Posted: December 22, 2012 at 9:57 pm

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58 thoughts on “Top Ten Ideas for What Schweitzer Should Do Next

  1. Jennifer Davies

    He should lead a ballot initiative campaign to clean up Montana elections! Address what ATP did to try to buy the Governor’s race and the land board. They succeeded in buying several legislative seats and Jason Priest bought a Supreme Court seat. We need election finance reform.

    1. Jennifer Davies

      I thought of one more – a ballot initiative campaign to limit the referenda the legislature can put on the ballot – by saying either that the legislature –those who put the bad ideas on the ballot have to collect signatures, or that they have to pay for it out of their budget and not make the taxpayers.

            1. Pundet

              You guys don’t even know aout the $1 million infusion of unsourced cash that got Jon elected with less than 50%. Blows right by you unless the other party does it.

                1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

                  I’m sorry, but I simply LUV the smell of whiney righties in the morning!


                  You and Pundip are some very funny dudes.

              1. Pundet

                It’s OK, Your guys did that. We are only concerned about corruption in the other party. You guys do it for good purposes. Stay focused!

      1. The Polish Wolf

        Indeed – but I can’t blame Tester for playing the game by the rules the Supreme Court wrote. We just have to change the rules back. Schweitzer could do a great deal on that front, since he doesn’t require any corporate funding.

  2. Dave Lewis, Helena

    What a great line from Pundet. Made me think of Mike Pichette. He could come up with lines like that so quick and reflexive.

  3. Dave Skinner

    I prefer “retire quietly” but it’s not in the guy.
    He should get another dog to succeed Jake, tho. Jake will be as old as Max in 2014.

  4. John Lawyer

    Lead an initative to turn Montana Tech in Butte into the world’s first dedicated Energy University.

  5. Dennis Taylor

    Primary Max-and shake up the US Senate- I heard tester isn’t running again, and we need a Montanan in there who isn’t totally bought and paid for

  6. Farmboy

    Get out of politcs for a few years, do some private business, then maybe run for Senate down the road, or if Max would just step down maybe run for senate, but I think I would like to see Kendall Van Dyk go for that seat. If anything it will get Kendall started in statewide politics. But no private business something to do with energy or agriculture or both for a few years for Schwietzer.

  7. Fire Dog

    Maybe Schweitzer could investigate Conrad Burns claims that Schweitzer imported illegal Roundup from Canada.

  8. Drunks for Denny

    Start a campaign to decry the $400 tax rebate to property owners as a gimmick, and move the discussion further towards fairer taxation on the hobby homeowners, and protect the average Montana family who doesn’t own a thousand acre ranch full of dinosaur fossils.

    This is not Aspen. This is Montana.

  9. Drifter

    Pardon Barry Beach, since Bullock et al seem to be afraid of what will come out if he does get a new trial. People with inquiring minds want to know. I want to know….

  10. Mike Johnson

    Accept appt as Secretary of Interior or Secty of Agriculture, or perhaps administrator a national program to repair the last decade of Dept of “Defense” destruction around the world.

  11. Jan Thomas

    Break up the prescription drug cartels! Why are we in the US paying 40-50% more than Canada for the same exact medicines! This is ridiculous! Congress really screwed up by not negotiating lower prices for Medicare too – if the VA does it, why can’t Medicare and Medicaid!

  12. billy

    I thought he already said he will be working on energy independence for our nation. No details were mentioned.

  13. Lee Gustafson

    Ditto Jennifer Davies – He should lead a ballot initiative campaign to clean up Montana elections! Otherwise the “know nothings” led by the Koch Brothers billions will take us bask to the era of the Copper Kings and beyond.

  14. Norma Duffy (@Ilikewoods)

    Dear Brian,
    Go out and have some fun for a few Months until the President calls you. And Please…..Continue Practicing your Bill branding whatever you do…. I got a feeling we are gonna need it in DC to burn holes in the GOP ridiculous plans to screw the Middle Class!

    A Montana Citizen

  15. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

    Wanna scare the SHIT outta yourself REAL good? Well, I did. I read this, and Bill does a great job of scaring the living shit outta ya like it NEEDS to be done before the coming Lege. I’ve been trying not to think much about it, hoping like hell that the Pubes had learned from the last session. But we ALL know that that didn’t happen. So, please read your Mr. Bill. He’s very good. Read all of it. If THIS don’t scare ya, nuthin’ will! Oh, and it’s great reading too. Every once in awhile I need some really good stuff to read.

    p.s. I hadn’t realized that fred thomass, mr. dereg boy, was back in the legislature. Jumpin’ CEEment Jaysus but we’re in for a wild ride! Hell, freddy don’t even need SNOW to go down the CEEment Jaysus hill! He can do it on sleaze alone!

    We’re f*cked!

  16. Dave Skinner

    Seems a little slow around here all of a sudden. The Schweitzer staff must be all shutting down or trying to score jobs in the Bullock administration?
    And how about that Pro Publica article today about Barrett Kaiser’s dark money machine?

  17. Aware and Not Stupid

    I understand that Barnum and Baily, the Circus boys are looking for some new talent. The Scheister Administration was a real circus act, start to finish, I’ll be ol’ Big Bully Brian could get hired on in a minute as a side show act, but wait, that probably wouldn’t appeal to him, if he’s not in the Center Ring with all the spot lights on him he’s not interested in playing. Can’t wait for the cat fight that will ensue when he and Hillary both go after the Presidential nomination. I’d love to have the popcorn concession for that show!

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      Wow! That’s gotta hurt. I feel you pain, Beware I’m Stoopid! You’re a big person to admit it, that you morons in the Pube Party got your ASSES KICKED by a circus performer! Geez, that makes you morons look even MORE pathetic! But like I say, it takes a big person to admit that you’re so pathetic. At LEAST you imbeciles know your limitations and shortcomings!

      SO, back to the ol’ drawing board! I’m predicting that you guys will get your crazy back this session! Oh sure, it’s gonna be hard to beat your bullshit from the past, but I have confidence in you buffoons! I mean, let’s be honest here. ANY party that can SERIOUSLY debate a big penis in public has just GOTTA be ready to rumble! And really, when you think about it, what BIGGER problem do we have than exposing to all our unsuspecting, righteeous, god-fearing women folk to a “discernibly turgid” penis?! None I would argue! No, I mean that! Why jus’ yesterday I saw a big penis! Name of fred thomass!

      So, Beware I’m Stoopid, while you label Schweitzer a clown, stand by. For I’ll lay you good MONEY that you boys will be front and center on the late night comedy circuit once again in short order! And I can’t wait! Gentlemen, START YOUR PENISES!


  18. Aware and Not Stupid

    Asses kicked Larry, let’s see, which party controls BOTH houses of the Montana legislature and the ENTIRE Montana Public Service Commission and elected a Republican Attorney General. Do the math potty mouth! :)

    1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

      HEY, dude, let’s THINK here for a moment, shall we? It wasn’t MOI that got my ass handed and branded to’em! It was you ReePubes, dude! Thas all I’m sayin’. And you know it! Sure, you dudes now control the house and senate, but there can be NO doubt as to just WHOM got their little behinds spanked! And you dudes got a bad case of the red ass to PROVE it! Again, Beware I’m Stoopid, bottom line. YOU bozos got your ASSES paddled REAL good by a guy that is SO inept that you call him a circus performer! What does that tell you about YOUR party? LOTS I’d say. When you CAN’T even best a circus performer, you really ARE a sorry sumbitch! I suggest that you guys get your OWN midget, like Pappy Odonell wanted to do! Might help. Ya never know!!

      Know any midgets with a broom, Beware??


      GOD I’m gonna miss Schweitzer! I hope that Bullock names him state poet laureate, so’s he can KEEP up the one liners against the ReePubes! The dude is pure political poetry in accion!

      1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers

        p.s. You could always employ fred thomass! HE’S a mental midget! Get broom and see what he can do!!

  19. Aware and Not Stupid

    Oh Larry, maybe there help for your sorry sick mind over at DPHHS, I’m sure Opper could find you a good councelor and shrink cause you need medication for your issues buddy!

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