSERS some times! It pisses me off!

  7. Ingemar Johansson | December 19, 2012 2:26 PM at 2:26 PM |

    HB’s 384, 278, 271, 368, 174 and SB 112 do serve a very important purpose.

    Every precious minute spent discussing/debating these fringe proposals is minutes taken away from your liberal agenda.

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