GOP Lawmaker Decries Compromise

Krayton KearnsYesterday, Montana’s new Governor, statewide elected officials, and legislators were sworn in. Each took an oath to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Montana.

But one Montana lawmaker is already accusing his own party of violating that oath. Rep. Krayton Kerns (R-Laurel) wrote on his website today that:

Political moderates on my team side-step their oath by committing themselves to the principle of compromise…With every compromise, freedom fades and government grows.

Kerns says he believes that “less than 25 percent of elected officials honor their oath of office. Such a small percentage is horse poop.”


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  1. Norma Duffy AKA @Ilikewoods | January 8, 2013 8:31 AM at 8:31 AM |

    Teaparty: Drop in the adorability polls from 21% to 8% in just one Month…Extinction cant come soon enough for this group of RWNJ’s ruining our Country!

    Oh and yes I am using your Own RW pollsters who are saying this!


  2. Who is this yahoo? Jerry O’Neil has pending bills to subvert the Constitution, the UN, god knows what else; those bills have anything to do with Montana state government? And what is wrong with political moderates? This country is supposed to run on compromise; we are a republic in which its representatives are supposed to work for their constituents, we, the citizens.

    Compromise means no one wins, but the majority benefit from a decision that solves a problem for most. It’s not about winning or losing.

    The Tea Party wants to just win, and force their narrow point of view on the rest of us. The Tea Party’s dive in the polls, and the past election, give me hope that maybe the electorate, this guy’s electorate, may be waking up. I am no more a tree hugging, knee jerk left winger than I am a right wing, black helicopter person. I want my legislature in Montana to work on our state & make life better here for all of us.

    Federal issues? I will take that up with our senators & representative. Compromise? Hey, the Gov blasted all those stupid batcrap crazy bills last time. I suspect Bullock will do the same…so, Dr. Kerns, wake up, and deal with issues in Montana without wasting time on ad hominen attacks & work on bills that make Montana an even better place to live.

    By the way, I think the oath of office might include a mention of representing the citizens – maybe the citizens of Montana want a legislature that wants to get some work done on real issues.

    By the way, and Cowgirl, cut this if you want, I would no more take my dog to see this guy than I would patronize a local tattoo parlor. There, that expressed my point of view.

    Keep us the good work.

    • Basically the standard I go by is similar to Kimberly’s — if the person can’t be trusted to treat human beings with kindness and respect why would I trust them with my animals!

  3. Just in time . . . You know, merely because I compromise, i.e., find common ground in a diverse group, does NOT mean others in the group think me less committed to my principles (well, the intelligent ones, anyway).

  4. Oh the joy…..aargh. The planet’s finest Constitution – for AMERICA ‘Doctor’ Kerns – was built on compromise between southern and New England legislators, including the Bill of Rights and even the location of our Nation’s capitol. The Tea Party FLUNKED American History 101! Has he ever compromised with his friends, family members or community members? ‘My way or the highway’ doesn’t work, not even in the military.

  5. This is the chair of the house judiciary committee. God help us.

  6. lisa- kerns is the house judiciary committee?

  7. Here’s what Kerns really meant to say:

    Common sense moderates on my team forget that we are in this for the good of the party, not the good of the people. Every compromise opens up the possibility of having to share credit with the other side and this cannot happen.

  8. Check O’Neill’s ‘manifesto lists, absolutely remarkable…$BAIV.return_all_bills?P_SESS=20131

    The public servants who are REQUIRED to ressearch and draft all this must have stronger bowels than I do…

  9. Just mentioning the name “Krayton Kerns” brings to mind all sorts of oaths, some directed at the people who voted for him.

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 8, 2013 2:36 PM at 2:36 PM |

    All’s quiet on the news media front! Not ONE newspaper in Montana will DARE ask, as if a teacher in an unruly classroom, “Alright, WHO took krazy krayston’s freedom? Please give it back right now!”


    No adults need apply in the ReePube party or the newspapers of Montana! Adams?? Will YOU do it??

    Krazyass Cretin Kerns. Someone done TOOK his freedoms! What an asshole! I wonder, just WHAT the hell is krazy cretin FARTING about this time? Anyone?? Anyone?? Anyone???

    Who took krazy’a freedoms??? A crime has been committed and the newspapers won’t even report it! Theft, I tell ya, THEFT in the first and second degree!


    Buckle UP, folks! The crazy train is just gettin’ started, and it’s headed for the roller coaster!

  11. Here is the whole quote from his blog:

    Taking the opposite path in politics, something which began as an absolute truth, over time became a meaningless wives’ tale; a tragedy which is destroying America. At noon on January 7th, 2013, all 150 Montana legislators gathered in the capitol, raised their right hands, and swore their Oath of Office to “support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Montana.” The instant we put the period at the end of the “so help me God” part, every issue should become, and once was, a question of constitutionality. Sadly, such is no longer the case.

    I have witnessed elected colleagues from the left side of the aisle dismiss challenges to the constitutionality of their positions by satirically asking, “Which constitution are we using?” This is the reasoning progressive Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg used when she recently dismissed our US Constitution as being outdated. Progressives would love to replace our constitution which purposely limits government, with one to expand government. If President Obama has an opportunity to replace a single conservative Supreme Court justice with a progressive one, the balance of power flips and our divinely inspired Constitution becomes a meaningless relic, easily erased from the history books. Tyranny will rule for centuries.

    Political moderates on my team side-step their oath by committing themselves to the principle of compromise. Reaching across the aisle to help the progressives redistribute wealth is held in the highest possible esteem and moderates justify their actions saying they “know how to take care of the people back home.” With every compromise, freedom fades and government grows.

    Sadly, less than 25 percent of elected officials honor their oath of office. Such a small percentage is horse poop and why the analogy to the old wives’ tale of walking colics fits so well. Montana’s 63rd Legislative Session has begun and I feel honored to be in the trenches with the 25 percent who truly honor their oath. In the near future, when the excrement hits the fan and it will, find those patriots, and get them on your speed dial. America will need them to lift our great constitutional republic from the ashes.

  12. Oh, and by the way, corporations are people with rights…not women, slaves, gays…Geez, Rob, obviously you are not one of the chosen few.

  13. Me, too, only I have a proper husband, and funds & property, too; guess we’re lucky, eh? Geez, you earned all that the old fashioned way, I’ll bet. Work?

  14. I do hope Mr. Kerns provides us with the list of the other “25 patriots” of whom he speaks. It would certainly save a lot of time which will certainly be wasted trying to reason with those legislators.

  15. Krayton Kerns is a nut, he might be a well respected nut in my neck of the woods but he is still a nut.

  16. I’d appreciate if folks hoping to make a difference this session can look at my attempt to put all these secessionists on one page. I believe we need resonance, and nothing speaks like the simple demonstrative fact that at least 45 sitting Republican legislators are basically corrupt, and make no bones about it. The first attempt is at . Comments and edit suggestions welcome. Most welcome would be showing up in Helena on a regular basis and calling them out on some very basic un-American naughtiness.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 9, 2013 7:06 PM at 7:06 PM |

      Thanks, Bill. I take my hat off to you, for you do what the press in Montana lacks the nuts, courage, will, and fortitude to do. You see, I have been calling these bastards what they are for a looooong time now, and for that, I was chastised by many Dems, inCLUDING paddy “quitter” williams. These ReePube bastards ARE unAmerican!

      Do these newspaper assholes not live in Montana too? Or are they ALL outta state assholes with NO vested interest in our beautiful state who plan to put in their time and retire elsewhere?

      Where is super reporter (tee hee) john adams? Can he REALLY not write the TRVTH for once in his life??? I know he’s a capable fellow, but is it REALLY living to live on one’s knees to have a job? Not for me. Hell, I’ve been fired more than I care to remember. It builds character!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 9, 2013 8:20 PM at 8:20 PM |

        My personal favorite from Bill’s site. Hell, when the teabaggers first appeared on the steps of City Hall, I TRIED LIKE HELL to get the GF Spitoon to simply STATE that all these assholes calling for less government were on the Unca Surgartit dole! For I KNEW these assholes! They were all welfare farmers and military retirees, and garden variety tit suckers of one stripe or another!

        But the Spitoon in true nutless Spitoon fashion would have none of it! A moron SUCKING large off’n Unca Sugatit who hates the gubmint was apperently NOT newsworthy enuff for the faux, psuedo journalists at Spitoon.

        From Bill’s wonderful commentary:

        Farm Subsidies
        Thirty years of Reagan-epoch Tax Warrior doctrine, now float tepidly within the confines of the Styrofoam teacups many of our Republican legislators proudly sip from. This doctrine demands that federal government entitlements and subsidies are BAD when given to THOSE PEOPLE. Little is said by these same tea sippers about the vast amounts of sublime subsidies emanating from the same supposedly evil federal government received by THEM.
        19 of our Montana legislators ALL REPBULICANS, including 7 who are also on the A.L.E.C. pet list, received a total of $6,521,900 in farm subsidies between 1995 and 2009 (****). Using simple (and therefore unfair) math, if we divide six million-plus by 19 we come up with about $25,000 a year per legislator who chooses the political party whose winner-take-all philosophy targets those making less than that on their own for economic and corporeal extinction. I didn’t include the two Democrats, who received a combined $6,000, because it’s not a point of faith among their crowd to castigate THOSE people for taking OUR money. Again using Montana’s official state language, we can define this type of phenomenon by a couple of word choices—“hypocrisy” or “magic”. In the interest of kindness, I like to use both.

    • Hey, Bill. I like your blog. How do I comment on it? Your sign in takes me to Google mail.

  17. Turner: Not sure what the problem is. Comments show up and I post them as I get them, and I’d sure like to get more. I’ll ask my blogmeister if there might be a glitch-monster somewhere. I’m kinda challenged with this cloud world we live in. My limitation, which I’m trying to rectify. One thought is: after I get a comment on my blog I see it on my gmail account (and then of course I don’t know what to do with it–maybe someone out there can help?) Maybe you just gotta post it on the gmail account and it automatically posts on the blog? Worth a try. Then I’d know.

  18. History lesson for the Tea Party Taliban, and that includes judicial committee members – one of the greatest compromises in the development of our CONSTITUTION (Dr. Kerns note please) was how we balanced the needs of large versus small states, which have given Montana quite a ‘big hand’ when it comes to being a TAKER of federal funding and not being a MAKER like those
    urban states like NY/NJ still waiting for a full aid package like Tea Party states got so early down south and in the midwest.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 10, 2013 8:12 PM at 8:12 PM |

      Jumpin’ CEEment Jesus! This is HAIRassy! Check it out, Pubbly! I know that you’re a fine hysterian! Can you find fault with what he says? It just can’t be right! I’m countin’ on you to prove this liebrul wrong!

  19. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | January 10, 2013 8:04 PM at 8:04 PM |

    Most interesting video I’ve seen in a long time. Guns? It’s got’em.

  20. And that my friends, is the face of crazy…..

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